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WRUP: War rig edition

After a fairly predictable living arrangement for my wife and I for the past decade, someone is moving in with us now! Which is a weird feeling. So this weekend I fly down, load up a whole bunch of stuff into a U-Haul, and then I drive all the way up the coast of the country to bring our roommate home. In order to make this more of a palatable experience, we have already begun calling the moving van the war rig.

No word yet on whether or not we are allowed to weld other car bodies to it and tear across the wastes in the truck, but I’m guessing not.

As a result of this, my entry for this week’s What Are You Playing is just a wee bit lacking. Circumstances enforce this state of affairs. But the rest of the Massively Overpowered crew and our patrons are still doing stuff, and perhaps you could share your weekend plans with us down below? That’d be shiny and chrome. Read more

WRUP: The Slowpoke Song edition

The fact of the matter is that Pokémon has never been a big part of my life, so I’m even less capable of explaining why I’m unable to stop watching the Slowpoke song on repeat. It’s not some great narrative experience; the video is bland and the lyrics are just describing the fact that Slowpoke is slow. That’s its one note, that’s the deal. But it’s just so catchy. Bonus points: listen to it while playing with the video speed.

Where were we? Oh, right, it’s time for this week’s installment of What Are You Playing, in which we tell you what we’re up to over the weekend and you let us know what you’re doing down in the comments, otherwise you’ll never get to sit at the cool kids’ table. Don’t worry about being slow about it, though, that seems to be a thing this week.

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WRUP: Eorzean power couples edition

Usually, my introduction to our weekly What Are You Playing feature is a testament to the things I find funny. It’s not meant to make a great deal of sense, and in fact in those cases I usually try to back off if it feels like I’m piecing together too much of a narrative or something. Other times, I just have a really nice picture of my character and her wife in Limsa Lominsa and I decide that I just want to use that as the header without any larger joke.

It’s a good picture, that’s all. I think they look like they’re posing for a movie poster.

Anyhow, you probably know what I’m playing (because it’s always the same things) but you don’t know what the rest of the Massively Overpowered staff is playing. You can find that out down below. You can tell us what you’re playing in the comments, too! We find that stuff genuinely interesting.

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WRUP: Why did I take this screenshot edition

Hello, yes, do you know why I took this screenshot? I know I did take this screenshot. It was on my hard drive; that doesn’t happen with screenshots I didn’t take. Obviously I thought that this screenshot was important. I know which character is in the screenshot, and I know the gear she’s wearing. But I don’t remember why I felt that this moment was important to screenshot while so many others weren’t.

Do you know? If you could tell me, I would be so grateful.

What Are You Playing usually happens here, but this week let’s make the game that you’re playing Telling Me Why I Took This Screenshot Online. I do not know why I took this screenshot and I want to know. You could also let us know what you’re up to down in the comments, of course, after you’ve read our plans for the weekend. You could even do both. I don’t judge. Read more

WRUP: Better baby names edition

Argyle Farts. Mumu of the Pyramid People. Simon, Kyle, and Snorkums. Subject Name Here. Damp. I Have a Human Brain. Relogaz of the Sunless Sky, the Crawling Breath, and the Haze of Pain. Julia Roberts But Not The Julia Roberts. Longsword +1. Hurry Hurry Hurry. Genetic Payload. Mu.

Or just name your child after an entire song’s worth of lyrics. Suggestions include “Birdhouse in your Soul” by They Might Be Giants, “Machinehead” by Bush, and “Take it Outside” by Barenaked Ladies. Keep this in mind before you reproduce!

Also, it’s What Are You Playing, you know how this works by now. Let us know what you’re playing in the comments down below!
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WRUP: Apparently I am excited about Demon Hunters edition

If you had asked me a week ago, I would have said that I don’t have any particular need or desire for Demon Hunters to be a thing. Now I think I’m legit excited about them. I don’t know how this happened, it makes no sense to me at all, it’s really not my thing, and yet here I am. I seriously am considering what it’ll mean to play one. I couldn’t explain it to you, I really couldn’t.

I will not, however, be playing one this weekend. No one will. The expansion was just announced, and thus this week’s What Are You Playing doesn’t feature anyone enjoying it. It just features all of the other stuff that we’re playing, so that should be fun. Whether or not we’re thinking about it is another discussion, but the feature is What Are You Playing, not What Are You Speculating About. Read more

WRUP: You meant completely free edition

Apparently I got a new game for free on Steam. I wasn’t really planning on it; I just saw a little advertisement saying that Race the Sun was free for one day only, so I decided to check it out, figuring it was one of the many games out there that has a free play weekend or day or whatever. It wasn’t until yesterday that I realized it was, yes, completely free for that one day, that I now own the game for a price of zero dollars. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that.

