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WRUP: My Internet was out all night so all you get are some facts about piccolos edition

Yep, my Internet was out all night when this would normally have been written. Thus, you will have to enjoy this list of facts...

Torchlight II has officially launched for Switch, PS4, and Xbox One today

In last week's WRUP, I mentioned playing a thing I couldn't talk about on my Switch. Now I can because 2012 ARPG Torchlight...

WRUP: See the puppet show that’s too hot for Arby’s edition

Yes! It's true! Live for however long it takes for McDonald's to kick me out, it's the puppet show that's too hot for Arby's!...
Not this.

WRUP: How to cook a quiche

Ingredients: 1 refrigerated pie crust, 6 large eggs, 3/4 cup of whole milk, 3/4 teaspoon salt, 1/4 teaspoon black pepper, 1 1/2 cups shredded...

WRUP: Upcoming trends from movie studios edition

Warner Bros: Having watched every single attempt at its franchises completely fail to gain any serious traction, Warner Bros ultimately decides to throw up...
Harley left a long time ago.

WRUP: Rejected Joker schemes to kill Batman with rejection notes edition

Scheme from H. Mortimer: "Develop a new time-delayed explosive that are placed in cakes throughout the city. While Batman is trying to collect the...
Ham ham ham ham ham.

WRUP: This sentence, translated back and forth between languages, is this week’s What Are You Playing edition

This sentence, translated back and forth between languages, is this week's What Are You Playing. This sentence, translated between languages ​​and so forth,...
Be kind

WRUP: Recent movies that I have watched edition

Quigley Down Under: Sometimes you have a movie that you only half-remember from when you were younger and you don't really know if it...
Well, yes.

WRUP: Which stupid things did Eliot pre-order edition

As you may know, San Diego Comic-Con is currently taking place, which means that all of the world is planning out which superhero movies...
Still crazy after all these years.

WRUP: Things you are probably typing incorrectly edition

Dungeons and Dragons: This is incorrect. The title should always be spelled with an ampersand. Whopper Juniors: Thanks to an overly pedantic joke I will...
Badging like you do.

WRUP: What are badgers edition

Badgers are back in the news, at least if you follow informative news sources which are talking about badgers. But what are badgers? How...

WRUP: Super Mario Maker 2 review edition

In Super Mario Maker 2 you can theoretically make a fun Mario level for you and your friends to play, according to the back...
This is a guard.

WRUP: College roommate problem form

Hello, and thank you for contacting the school's department of housing assistance. We understand that you're having some problems with your roommate. Please anonymously...
Time is on my side, after a fashion.

WRUP: How to say hello edition

When coming back home from work: "Honey, I'm home!" When coming back home from work but you are not married and live alone: "Honey, I'm...
But on a phone. A phone.

WRUP: Dark Warblade Night Fire Of Death Chapter 46 edition

Editor's note: When Eliot was asked to write this week's edition of What Are You Playing, he responded by suggesting that everyone could...
I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't this.

WRUP: All the flavors edition

Hello peoples. This is What Are You Playing. Here are all of the flavors. Red juicy fruit Red pointy fruit Red very pointy...
Oh bang.

Vague Patch Notes: Don’t take it personal, it just ain’t your (MMO) story

Here's an interesting fact of trivia for you for today: I am pretty much clocked out when it comes to news about H1Z1. The...
the juice

WRUP: Let us drink the Juice edition

Let us drink the Juice. Let us. Drink the Juice. The Juice. We desire the Juice. Give us all of the Juice and let...
This failed for lots of reasons, let's be real.

WRUP: Lex Luthor All-Star Racing edition

Introducing the new hit crossover kart racing game, Lex Luthor All-Star Racing! How many characters can you play? Just one, Lex Luthor! You can...
This might have.

WRUP: Ol’ Jeb ain’t been the same what since he bought that pear tree edition

Nope, I tell you, it ain't no lie. Been living next door to Ol' Jeb near on fifty years now, I reckon, but the...