winter holidays

Grab a MU Online or C9 gift bundle in Webzen’s Holiday 2020 giveaway

Webzen is putting a festive hat on 2020 and celebrating the winter holidays with events across its catalogue of MMOs: MU Online and Continent of...

Winter holiday events in Runes of Magic, AQ3D, Blades, SWGemu, Destiny 2, Champions Online

While our big winter holiday MMO roundup event isn't coming out until next week, the snowflakes are piling up around us anyway and we've...

The Stream Team: Celebrating more Seasons Greedings in DC Universe Online

Villains are always trying to take the fun out of everything! Even though Massively OP's MJ finally managed to subdue Larfleeze last holiday season,...
For me? Or someone.

The Massively Overpowered 2018 winter holiday roundup

It's that time again, the time for a roundup of all the winter holiday events going on in the MMO universe! The nice thing...

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite MMO holiday tune?

Seeing as how 'tis the season and all that, even the sound of MMOs is changing for the holidays. Christmas tunes are popping up...

Guild Wars 2’s Wintersday celebrations are live along with the condition and balance patch

Ahhhhh! What's that thing up in the sky over Divinity's Reach, the second-best video game city ever? Oh, don't worry, it's just Toymaster Tixx's...

Wintersday returns to Guild Wars 2 next week

Break out your snowflakes, your sparkling daggers, and your dancing snowmen, as Wintersday returns to Guild Wars 2 next week - Tuesday, December 12th,...
I ruined just... all the things.

World of Warcraft’s Legion testing is taking a holiday break, too

We hope you weren't planning on playing any of the World of Warcraft: Legion alpha during your own holiday break (assuming you have one)....

Massively OP’s holiday gift guide for WildStar fans

One of my most prized possessions in life is a WildStar rowsdower plushie that sits behind me at work, always giving me the eye. I...

Massively OP’s holiday gift guide for Marvel Heroes & superhero MMO fans

If you're a superhero fan or close to someone who is, you are certainly not lacking for options as to where to spend gobs...
Full of sound and fury. Sadly.

Massively OP’s holiday gift guide for the MMO peripheral junkie

I'm not going to lie, folks: I love peripherals. Love 'em. As soon as I was introduced to the idea that you could have...