Temtem says its LFG tool is ‘back from the dead’


Who wants a rez? No, not you, generic discount Pikachu; we’re asking Temtem features that got left by the wayside a while back. And look at that, it’s the LFG tool raising its hand for another go. Good enough. Welcome back to the fold, LFG!

The creature-collecting MMO didn’t stop with that, however. Patch 1.3.1 added a new indicator on the HUD to tell you how many captures you have left per zone, clarified player name picks, lowered the cost of premium musical instruments, and raised the amount of luma drop rewards.

Temtem also adjusted the rules how captures happen depending on the species you’ve already nabbed: “The game will check for the entire evolutive line, so if you have a Granpah in your squad and encounter a Paharo, you will be able to defeat it without using one of your allotted encounters.”

Source: Temtem
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