It feels faintly telling, yes.

The Daily Grind: How long does it take for wipes to bother you in an MMO?

This is not a question about wipes in general. If the first wipe in a Final Fantasy XIV dungeon happens with a veteran party with...
Somehow I don't think that's going to be a problem.

The Repopulation explains how server wipes will be handled moving forward

Here's a shocking revelation: MMO players do not actually like having all progress reset in the blink of an eye. So you can understand...
Working for the weekend.

SoulWorker Online will not wipe servers but will apparently be IP blocked

There are certain expectations you have when a free-to-play game is in open beta with a full launch planned for later. For example, you...
Good! That's good.

Worlds Adrift squashes bugs and previews settings windows for its next patch

Settings, glorious settings! The new settings menus are coming to Worlds Adrift in patch 0.1.7, and you can check them out in detail. Sure,...
Some daunts remain.

Dauntless steps back from constant stability upgrades for a major patch

If you've been playing Dauntless since it first released to test audiences, you have probably gotten accustomed to having a large number of patches...
Please be all right.

OrbusVR outlines its early access schedule for December

The production schedule for OrbusVR is speeding right along, and the game is just about ready to head into early access. For a given...

Uncharted Waters Online relaunches today

Uncharted Waters Online is dead, long live Uncharted Waters Online! For the past few weeks, the old version of UWO has been offline following the...

EVE Evolved: Would EVE Online make a good survival game?

EVE Online has practically dominated the sci-fi sandbox MMO niche for nearly 14 years, with its harsh PvP-oriented gameplay and massive single-server universe combining to provide something that's...

Revelation Online offers players bonus currency for buying currency now

The third closed beta for Revelation Online is running, and you can test out the game's cash shop right now if you're in the...

Here’s how the end (and restart) of Shroud of the Avatar will go down

Now that we are on the verge of Shroud of the Avatar turning the switch on for its persistent world state, it is important...
Looks less spiteful than advertised.

Shroud of the Avatar prepares for its final wipe and another telethon

The last data wipe for Shroud of the Avatar is coming very soon. On July 27th, the final wipe will take place, new player-owned...
Story arriving!

Shroud of the Avatar prepares for Release 27

The final wipe for Shroud of the Avatar is approaching, and that means that the development team is moving forward with an eye toward...

Shroud of the Avatar announces final Grand Tour and character wipe

The most recent patch for Shroud of the Avatar is live now, and as has been the case with previous major patches, there's a...
Can we start, start over?

Shroud of the Avatar drops Release 26 update with a full character wipe

Here's the bad news for players looking forward to the next major Shroud of the Avatar patch: A character wipe is happening. All of...

H1Z1 warns players of full server wipe happening tomorrow

Can an apocalypse happen after the apocalypse? That's the ironic state of affairs for H1Z1, which will be experiencing a full server wipe tomorrow...
The Cranberries realize now that they released a song too darn early.

H1Z1 patch brings quality-of-life improvements and a wipe

Good news for the players of H1Z1, as the game's newest patch allows you to enjoy a game with fixed radio textures and smaller...

Excessive duping leads to Ark: Survival Evolved wipe

Hundreds of dinosaurs were horrified to learn this week that human invaders in Ark: Survival Evolved weren't merely eking out an existence on their...

Cabal II soft-launches on July 2 with no wipe

It's a double dose of good news for Cabal II fans today, as ESTsoft not only announced the game's open beta launch date but...

Landmark’s big wipe is happening today

After riding a roller coaster of delays the last couple of weeks, Landmark fans can finally hop off with this bit of good news:...

Take a look at Landmark’s overhauled landmasses

Landmark's landmasses are getting a major facelift in the sandbox's last big wipe coming up next week. Not only are more biomes (underwater, volcanic,...