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Shadowbane’s player-run rogue server wipes to start a new season

Feeling more than a little antsy as you continue to wait for your PvP dreams to come true in Crowfall? You could chew off...

The Game Archaeologist: Sierra’s Fates of Twinion and Ruins of Cawdor

A few years ago I regaled you with the fascinating tale of one of the very first multiplayer graphical MUDs, the absurdly named Shadow...

Perfect Ten: MMOs that set themselves up as spiritual successors

As with the larger video game market, sequels aren't unknown in the MMO space. We've seen studios take a stab at following up successful...

Albion Online sets a date for Oberon, its next content blast: March 20

Albion Online's next big thing has a name and a date: Oberon and March 20th. This round up content updates includes a full rebalance...
This was once controversial!

The Game Archaeologist’s ultimate MMO archives v2.0

While The Game Archaeologist columns take up the most time of any project I do here at Massively OP, I absolutely love doing them...

Interview: New World’s Rich Lawrence on solving PvP problems and defining the sandbox

I think it's fair to say that New World is the biggest MMO currently under production in the west, at least among those games...

New World leaks make it sound more and more like a real MMO sandbox, not a survival game

The weird thing - or clever thing - about Amazon Game Studios' New World alpha is that seemingly everyone is in it, so nobody...

Interview: ArtCraft’s J. Todd Coleman on prepping Crowfall’s Artisan Engine for the broader industry

Yesterday, Crowfall studio ArtCraft announced it was spinning off a brand-new company dubbed ArtCraft Technologies that would basically turn Crowfall's engine into a marketable...
Well, I'll take it, but I won't pay much for it.

Crowfall studio ArtCraft spins off new company to license its MMORPG-oriented Artisan Engine

Well now things just got interesting over in the land of Kickstarted Crowfall. ArtCraft announced this morning that it's spinning off a "new division" called...

The ultimate guide to The Game Archaeologist’s MMO archives

When we moved over here to Massively Overpowered, some of us transplanted our long-running columns to the new space. I perhaps felt most devastated...

The Game Archaeologist: Disney’s Toontown Online

The use of the word "toon" to describe MMORPG characters is a contentious one, with fans divided over its annoyance or acceptance. But when...
All right, the Lopp have some chops here too.

Hacker claims to have made a living cheating in MMOs for two decades

Motherboard has a fun-slash-depressing piece out this week on an unnamed hacker who claims he's been cheating at MMORPGs to make a living for...

Ashes of Creation hires five new team members, shows off snowy environments

As Ashes of Creation takes aim at the $3M line for its Kickstarter campaign, Intrepid Studios announced that it has made several significant hires...

The Game Archaeologist: How Sceptre of Goth shaped the MMO industry

When it comes to text-based MMOs created in the '80s, '90s, and 2000s, the sheer number of them would blot out the sky. There...
Not the chess maneuver.

Crowfall on the big world, factions, and safeguarding player cities

In Crowfall's November Q&A "is all about Big World," Design Lead Thomas Blair declares, kicking off the episode alongside Creative Director J. Todd Coleman....
Well, I'll take it, but I won't pay much for it.

Crowfall on its player-driven economy as inspired by classic MMORPGs

If you've been keeping an eye on Crowfall's recent crafting updates and are wondering how exactly everything fits together in the PvP-centric MMORPG, then...

Perfect Ten: Comparing Druids across MMORPGs

If I asked you what a Mage is in an MMORPG, what would you say? Some cloth-wearing gal who lugs around a long staff and flings...

Crowfall’s seventh class is the mighty minotaur

One of the neat aspects of Crowfall's archetypes is how the team is scouting a wider range of fantasy races for its inspiration. Move over,...

Getting perspective on Chronicles of Elyria’s planned PvP and PvE featureset

Anyone on the MassivelyOP team will probably tell you that I won't shut up about Chronicles of Elyria. There's so much to like about...

Perfect Ten: MMORPGs with huge class rosters

After talking with Mark Jacobs the other week about the difficulty of balancing Camelot Unchained's 30 classes, it got my mind thinking of MMOs...