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Grab a Grand Fantasia Gaia’s Divine Blessing key and Quill crystals courtesy of Gamigo and MOP

Free-to-play MMO Grand Fantasia is gearing up for the winter holidays, and to commemorate the occasion, Gamigo is granting a stack of nifty keys and...
It makes you go.

Star Trek Online teases a new series on Spacedock covering the ships of the game

There are a lot of spaceships in Star Trek Online. This is honestly not surprising; it's a series about spaceships, so it'd be weird...
What is the world.

Final Fantasy XIV posts a new tribute to Endwalker from Sia ahead of early access

All right, now Square-Enix is just flexing. Yes, this is official now. Why? Because there's a new music video on the game's official YouTube...

EVE Online and Dark Horse team up for ‘Capsuleer Chronicles’ comic miniseries

You know what they say about EVE Online and comic books: They go together like macaroni and cheese! Like peanut butter and jelly! Like...
Cool story, guy!

Black Desert kicks off Black Friday events and allows for easier new player gear upgrades

It's just about time for Thanksgiving, and that means that everyone should fall into a frenzied rush of consumerism the next day for Black...

Black Friday sales around the MMO world, 2021 edition

Even if you're not a Thanksgiving person or even a "harvest festival" type of soul, you can take advantage of the sales and events...

PSA: You’ve got one week left to claim a ton of free LOTRO content

If you have even a passing interest (or more!) in Lord of the Rings Online and haven't yet snapped up the massive content giveaway...

Riot Games confirms season two of Arcane is in production, offers an update on Runeterra fighting game Project L

Over the past weekend, Riot Games' highly lauded League of Legends animated series Arcane debuted its final three episodes of the first season, which...

SMITE, PUBG Mobile, and Fortnite kick off ridiculous and fun transmedia synergy events

We live in a video gaming world where SMITE characters wear Transformers as skins, Naruto ninjas decided to battle it out in Fortnite, and...

Snag a World of Warships newbie or vet swag key courtesy of Wargaming and MOP

Free-to-play PC MMO World of Warships turned six years old this fall, with its fifth season of play underway just this past month. To...

Riot Games celebrates Arcane series success with in-game goodies, premieres, and tournaments

Is it really a crossover if you're crossing over with yourself? Riot Games is not going to think too hard on that question as...

The Stream Team: Star Trek Online Reflections giveaway

Are you a fan of the Mirror universe? As problematic as it can be, there's adventure and fun to be had as folks...

RuneScape’s new illustrated book recounting its 20 year history is released

If you're a fan of RuneScape who likes coffee table books filled with concept artwork and tales of the game's 20 years of development,...

Elder Scrolls Online celebrates Skyrim’s 10th anniversary with a new video for the MMO

The Elder Scrolls franchise is having one hell of a week: Not only did Elder Scrolls Online just drop Deadlands, its last DLC of...

World of Warships adds new ships and new campaign to console, more WH40K ships to console and PC

Sure, World of Warships and the Warhammer 40K universe have collaborated before, but those were Imperium or Chaos battleships. What the game was truly...

Riot Games is partnering with Rihanna’s makeup brand Fenty to promote Arcane

File this one in the bin where I put all the weird cross-promos for a snarky end-of-the-year post: Riot Games is collaborating with Fenty...

Riot plops League of Legends, Runeterra, and Valorant on the Epic Games Store as LoL’s Jinx comes to Fortnite

With its closest rival staggered after a poor quarterly showing and a brutal stock drop, Riot Games is leaping into the vacuum with a...

How to support Extra Life 2021, from Guild Wars 2 and EverQuest to LOTRO and City of Heroes

If you caught MJ's latest Massively Uplifting, you probably noticed that Extra Life is ramping up across the gaming industry, and particularly among MMORPG...
And here we just keep going.

PSA: Log in to Guild Wars 2 to get your free unlock for the second chapter of the Icebrood Saga

Let's be honest here, "free" is a pretty great entry point for pretty much anything in the MMO sphere. The next part of Guild Wars...

Snag yourself a Steam key for Lost Ark’s closed beta slated for November 4 [Second batch now gone too!]

Unless you're living under a rock, you know that Amazon is prepping Lost Ark's closed beta for November 4th. And we're guessing you're anxious...