Meridian 59 and Storybricks’ Brian Green has passed away at only 46

It's with a very heavy heart today that we report that Brian "Psychochild" Green has passed away at a relatively young age. Green...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 283: TennoConversations

Justin, Bree, and MJ discuss Warframe and TennoCon 2020, Crowfall's beta, LOTRO's Rohan housing, DDO's nasty rollback, Blizzard's latest mess, and Guild Wars 2's underwater mounts, with a special edition of the Daily Grind Blitz.

Shocking almost no one, Dragon’s Prophet was yeeted off Steam

So, we have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that there's a Dragon's Prophet emulator out there that's...

ArtCraft on Crowfall’s beta release today, Eternal Kingdoms, the newbie experience, and much more

Crowfall, the PvP-centered MMORPG originally Kickstarted back in 2015, announced last week that it had finally arrived at its beta milestone and...

Social scientists study Minecraft and One Hour One Life communities

You might think scientists would balk at the idea of using online gaming communities as a test bed for study, given those communities'... strong...

Kickstarted PvP MMORPG Crowfall just announced it’s launching beta next week

Big news coming out of Crowfall this morning, as ArtCraft has just announced that it's marching right up to its next milestone, with...

The Stream Team: Star-studded fun in Trove’s Lunar Plunge

There's a new Lunar Plunge event in Trove, and there's no way Massively OP's MJ is going to miss the chance to catch...

Trove has a celestial summer with the launch of the Lunar Plunge event

It's about time to reach for the stars -- quite literally -- in Trove as the game kicks off the Lunar Plunge event...

Trove interview: Gamigo on console’s future, Bomber Royale, and the next class for a revamp

With Trove's fifth birthday and its Delves expansion now behind it, we're curious about what's next for the game. Gamigo's Cornelia and Coby...

Lord of the Rings Online community reschedules Weatherstock for September

In hindsight, Lord of the Rings Online's greatest annual player concert series couldn't have picked a worse time to try to host the...

Battle Bards Episode 174: Dragon Oath

Running from 2007 to 2016, ChangYou’s Dragon Oath is probably one of those MMORPGs you’ve never heard of, nevermind actually played. Yet when Syl...

The Game Archaeologist: Clone Wars Adventures, the Star Wars MMO everyone kinda forgot

Whenever the topic -- the argument -- of Star Wars MMOs arises, the debate is usually between the merits of the sandboxy Star...

Dragon’s Prophet’s new Steam entry is not a legitimate revival, Runewaker says

We've updated the end of this piece with the latest info as of July 31st. MMO gamers were bummed back in May when Gamigo...

Previewing Dual Universe’s space PvP, construction, looting, and death

It's no secret that my favorite aspect of Dual Universe is the opportunity for creativity. Bring on that voxel building! Oh the hours...

Massively Overthinking: How much should MMOs cost in 2020?

MOP reader Castagere recently wrote to us with a nod to the growing sentiment across the gaming industry that might indicate a shift in...

Crowfall discusses adjustments to keeps and forts in the July developer Q&A

While Crowfall is inching that much closer to a fully announced beta, its current build needs some tweaking. That's the gist of what...

The Stream Team: Celebrating 5 years of Trove

Today, Trove turns five years old! And Massively OP's MJ knows that five-year-olds get the best birthdays. There's the Sunfest celebration, a bonfire, and...

Trove celebrates its fifth birthday with Delves on console and Sunfest for all

I can hardly believe that Trove - the toy that was created in a Trion office by devs on their breaks and eventually...
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The MOP Up: Roblox players spend over $1.5 billion to date

With a record-breaking haul of $100 million in May, Roblox crossed the $1.5 billion threshold in terms of the game's revenue to date....

Crowfall recaps Awakening alpha update, teases closed beta timeline

On the heels of its Awakening update, Crowfall is talking more and more about the MMO's impending beta. "Many of you are asking about...