Final Fantasy XI launches a new website for its upcoming 20-year anniversary

It's not long now before Final Fantasy XI manages to hit its 20th anniversary. Sure, it's going to be a little while longer, but...
Not scary any more.

The Daily Grind: What MMO has the absolute worst official site?

Every so often I'm reminded of how hopelessly bad the Final Fantasy XI site actually is. I don't entirely blame the designers; the site was designed...

Chronicles of Elyria’s website now allows title transfers, title trade-ins, and package claiming

Those who are invested in Chronicles of Elyria in both the mental and fiscal sense now have a few new options open to them...

Make My MMO: Star Citizen’s new website and private concierge event (January 6, 2018)

This week in MMO crowdfunding, Star Citizen devs gave a first look at game's brand-new website, which is due to launch later in January. It's...

World of Warcraft preps new site, fixes the cross-realm RP mess

The World of Warcraft site has gone through a number of changes and overhauls over the years, so don't act too surprised to see...
Dad has not yet come back from the store.

Chronicles of Elyria teases its new store in wake of its new website

Man, the Chronicles of Elyria website is looking good lately. Did it lose weight? Yes, apparently, although almost all of that was in the...

Worlds Adrift opens player alliance creation

This week, Bossa Studios announced a new feature for Worlds Adrift: alliances. Designer Luke Williams explains that alliances are the game's version of guilds. "Alliances...

Valiance Online tests new client-to-server architecture, previews new website

Crime never sleeps and superhero MMOs never take a holiday from patching. Valiance Online has been hard at work whipping up a couple of new...
How am I supposed to remember you if you won't let me forget?

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen gets a new website and new team members

It would be fair to say that Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen has had something a checkered development history, but it seems to be...

SkySaga starts alpha 4, unveils new website

SkySaga is not lying low these days; the colorful sandbox recently launched its fourth alpha test, which it has expanded to include more players...
My life is not fun.

Perfect Ten: The 10 things every MMO’s official site should have

Are you ready to have you mind absolutely blown open? Because I have an astonishing truth to lay at your feet: While doing this...