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Snag a Mythic Heroes gift bundle from IGG and MOP

If multiplayer idlers are your thing, we have some freebies for you: IGG had granted us a stack of gift keys for its iOS/Android/browser...
The Doom Brigade

PSA: World of Warcraft Classic prepares to discontinue the character clone service on July 26

The character clone service in WoW Classic was an interesting approach to how the game handled The Burning Crusade Classic vs. the vanilla experience;...
Brand recognition!

Call of Duty now has its own line of scented candles from Wick & Skull

Hey there, Billy my man. You look down in the dumps! "Gee willikers, Mr. Candleman, I sure am!" Why, whatsoever could be the problem? "Aw, it's my...

PSA: Get your free original SWTOR mech today on Star Wars Day

It's been the longest of all running jokes that Star Wars: The Old Republic loves to trot out the same astromech pet for a...

Grab a key for tomorrow’s Dysterra beta on Steam, courtesy of Kakao

Kakao and Reality MagiQ are preparing for another big beta round for Dysterra, its survival MMO that mixes "solid first person shooting with sophisticated...

Snag a new-player bonus pack key for IGG’s multiplayer Castle Clash

IGG's PC-and-mobile multiplayer battle royale Castle Clash has a fresh round of keys for in-game items for our readers to give you a leg...

Lord of the Rings Online just won at anniversary presents with today’s update

Let this be the kindest PSA you'll get all day: If you have even the most passing interest -- or more! -- in Lord...

Mobile MMOTCG Harry Potter Magic Awakened adds new pre-registration goodies from the IP’s latest film

At the top of February, Warner Bros., Portkey Games, and NetEase unveiled a new mobile MMOTCG called Harry Potter: Magic Awakened and opened it...

Project Gorgon adds cosmetic system, slashes Steam price through May

Project Gorgon's latest patch has arrived as of this past weekend, and if you like looking pretty and strong, then you're going to love...

SMITE promotes Rambo to god status

It's official: Pop culture movie icon Rambo is now a god. Sort of. SMITE, no stranger to franchise cross-promotions, added a Rambo skin for its...

The Elder Scrolls Online will make the Morrowind DLC free for every owner of the game

Do you own some form of The Elder Scrolls Online and somehow didn't pick up the Morrowind DLC (aka one of the superior ways...

Grab a new-player welcome pack key and artifact coins for IGG’s MMORTS Lords Mobile

Well here's one that crossed my desk for a giveaway that I'd never heard of before: It's an IGG Games strategy MMO called Lords...

Grab a Black Desert game pass and more in honor of this week’s Eternal Winter launch

Black Desert is just two days away from the launch of its huge Eternal Winter expansion, which has charmed our Black Desert columnist so...

Prime Gaming teams up with Blizzard to offer freebies for Overwatch, Hearthstone, WoW, and StarCraft

Amazon Prime members are likely already very familiar with all of the free stuff they can claim for a wide variety of games, but...

Zenith’s Ramen VR just scored another $35M in investment, ‘accelerates’ efforts on PC version

Zenith studio Ramen VR just secured more money to bolster the future of the VR MMORPG: The company announced last night that it just...

Blade and Soul will sell class changes for a modest $100 apiece

Sick of your class in Blade and Soul, but you don't want to reroll? Starting tomorrow, you will have another option: to pay for...

Wizard101’s KingsIsle sells Ukraine charity bundle, proceeds to reclaim EU publishing

One of many game studios looking to help with humanitarian relief in the Ukraine is KingsIsle. The studio announced that it is standing with...

Warframe preps a livestreamed look at its next expansion as it arrives to PUBG Mobile in a crossover event

What's in the next content expansion for Warframe? Fans will be able to find out later today, March 11th, at 2:00 p.m. EST when...
Space boats.

Star Trek Online shares a mini-documentary all about the canonization of in-game ships

Star Trek Online is understandably extremely excited about the fact that four of the game's ships were officially canonized in the second season premiere...

Grab a new-player welcome pack key from IGG’s multiplayer Castle Clash

We can't file this one under MMO, but multiplayer surely: It's IGG's PC-and-mobile multiplayer battle royale Castle Clash, and the studio has dropped a...