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MMO Week in Review: New year’s worries for WoW, ESO, and Lost Ark

The first week of the year may be quiet for MMOs, but we're not: This week, we bottled hype for Final Fantasy XIV's impending...

MMO Week in Review: Hello to the MMOs of 2023

The last week of the year is never huge on news, but we still had some bright spots - chief among them being the...
Punch drunk.

MMO Week in Review: Gamigo, WoW’s roadmap, and XIV 6.3

The week before Christmas is often a dumping ground for news studios need to offload before they go on break, and this week was...

Massively Overthinking: Our favorite MMO stories of 2022

It's tradition for us to pick out one big story or narrative arc that defined the year and slap it with an award label,...

MMO Week in Review: Metzen, WoW’s trading post, and the new ESO strategy

World of Warcraft continued making waves all week: Blizzard announced a new trading post feature that doesn't sound half bad, Chris Metzen returned as a...

MMO Week in Review: Blue Protocol, Blizzard, and the Black Desert ball

Geoff Keighley's The Game Awards played host to a number of big announcements for MMO fans this week, including the news that Amazon is...

MMO Week in Review: Catching an early Dragonflight

World of Warcraft's Dragonflight expansion officially launched this week, setting players up for a holiday season of flying dragons and new zones to explore....

MMO Week in Review: Crowfall closes, Camelot collects coin

One game enters, one game exits, another game... malingers. Camelot Unchained, Kickstarted almost 10 years ago, announced that it's received another $15M in outside...
Fine, whatever.

MMO Week in Review: Corporate greed was China’s WoW killer

The second Dragonflight prepatch wave in World of Warcraft was rather overshadowed this week by the not unexpected but still disturbing news that Blizzard...

MMO Week in Review: Last stand in Lion’s Arch

Guild Wars 2 finished out its season one reboot with a bang this week thanks to the release of episode five, which tasks players...

MMO Week in Review: A fresh start for New World

New World took off again this week with the launch of its fresh start servers, pushing Amazon Games to open dozens of new servers...

MMO Week in Review: Halloween, Brimstone Sands, and the Dragonflight prepatch

It's Halloween here in MMO land, which means it's damn near impossible to avoid candy corn, pumpkins, and spoopy jokes. But if you try hard,...

MMO Week in Review: To Brimstone Sands with 65K friends

New World is officially back on the map this week with the launch of Brimstone Sands that brought queues and new servers as players...

MMO Week in Review: Embers Adrift vs. the hot messes of Elyria and Aria

This week in MMOs, we had a pile of bad news: Legends of Aria's blockchain version changed its token and its name, and Chronicles...

MMO Week in Review: Overwatch Boo

It's obviously not an MMO, but take two for the MMO once planned as Project Titan didn't go to plan this week. Blizzard's Overwatch...

MMO Week in Review: The launch of Dual Universe

The MMORPG genre welcomed a new game this week - a Kickstarted one, no less - as Dual Universe officially opened its doors for...

MMO Week in Review: LOTRO’s mini-expansion, Star Citizen’s $500M, and Ultima Online’s 25th birthday

This week in MMOs, Lord of the Rings Online opened preorders for its fall mini-expansion, Before the Shadow, which offers a new leveling experience...

MMO Week in Review: Tower of Nightmares

No, that's not a Halloween haunted house; that's the name of Guild Wars 2's latest living world episode, which launched this past week. Also launching...

MMO Week in Review: Ascent Finite Air

Yet another eastern MMO heavily revised and then ported westward morphed into a temport this week as Kakao announced it'll sunset Elyon, fka Ascent...

MMO Week in Review: The preamble to Wrath Classic

With figurative summer reaching its conclusion, MMOs had another big week: World of Warcraft Classic launched the pre-patch for Wrath of the Lich King,...