winter holiday 2021

The Stream Team: Christmas in Star Citizen

Next weekend is Christmas, so it's time for Massively OP's MJ to start celebrating around the MMOverse. And her first stop will be space!...

Dauntless gets seasonal with the return of Frostfall, reworks the frigid Embermane variant, and adds a new cell perk

The winter season has once again come to the world of Dauntless, and while there are hunting grounds that are already coated in snow,...
Ugly ugly ugly.

Old School RuneScape wraps up the year’s updates with a Christmas event

For the final update of the year, Old School RuneScape wants you to learn what it sees as the true meaning of Christmas, which is...

Project Gorgon adds Alharth’s holiday season, preps level 85 dungeon for next week

Early access MMORPG Project Gorgon has had an interesting year: Last spring, it added an optional subscription, a sub perks system, and an offline...
Snow is also an s-word.

Swords of Legends Online kicks off Shenzhou’s Winter Festival for everyone

Forget all that nonsense about the spirit of giving or togetherness, the real spirit of Christmas is hopping through a snow maze as a snowman....
Oh, right.

Wisdom of Nym: Please do not hear of the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV

Well that was surprising. In case you somehow missed it, Square-Enix took a heretofore unprecedented step this week, announcing that not only would Final Fantasy...

Here are all the New World servers destined for a merge in the near future

So who had "New World merges" on your Christmas list? Because that is what you're getting. Last night, today we'll see selected servers in...

Closers adds a new area with new story and dungeons, kicks off its ‘Closer-mas’ holiday event

it's a tale of two updates in the action MMO Closers; one of a content update with new things for high-level players to experience,...

Runes of Magic showers players with Christmas treats

It's Christmastime in Runes of Magic's Taborea, and that means that there's a little bit of extra winter magic to enjoy. The studio is running...

Fortnite’s Winterfest 2021 brings player-made maps and a Spider-Man crossover

The time to celebrate Wintefest in Fortnite is back once again, and this year's event continues to lean in on this game's massive melting...

The Elder Scrolls Online kicks off its holiday festivities with today’s New Life event

The winter season has landed in The Elder Scrolls Online as the New Life festival that was detailed earlier this week has now officially...

Neverwinter announces Dragonbone Vale module for January 11, kicks off winter festival today

Remember back in October when PWE and Cryptic were teasing a new module coming to Neverwinter in the new year? As of today, it's...

New World’s High Water Mark system revamp and winter festival go live today

If you've been trying to log into New World this morning... well, you can't, but it's for good reason! Amazon took the game offline...

City of Heroes Rebirth rogue server kicks off the Fright Before Christmas event, adds ice power changes and new customizations

While the Rebirth rogue servers for City of Heroes might not garner all of the attention, they're still no less busy in terms of...

Mobile MMO EVE Echoes launches the Yoiul Festival for the winter holiday

EVE Echoes joins the chorus of MMORPGs getting a holiday event this month, as NetEase and CCP Games announced today that the Yoiul Festival...
ring ring ring

World of Warcraft opens up its Winter Veil celebration on Classic and The Burning Crusade

Feeling festive in WoW Classic? No, not so much? Can't imagine why. The important thing is that whatever your preferred flavor of the game's classic...

Trove’s Snowfest includes new questline, dungeons, and a winter bomber royal mode

Snowfest is on in Gamigo's voxelbox Trove this week through December 28th, simultaneously on PC and console. Players can get to the Hub and...

Blade and Soul adds new PvP accessories and wintry events in the Winter Soulstice update

No, that word isn't misspelled; Blade and Soul's latest update is literally called Winter Soulstice, primarily because there are a number of winter-themed celebration...

Guild Wars 2 rolls out Wintersday 2021 with upgrades to Toypocalypse

After a slight hiccup, Guild Wars 2's Wintersday has released to the live servers. As promised, we're getting the usual run of events, but...
Crow the eff.

Crowfall’s 7.400 update brings the Mine Overseer’s Tower and winter holiday event

Rumors about its future notwithstanding, Crowfall is pushing onward with content updates and events this week. The 7.400 update is now live, with tweaks...