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They exist.

WRUP: Unfairly rejected suggestions from my Pangolin Improvement Seminar edition

Sounds made: Car horn honking. Lightsaber noises. Screeching metal. The entirety of the Barenaked Ladies song "It's All Been Done." Cate Blanchett gravely saying,...

WRUP: Talk to your children about scrod edition

You should talk to your children about scrod. Not because it's a new issue. They're not going to be asking you any questions about...
Mayonnaise is funny

WRUP: Three directors whom I suspect of filling my personal belongings with mayonnaise edition

Sir Ridley Scott: On five separate occasions I have seen Sir Ridley Scott running away from my mailbox with mayonnaise dripping down his chin...

WRUP: Son edition

Son. Child. Offspring. Descendant. Genetic payload. Youth. Boy. Boyo. Scion. Youngling. Lad. Squire. Successor. Heir. Offshoot. Spawn. Additional family member. Post-pregnancy. Kid. Sport. Slugger....
Wow, that was truly a Star War

WRUP: Famous last lines from movies edition

"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." -Rhett Butler, Gone With The Wind "Hasta la vista, baby." -T-800 ("Uncle Bob"), Terminator 2: Judgement Day "Frankly,...

WRUP: Restrictions placed on you as the Trash Lord of the Mole People edition

RULE the FIRST: Under no circumstances are you to smear your subjects (moles) in mayonnaise, Thousand Island salad dressing, or olive oil made within...

WRUP: Complete works of Ozymandias to look upon and despair edition

Now That's What I Call Music (Ancient Societies Edition) Please note that at the time he created it, it was not tagged as "Ancient...

WRUP: Municipal edition

Municipal. La municipale. Correct: Diagonal. Fish. Metric. Booger. Pants. Nighttime. Incorrect: Fred. Fred. Fred. Fred. Fred. Fred. Fred. Fred. Fred. Fred. Fred. Fred. Fred. Fred. Fred....
Hello, friend!

WRUP: Mikhail, the first vendor you see in town edition

Hello, friend! Would you like to trade? You'd like to sell? Seventeen ? Very good, here's your money! May you find good fortune in...
It's a car.

WRUP: Advanced street-crossing techniques edition

The Backwards Banana: The... the what? What the heck is this? What do you want me to type here? Are you supposed to backflip...

WRUP: How to use all the social media sites edition

Twitter: You have two options here. The first is that you can go around incessantly correcting people for things you think are errors based...
john madden john madden john madden john madden

WRUP: My fantasy football season results edition

Drafts: Was asked multiple times by the lads whether or not I knew anything about football and repeatedly insisted that I did. My first pick...
This one is for my wife folks

WRUP: The following contest is scheduled for one fall edition

Now entering the ring, from Toronto, Ontario, weighing in at 235 pounds, it's Bobby Roode! His opponent, from San Jose, California, weighing in at...
Ham ham ham ham ham.

WRUP: The incorrect things you have written addressing gifts to DJ Jazzy Jeff this holiday season edition

Donald Joseph "Jazzy" Jeffries DJ Jazz-liking Geoff Hambone Lord DJ Jazzy John Hopkins I like hamburger Deejazzy Will Smith Mini-Will Smith Jaden Smith ...

WRUP: Places where the hag’s curse afflicts me not edition

The hag did curse me, o my kinsfolk, but forsooth, I outsmarted her once again! With a wizened finger she did point and proclaim...

WRUP: I like hamburger edition

I like. Hamburger. I. like hamburger? Hambuuuger. Ham. bougar. I liek hamburger with CHEEEEESE i liek hanbarger. Man e placse serve hunborgor four ME...
The monkeys know.

WRUP: New conspiracy theories for Winter 2019 to Spring 2020 edition

Seltzer is just denatured alcohol that has been yelled at by professional Yell Masters. It's why White Claws taste good. (If you think they...
This might have.

WRUP: Which ingredients in your burrito have angered the Bog Witch edition

Cilantro: The Bog Witch doesn't like cilantro. She hates explaining that to people because people are always asking her if it tastes like soap...

WRUP: Nearby parallel universe directory edition

Index 47289983-BBA-4683: Ducks do not quack but sing the Ghostbusters theme song. Index 47289983-BBA-4684: The Ghostbusters theme song is just ducks quacking. Index 47289983-BBA-4685: Stan Lee...
Be kind

WRUP: All the words from the Wikipedia entry on ‘Garbage’ starting with the letter D edition

Discarded due does disposal discard describe discards discard distinctions disposed divided derived down dry dry distinction describe dry discarded days dry dissipated discarded designed...