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WoW Factor is Eliot Lefebvre’s column on an MMO you’ve probably never heard of: World of Warcraft. [Follow this column’s RSS feed]

In homeboy's defense, he really was a harbinger of doom.

WoW Factor: The World of Warcraft expansion tour – Cataclysm

In my mind, Cataclysm still feels kind of recent. I don't know exactly why. It came out closer to World of Warcraft's launch than the present...
Binding, binding.

WoW Factor: The World of Warcraft expansion tour – Wrath of the Lich King

The downside to a project like this one, where I'm going through each of World of Warcraft's expansions one by one, is that it...
When it comes.

WoW Factor: The World of Warcraft expansion tour – The Burning Crusade

So it seems pretty likely at this point that we are going to keep going through the various World of Warcraft expansions with Classic servers...
Through the fire and the flames

WoW Factor: How could World of Warcraft restore confidence ahead of Shadowlands?

The last opportunity that Blizzard had to really restore player confidence was Warcraft III: Reforged. And... Yes, that's very good, please stop laughing. I know. It's...
Binding, binding.

WoW Factor: So why did people love WoW’s Wrath of the Lich King so damn much?

Sometimes, when I write something and note it would require an additional column, it is a preview of coming attractions and something I actually...
Get back.

WoW Factor: What if Shadowlands is also real bad?

At this point, we're all kind of settling in for the long winter's nap and also the spring's nap and at least most of...
Nothing else has worked.

WoW Factor: Oh no, Visions of N’zoth is real bad

Based on a wholly informal poll based on what's going around the community right now, I've compiled most of the agreed-upon positives for the...
Do this differently.

WoW Factor: There is (not) much to do in World of Warcraft

Here's a fun question for you: How do you count discrete activities in World of Warcraft? It's a more complex concept than you might...
A journey already taken.

WoW Factor: What Warcraft’s Old Gods were and how we lost it

At one point, I loved the Old Gods of World of Warcraft. At this point, they disappoint me. And since we're not that far away from the game's next raid that brings them into center focus again, it seems like it's time to talk about them a little bit and why the dang things have not just become so endlessly boring but so misused.
Nothing else has worked.

WoW Factor: A quick glance back at 2019 for World of Warcraft

So how did this year go for Blizzard Entertainment? Well... badly. You cannot have missed all of that. But it also went badly in...
ring ring ring

A very World of Warcraft Christmas

Vallin stroked his beard absently for the dozenth time. Just like the first several times, he had forgotten about the rings of his glove,...
We all become done.

WoW Factor: Where WoW Vanilla’s and WoW Classic’s communities diverge

I want to talk about the community in WoW Classic because I think it's interesting and it's been on my mind ever since the story we...
In homeboy's defense, he really was a harbinger of doom.

WoW Factor: How WoW’s Corruption system breaks the redeeming features of Titanforging

Last time around in WoW Factor, we took a nice healthy look back at how itemization has evolved in World of Warcraft over the years....
Herp to the derp.

WoW Factor: A history of itemization in World of Warcraft

Huh. You know, I really thought I'd written about the whole Corruption system in World of Warcraft's upcoming 8.3 before now in a format more...
I want a milky way.

WoW Factor: A brief history of allied races (and when a grind is not a grind)

All right, calm down, this is not actually going to be done in the same format as a brief history of flight, if for no...
Don't call it a comeback.

WoW Factor: Speculating on Shadowlands’ release date using math

Gosh, I love doing these math columns. Not just because I enjoy math, although that's definitely a part of it; there's something so satisfying...
I want a milky way.

WoW Factor: A brief history of flight (in World of Warcraft)

Flight has been a part of World of Warcraft as long as the game has existed. No, not just flying mounts, even though you could...
Whew. All right.

WoW Factor: The big questions we still have about World of Warcraft Shadowlands

Remember just yesterday when I was all like, "Let's get hyped for Shadowlands, yo!" Well, here's the thing. As much as I'm genuinely excited...
Get back.

WoW Factor: Getting hyped for World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands

That title up there isn't sarcasm, folks. I want to actually get hyped up about the next World of Warcraft expansion and talk about...
Actually call it a comeback.

WoW Factor: Battle for Azeroth was a complete waste of time

Well, dear readers, I was totally wrong. All of you predicting that this expansion was a waste of time were right and I was...