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See: Legion, WoW’s 2016 expansion

World of Warcraft’s Harbingers video and the story of Illidan

We have a lot of questions for Illidan, who is making a star performance return in World of Warcraft: Legion. Why so mad, bro?...

World of Warcraft shows off its Legion leveling experience

The leveling experience of World of Warcraft: Legion is going to be rather different from previous expansions, starting with the fact that the answer...

Massively Overthinking: One more chance for WoW Legion?

The World of Warcraft subreddit went nuts this week over a response to a player who told Blizzard that it had "one more chance... again"...
Still proud of this shot.

Perfect Ten: The ten things I look forward to with MMO launches

It's not long now until World of Warcraft: Legion launches, which is all that I've been waiting for now for a while. Sure, technically...
Did we not tell you this is how things would go down?

World of Warcraft continues its audio drama and prepares for the final Harbingers episode

It's less than a week until players get to start exploring the Demon Hunter class in World of Warcraft, ahead of the launch of...

Global Chat: When MMORPG raiding becomes a job

When does a game go from fun to obligation? Xenophics wrote a gut-wrenching confession about how raiding in World of Warcraft became his "office,"...
It shouldn't consistently work, but it does.

World of Warcraft continues the Tomb of Sargeras audio drama

You didn't think that the first venture into the Tomb of Sargeras would be the end for World of Warcraft's audio drama prequel to...

Immerse yourself in some good World of Warcraft audio drama

Oh, did you click on this post hoping for a tour through some juicy World of Warcraft community drama, perhaps tackling the latest controversy...

World of Warcraft trailer touts Legion features, locations

Blizzard has just posted up another World of Warcraft: Legion video, this one an "extended look" at the zones, dungeons, artifact system, combat animations,...

Guild Chat: Recruiting for your MMORPG guild ahead of WoW Legion

Welcome along to Guild Chat, my column in which I join forces with commenters to help a reader in need with a guild-related concern....

World of Warcraft unlocks Demon Hunters on August 9

Demon Hunters, start your engines! Blizzard announced this afternoon that it will be unlocking the newest class on August 9th for players who have pre-purchased...
Herp to the derp.

WoW Factor: The Legion prepatch brings the storm front

On some level, it honestly feels weird to be excited by this patch in World of Warcraft. There's no new stuff to actually do,...

World of Warcraft’s new action camera causes motion sickness in some players

An experimental action camera mode added in World of Warcraft's last patch gave players a little more than they bargained for, as it has...

World of Warcraft’s Khadgar seeks a weapon to fight the Burning Legion

Fretting about the coming Burning Legion seems to be the new pastime of most characters in World of Warcraft these days. They're never happy...

First impressions of World of Warcraft: Legion’s Demon Hunter

Nearly 10 years ago, the opening cinematic for World of Warcraft’s second expansion The Burning Crusade heralded the return of misguided anti-hero turned madman...
He really isn't I know, but work with me here.

World of Warcraft drops more pre-Legion lore at SDCC ’16

There's going to be quite a bit of lore in World of Warcraft to lead up to the release of Legion, but not every...

Check out every World of Warcraft loading screen from 2004 to 2016

Here's your dose of World of Warcraft nostalgia for today: All seven login screens for the game, from the original 2004 edition to this...
In the eye of a hurricane, there is quiet.

Check out World of Warcraft’s old and new spell animations

The big pre-patch for World of Warcraft's next expansion is finally here, meaning that everyone's specs have changed, everyone's abilities have changed, and bugs...

Here’s your World of Warcraft: Legion pre-expansion patch survival guide

While you might make it just fine in life without a "survival guide" to an MMORPG patch, why take that risk? In preparation for tomorrow's...
Just admit it's launch day.

The Soapbox: Calling an MMO launch a launch

It's launch. Can we collectively accept that? Marketing, developers, and players alike? Launch is launch. When your game launches, it has launched. If I can...