I guess more companies going the EA/Origin route of having periodic free games works out for my game library in the short term, though? That’s something.

What Are You Playing is free to read, of course, but it always has been. It’s free to read every day. And it gives you a good idea of what the Massively Overpowered writers are playing alongside our Patrons. You can let us know what you’re going to be up to down in the comments, too.

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WRUP: Win a personal deathtrap edition

People who read this feature, we are happy to announce that you have a once-in-a-this-article opportunity to win your very own personal deathtrap! This unreliable and horrifyingly unsafe vehicle features a variety of unrealistic safety features, methods of operation that expose you to hazards which any reasonable designer would have avoided on the drawing board, and several obvious failure points that are unaddressed on the production model for reasons best not speculated upon. Enter this contest now, and you too could ride home in a craft which makes your every waking moment a struggle for survival!

How do you enter? Why, just read this week’s installment of What Are You Playing, which will automatically select a winner once you’ve forgotten this installment tells you what we’re all playing this weekend. Then we’ll come to your home and smash up all of your reliable and non-deadly vehicles, and you can start enjoying your own unholy device that would be terrifying to operate even if it were not held together by chewing gum and baling wire.

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WRUP: Phrases that never sound ominous edition

Some phrases absolutely never sound ominous. You can have a black cloak billowing behind you, your face cloaked in nothing but shadow except for your glowing red eyes, but I’m still not going to find the phrase “I couldn’t find the nice blue plates in the washer” particularly ominous.

Not even if you say it with a growly voice.

Other phrases that are not even remotely ominous: “Owl enclosure,” “I dropped my phone in the toilet,” “Internet Warlord,” “The LeBaron needs an oil change,” and “What Are You Playing.” That one’s pretty familiar, actually. Even comforting! You just click on down below and see what we’re up to over the weekend, then you let us know what you’re doing in the comments. Not ominous in the least.

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WRUP: Pallas cats are the best cats edition

As an owner of two cats which manage to somehow feel like seven cats, I really, truly want a Pallas cat. They are unbelievably adorable. They’re huge fluffy piles of angry wild bear-cat, there is no reason for them to exist, and based upon the absolutely no research I have done the only ecological niche they could possibly fill is “fluffbottom.” I want fifteen of them, like, yesterday.

So cute.

Where was I? Oh, right, it’s time for What Are You Playing yet again, because that happens every weekend without fail. We’ve got our entries and the entries of our lovely Patreon backers down below, and below that is the comment section. You can use that to let us know what you’re playing. Everything comes full circle. If you’ll be spending the weekend looking up more Pallas cat pictures, my task is done.

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WRUP: Cool guys don’t look at fireworks edition

As we all know, cool guys don’t look at explosions (they blow things up and just walk away). This is true as few things in life are. We also are all aware that fireworks are just particularly small and colorful explosions which are at least ostensibly under the control of operators. Thus, we can conclude that it’s more cool to go to a fireworks show and then not look at those boring explosions for even a minute.

I suppose not going at all would be a faster and cheaper solution, but this way you can specifically not look at the explosions, then explain why you’re not looking while trying not to sound like some kind of detonation hipster. And… actually, now that I type all of that out, it seems like it might be easier to just check out our entries for this week’s entry of What Are You Playing along with some of our Patrons, then let us know what you’re up to in the comments. Seriously, that makes you automatically cool.

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WRUP: Someone was really hungry edition

I don’t know how we got to the point of eating lobster, exactly, but someone must have been really hungry. Like, insanely hungry. Someone fished up that thing, and rather than deciding that it was proof that there were no loving deities in the world, the fisher thought “let’s boil that and eat it.” And then it was drenched in butter until the rubbery lobster meat became something palatable, which is somehow even more nonsensical than the fact that you’d look at this thing and think you should eat it.

But I don’t care about what you’re eating this weekend and you don’t care about what I’m eating. No, what I care about is the answer to the question of What Are You Playing. We’ll let you know what those of us on the Massively Overpowered staff will be playing along with some of our patrons, and you can let us know your plans down in the comments.

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WRUP: Early access maybe edition

This week, no one will exactly be surprised to learn that I’m playing Final Fantasy XIV‘s early access weekend. Or trying to, anyway, because while the servers are nice and stable and the content seems largely free of bugs, you’re going to be stuck with some pretty horrendous queues and lobby server errors the moment you try to log back in after you log off for literally anything. Which, you know, isn’t something I’m really going to rake the company over the coals for… but it’s still kind of annoying to sit through.

But enough about me, by which I mean a very small bit more about me and about others. It’s What Are You Playing, wherein we tell you our plans for the weekend (and our Patrons chime in) and you let us know your weekend plans in the comments! And there’s no queue here. There might be login issues, though, depending on how nicely Livefyre is running.

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