winter holiday 2021


Champions Online starts the first week of its holiday-themed winter event

Crime doesn't sleep during the holidays, but it apparently can get into some Christmastime garb in Champions Online. The winter event has come back...

Elite Dangerous marks the holiday season with 12 days of free ARX and returning seasonal cosmetics

The devs of Elite: Dangerous are feeling the holiday spirit once more as the game will be kicking off its festive countdown once again....

EVE Online brings its Winter Nexus holiday events back for another year

Space is already cold, but the chill of winter is being felt across EVE Online regardless thanks to the return of the Winter Nexus...

Aion gets into the winter holiday spirit with seasonal events and opens up the murderous Shugo Game event

Some days you want to get into the Christmas seasonal spirit, other days you want to get into a game where failure could mean...

The Elder Scrolls Online brings back the New Life holiday event on December 16

It's time to feel the holiday spirit in The Elder Scrolls Online as the game's New Life winter holiday is coming back on Thursday,...

DC Universe Online’s Episode 42 Legion of Doom and winter events have arrived

DC Universe Online players, your doom is upon you - Legion of Doom, that is, as Episode 42 is live and free for everyone....

Star Citizen shows off gravlev bike changes, previews Jumptown 2.0, and kicks off the Luminalia holiday event

If you're a fan of zipping across planets on a hoverbike or like to watch the Daymar Rally, then you appreciate the gravlev bikes...

Pokemon Unite delivers a big holiday update – including free pokemon

Remember how Pokemon Unite had a fairly big survey about game changes earlier this year? No, not the pay-to-win one that resulted in actual changes, the...
What are you doing now.

Final Fantasy XIV prepares for its annual Starlight Celebration on December 16

When you defeat the queue for Final Fantasy XIV at the moment, your goal is probably progressing in the main story rather than worrying about...

Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff brings a holiday event and companion pet improvements on December 22

The colorful world of multiplayer RPG Swords 'n Magic and Stuff is preparing to celebrate the holidays in a couple of weeks' time. Specifically,...
It's the same basic bench.

Final Fantasy XI brings the Starlight Celebration around once again on December 16

It's just about time for every game to start its Christmas celebrations, and Final Fantasy XI is certainly no exception with its Starlight Celebration...

PlanetSide 2 celebrates the holidays with limited-time missions, a directive, and blowing up snowmen

See a snowman, blow up a snowman. That's one of the tasks that PlanetSide 2 players can take up to celebrate the festive season...

Star Trek Online’s winter wonderland is an easy way to earn a free T6 starship (and amazing sweaters)

Q's Winter Wonderland has returned to Star Trek Online -- along with a pretty easy way to earn yourself a free top-tier starship. By participating...

Sea of Thieves Season 5 brings flares, treasure burial, and the return of festive holiday events

There's a new season now available in the Sea of Thieves, and while it doesn't have any content on the scale of, say, a...
Always the level.

City of Heroes Homecoming kicks off its holiday event and gives player characters new donuts to eat

Sometimes, you just have a craving for some junk food. Chips, pizza, tacos, donuts; it happens to the best of us. As of last...

EverQuest kicks off Frostfell ahead of tomorrow’s Terror of Luclin launch

Classic EverQuest is set for a big week, what with its Terror of Luclin expansion launch tomorrow and all. And if it's lucky, it...

The Daily Grind: Do the holidays mean more or less time for MMOs for you?

For some people, the advent of the holiday season means that you'll have more time to do whatever you want. You'll have some vacation...