weekend event

No, not the movie, the other one.

DC Universe Online celebrates the Flash in a flash weekend event

He's the fastest man alive, and so it only makes sense that DC Universe Online would have an appreciation weekend for the Flash...
Oh my.

The Division is free on PC this weekend

Are you interested in The Division, but not interested enough to put down your money and try it out on your dime? A...
THe first rule of fight club is that you shouldn't be in a club to fight people, that's mean.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is having a double experience weekend after Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Let's not mince words: We all know that a new film set in a galaxy far, far away is coming out in the very...
Can we donate to some sort of pants charity?

Have fun in TERA’s bonus weekend: Your generosity made it happen

En Masse Entertainment, the company behind TERA, took part in the Extra Life charity drive this year and wound up raising nearly...
Yeah, thanks, I'm good.

The Elder Scrolls Online’s Welcome Back Weekend starts today

Were you a beta tester on The Elder Scrolls Online but declined to purchase the game? Would you like to see what the...
No one weekend should have all that power.

The Secret World kicks off a powerful weekend early

The Secret World is kicking off a weekend of power early. What makes this weekend worthy of the nickname of "Power Weekend," exactly?...