Lineage 2: Revolution goes mad as a hatter with its War in Wonderland update

Lineage 2: Revolution is taking its players through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole in its latest update, which, in the...
The Quick and the Gay

Best not be toxic on YouTube, Overwatch players, because Blizzard is watching you

Back in 2013, when Linda "Brasse" Carlson still fronted SOE's community branch, she made headlines for making SOE's anti-toxicity policies very clear. "If...
Like this, but a toilet.

Trove now allows you to make a toilet that lets you fly

Do you see the people flying in the header image? Have you thought that you want to be able to do that in
Either die or don't.

Phantasy Star Online 2 still is not being localized, but the anime based upon it is

Good news, Phantasy Star Online 2 fans! Or hypothetical fans of the game who still have not played it due to the fact...