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See: Legion, WoW’s 2016 expansion

Are we doing the time warp?

Rumor: BlizzCon 2016 aims for November 4-5

When is this year's BlizzCon? We don't know. It hasn't even been officially announced yet. But the eagle-eyed folks over at MMO Champion spotted...

Rumor: Retailers pegging World of Warcraft: Legion’s release as June 30th

The cycle has begun. Every time a World of Warcraft expansion doesn't have a fixed release date, retailers begin assigning a release date to...
Holy arts.

World of Warcraft outlines the state of PvP in the Legion alpha

The big change coming to World of Warcraft's PvP in Legion is a brand-new honor system, and like anything else that's been changed wholesale...
Aw yus.

WoW Factor: Levels and legends in the Legion alpha

The alpha testing for World of Warcraft's next expansion rolls on, with the vague hope that we might actually have a beta tag by...
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New and tweaked class specs arrive in WoW’s latest Legion build

The testing for World of Warcraft's next expansion is almost finished adding new specs for players to try out as the latest Legion test...
What if this is as good as it'll ever get?

World of Warcraft updates its expansion alpha and opens up PvP testing

One of the big elements being introduced to World of Warcraft when Legion goes live is an entirely revamped PvP system, rebuilt from the...
This is not hard to do.

WoW Factor: Why Legion’s alpha/beta label is a hair worth splitting

The Legion alpha is back, and it is still an alpha. And I want to to stress, not for the first time, that I...
When you're out in the club and you see a fly girl, do the creep!

WoW’s latest Legion alpha build revises talent loadouts, glyphs

The alpha testing for World of Warcraft's next expansion is rolling along and getting just a little bit bigger. Another build has been deployed,...
Holy arts.

WoW Legion makes major changes to specializations and transmog sets

Are you tired of dealing with dual specs in World of Warcraft? It was revealed at BlizzCon that the existing spec system was going...

You’re going to have to purchase World of Warcraft: Legion twice for early access and a physical collector’s edition

Remember all of the absurdity about World of Warcraft's collector's edition with Warlords of Draenor? That was ridiculous. Basically, if you wanted to pre-order...
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WoW Factor: The importance of class fantasies

Here's a fun thought exercise for you all: explain the differences between Fire Mages and Destruction Warlocks in World of Warcraft. But before you...
And it burns, burns, burns.

World of Warcraft’s design philosophy for tanks and healers in Legion

Good news, World of Warcraft tanks - you'll be taking more damage in Legion! And that really could be the good news, depending upon...
Just whenever you get around to us, it's cool.

World of Warcraft: Legion’s alpha will be back online today

Good news to those of you testing World of Warcraft's next expansion - the alpha for Legion will be coming back online today! No...
Good, sure, but $600 of good?

Betawatch: Oculus Rift-bound EVE Valkyrie plans alpha (January 8, 2016)

The good news for eager VR fans is that EVE: Valkyrie's first alpha test will start up on January 18th for use with the...
Just whenever you get around to us, it's cool.

World of Warcraft’s Legion testing will return with a new build and new content

There's still no word on exactly when the test servers for World of Warcraft: Legion will come back online following the winter break, but...

WoW Legion aims to flatten the PvP gear curve

Last night, Blizzard posted a dev blog to explain just how World of Warcraft Legion plans to drive a wrecking ball into the game's...
Aw yus.

WoW Factor: Legion testing is an exercise in absurd decisions

One of my favorite bits from The Office is when Michael is having his budget explained to him. You don't need to know the...

Check out the new Druid bear forms from World of Warcraft’s Legion alpha

What is the number one threat to Azeroth? Bears. That's why Druids can turn into bears, after all. The new World of Warcraft expansion...

WoW Factor: The look of the Legion class previews

Last week was a pretty fun ride, I have to say. Leaving aside everything else we had to chew on after a weekend's worth...

World of Warcraft dramatizes the level 100 boost process

Like the last expansion, World of Warcraft's upcoming Legion expansion will let players skip the tedious process of leveling up through old content and...