So many colors in the rainbow.

Perfect Ten: Classic video games that would make terrible MMORPGs

There was a time when MMORPGs were all based on existing storied single-player RPG franchises, and that time was when Ultima Online launched and...

Temtem’s latest patch tweaks lairs, expands emote use, and fixes a huge list of bugs

Crema's critter capturing MMORPG Temtem has gotten itself a new patch that's light on content but heavy on fixes and adjustments, which might be...
Bye, I guess.

Vague Patch Notes: Pivots don’t work with MMOs

So we can pretty much confirmed now that Pantheon's goose is thoroughly cooked. Yes, I know, the folks at Visionary Realms are claiming that...
Yes... the island.

Temtem delays its esports event until November as it wrestles with persistent patch 1.5 bugs

The end of September brought a new content patch to the critter catching MMORPG Temtem, but it also brought along with it a whole...

Temtem’s Endless Night update arrives today with a new mythical being to collect

Just when you thought you caught them all in Temtem, here comes a spanking new update to prove you wrong. Patch 1.5: Endless Night...

Temtem’s September 25 update includes a new challenge mode and new Mythical Temtem

Kickstarted critter-catchin' MMO Temtem is celebrating a full year since the game's 1.0 update launched, but it's not been resting on its laurels. In...

Vague Patch Notes: Almost nobody can save struggling mid-to-small MMOs

A week ago, we all sounded off on the best way to save a small-to-mid-size MMO that was struggling, as prompted by a discussion...

Massively Overthinking: What’s the best way a studio can save a struggling mid-size MMO?

Temtem's Crema Games raised eyebrows earlier this week when it admitted that in spite of Temtem's successful launch, the game is having trouble; the...
Temmie get money for college

Temtem game director defends standalone Showdown title as a ‘cost-efficient’ way to support the title

At the tail-end of June, Temtem developer Crema Games made the surprise reveal of Temtem Showdown, a free-to-play, PvP-centric standalone game. Since its release,...

Steam’s Summer Sale 2023 is live through July 13 with deals on FFXIV, GW2, New World, ESO, and more

Valve has revived the traditional Steam summer sale this afternoon, with gobs of good deals running well beyond the 4th of July. Perhaps the...

Temtem Showdown is a free-to-play standalone game that gets you right into critter team PvP battling

What if you could play Temtem but wholesale ignore all of the story questing and creature capturing and MMORPG social elements in order to...

The MOP Up: WalkScape opens up a community portal

To bring all of the game's news and access together in one place, the in-development ARG WalkScape created a new Portal. If you'll recall,...
Temmie get money for college

Temtem squashes bugs to make combat ‘satisfying and fair’ while outlining upcoming balance plans

Considering Temtem's most recent major update is almost entirely about competition and challenge modes, you might think that turning the balance dials would be...

Unity slashes 600 jobs in its latest round of layoffs

It's not been the best year to work at Unity, as the tech company has gone through multiple rounds of layoffs and office closures....

Temtem says its LFG tool is ‘back from the dead’

Who wants a rez? No, not you, generic discount Pikachu; we're asking Temtem features that got left by the wayside a while back. And...

PSA: Steam’s Spring Sale offers up discounts for MMORPGs and expansions

Are you in the market for a new MMO or MMORPG to play? Then you might be interested to know that the Steam Spring...

Temtem’s 1.3 update adds St Patrick’s Day event and three new challenge modes

There's a new patch out for critter-capturing MMO Temtem today, along with a new season of play. At the heart of patch 1.3 are...

Temtem previews patch 1.3’s upcoming challenge modes, location, and next season

Last month, the critter catching MMO Temtem was offering some brief teases of content planned for patch 1.3. While there's still no hard release...

Temtem has effectively canceled its Valentine’s Day events for 2023

Like many MMOs, Temtem was angling for a Valentine's Day event ahead of the big day next week; in fact, "Valentamer's Day" was meant...

Temtem posts preview images of patch 1.3’s new location and Nuzlocke-like challenge mode

If the term "Nuzlocke mode" is alien to you, then you're probably not a regular devotee of Pokemon: Nuzlocke is a set of player-crafted,...