Leaderboard: How important is character gender selection to your MMO play?

Our article about lady toons (finally) in Star Citizen last week got a bit heated. One subthread was locked, unlocked, and locked again because...

Leaderboard: Should MMO studios be involved in their respective subreddits?

The issue of who controls MMO game subreddits is one that's just kept recurring over the years, at least as far back as when...
It goes clicky.

Leaderboard: What’s your biggest beef with Anthem?

If you're still a little confused as to why EA would drop something like Apex Legends right as hype was reaching its peak for...

Leaderboard: How worried are you for PlanetSide Arena and Daybreak right now?

Daybreak's Friday-night revelation that it is delaying PlanetSide Arena to summer made me worried. Actually, the revelation that the company would be refunding everyone...
This big reveal worked out super great.

Leaderboard: Is E3 no longer relevant to gaming?

CNet had an interview out last week with Sony's Shawn Layden discussing a number of aspects of the company's business plans that, while potentially...

Leaderboard: Are you concerned about the health of the games market right now?

In the last couple of weeks, we've been posting what seems like an endless list of bad news from gaming companies insofar as their...

Leaderboard: Where do you stand on the Epic Games Store (and proposed boycott)?

It's a day that ends in Y, so of course there's trouble on Reddit. The PC gaming sub today has a massive thread with...

Leaderboard: Are you all-in for Elder Scrolls Online’s Elsweyr?

Elder Scrolls Online's Elsweyr is not exactly what I wanted - I'm a Hammerfell and Morrowind girl - but we already got Morrowind, so...

Leaderboard: Do you think Bethsoft is going to take Fallout 76 free-to-play?

One of the claims floating around Reddit and YouTube is the claim that stores across the globe, from the UK to Australia to even...

Leaderboard: What’s the most vulnerable Daybreak MMO in 2019?

Way back in 2015, not long after the SOE game purge and Daybreak transition that laid off a huge number of developers, we began...

The best Massively OP MMO community polls of 2018

Polls are a quantitative sort of magic that we don’t often get from our other articles - at least when they aren’t being brigaded...

Leaderboard: What was the best new MMO of 2018?

Last week, we announced our award for MMO of the Year; it once again went to Final Fantasy XIV. You might notice that XIV...
Why must life be so hard?

Leaderboard: Will you be playing PlanetSide Arena?

Last month, Daybreak officially revealed its first truly new game in several years: PlanetSide Arena, a large-scale battle royale title set in the venerable...

Leaderboard: What’s the best classic MMORPG still running at the end of 2018?

Longtime MOP readers know that many our writers have a fondness for old MMORPGs, either because that's how we got into the hobby and...

Leaderboard: What was the best mobile MMO of 2018?

While 2017 was a big year for mobile, 2018 was even bigger, as more and more MMORPG companies, from CCP Games and NCsoft to...

Leaderboard: What was the most overrated MMO of 2018?

Every year for the last many years, we've done some sort of award for the most underrated MMO, or even the year's sleeper hit....
Page through.

Leaderboard: What do you think about Steam’s new revenue sharing plan?

At the tail end of last week, Valve announced a new revenue sharing plan for publishers on Steam that simmered all weekend. In a...

Leaderboard: How much does an MMO’s IP influence your interest in it?

Here's a fun thought exercise: What if standard assumptions about IPs and games is wrong? To hear some people tell it, games like Star...

Leaderboard: Is a ‘WoW Immortal’ a very real possibility?

During this week's podcast, Justin made a joke about the potential for a "WoW Immortal" that... doesn't seem like such a joke, especially given...

Leaderboard: Are you playing on Lord of the Rings Online’s progression server?

So many people showed up to play on Lord of the Rings Online's progression server Anor yesterday that SSG had to rush to put up...