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Diablo III gets updated visuals for the Xbox One X

Good news for you, Diablo III fans! You're now able to - wait, what? No, the good news is not a major patch. Or...

Conan Exiles upgrades for the Xbox One X

The latest edition of Microsoft's gaming console launches today, and Conan Exiles is ready to take advantage of all of the new bells and...

Elder Scrolls Online’s Clockwork City DLC launches for Xbox One and Xbox One X – here’s the new trailer

Elder Scrolls Online's Clockwork City DLC is live for Xbox One and Xbox One X players today! As we've previously covered, today's rollout features a...

ARK: Survival Evolved posts live action trailer in honor of Xbox One X launch

Xbox One X is landing on porches this very moment, you guys, and ARK: Survival Evolved might just be the first thing you load...

Elite Dangerous patches in preparation for Xbox One X support

The Elder Scrolls Online isn't the only MMO getting love with the Xbox One X launch tomorrow: Frontier posted today that Elite Dangerous is...

Path of Exile reflects on its Xbox One release

Interested in Path of Exile but lacking copious amounts of free time to pick through a messy AMA session with the devs for relevant...

Black Desert shows off 4K console version at Gamescom

It might have gotten buried in this massive list, but Black Desert is one of the MMOs that's slated to receive enhanced treatment by...

Xbox One X announces ‘select enhanced titles’ that include many online games

At its pre-Gamescom press conference this Sunday, Microsoft revealed more about its upcoming Xbox One X and its glorious 4K gaming capabilities. As part...

Sea of Thieves confirms crossplay between Xbox One and PC

Here's some exciting news coming out of Gamescom's early Microsoft presentation this week: Sea of Thieves will be linking up its PC and Xbox...

E3 2017: Fortnite is Crowfall for PvE fans

The other day when I made a rare venture out of my E3 coverage den, my slightly younger brother asked, "Hey, did you hear...

E3 2017: Black Desert confirms Xbox ports for 2018

We've known Black Desert was coming to consoles for a long time now; the first teases landed last year, with confirmation as recently as...