winter holiday 2017

The Daily Grind: What MMO rewards are you chasing this holiday season?

One thing is always for certain this time of year: MMO players have their hands full with Christmas events, so much so that they...
I liked it.

On the tenth day of Christmas, Warframe gave me ghastly ghouls and personal quarters

Is this Christmas or Halloween? One can never quite tell with Warframe, which activated its holiday update yesterday with a bounty on ghoul packs. These...
Good news, this isn't bad as it looks!

Destiny 2’s playerbase is melting down over holiday lockboxes in Eververse

Destiny 2 just can't seem to stop pissing off everyone. Its Dawning holiday event, detractors argue, is overtly designed as a moneygrab focused around...
Your timing is kind of off, though.

Albion Online brings the Breath of Winter to the game on January 10th

So Albion Online does have an event for this year's winter holiday season... it's just starting on January 10th, 2018. Which makes it a...

Grab a Crossout Christmas bundle from Gaijin and Massively OP!

Even post-apoc MMOs where you ram cars together for fun can get into the holiday spirit! In celebration of Crossout's latest patch and wintertime...
Walkin' in a seasonal event.

The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the best holiday event this December?

Next week is the celebrated Winter Holiday, where lots of people gather around House Decoration and exchange gifts to celebrate Something Other Than Unbridled...
Merry Shipsmas.

EVE Online kicks off its somewhat festive Yoiul festival

In many ways, it's got to be hard to celebrate Christmas in the world of EVE Online. After all, the weather isn't getting colder,...

Conan Exiles nixes pre-holiday Xbox One patch, says achievements are a go

Move over, snowscapes and festive trees: Conan Exiles is busy with volcanoes and jungles! "Work is progressing on the volcano and jungle we’ve been teasing...

Massively OP’s Winter Holiday 2017 guide!

It's that time of year again where the airwaves of certain radio stations are clogged with the same songs from the 1950s, television broadcasts...

Villagers & Heroes preps for Christmas, says iOS port is still happening

Cross-platform MMORPG Villagers & Heroes has a new patch out this week just in time for Christmas. It heralds the return of Grintcha's Lair....

Black Desert’s version of Santa is dropping Christmas trees and t-bone steaks

Black Desert is pretty much synonymous with wacky events, so it'll come as no surprise at all that Kakao has gotten into the spirit...

The Stream Team: Frostbluff festivities in LOTRO

Visiting the Frostbluff Christmas village in LOTRO is one of the favorite holiday activities of Massively OP's MJ. It's a beautiful setting where you...

RuneScape winds down for Christmas, promises mobile talk in the new year

The RuneScape team is out of here, y'all. Turn the lights off, nobody's home. Oh, they'll be back, it's just that Jagex is winding down...

Skyforge offers sales, events, and an advent calendar for the winter holiday

In Skyforge, the player characters are deities, and they have to save everyone from everything. That is their lot in life. You've no doubt...
ring ring ring

Massively OP Podcast Episode 149: Bringing back the MMO magic

Justin and Bree discuss LOTRO, WoW, MMO holiday events, ArcheAge, the site awards, EverQuest, Pantheon, Ashes of Creation, RIFT, the Star Citizen lawsuit, and Funcom, with mailbag topics on horror MMOs and "iterating the magic away."
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LawBreakers is actually getting a holiday sale and event

LawBreakers just isn't giving up. In spite of an apparently slumped player population and the exit of one of its founders, the shooter is...

Winter Veil brings frosty fun to World of Warcraft

Abominable Greenches, kissing under the mistletoe, fruitcake, and snowball fights: Winter Veil must be here. World of Warcraft has been building up its holiday festival...

Mobile MMO roundup: Pokemon Go, Like A Boss, Arena of Valor, Wargaming, Mu Origin, and mobile demographics

Welcome back to another mobile MMO roundup, maybe possibly giving you something fun to do on your phones while you're stuck at various holiday...

Entropia Universe begins ‘Merry Mayhem’ holiday events for PvPers and soloers

Entropia Universe and Planet Calypso may be virtual worlds known mostly to MMORPG players for their wacky stories - like the time an in-game...

Dauntless drops a winter event for everyone through January

Just because the game is still in testing doesn't mean that Dauntless can't take part in the fun of the winter holidays. The Frostfall...