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Elder Scrolls Online has tweaked the Whitestrake’s Mayhem PvP event for its return next week

Hey, PvPers! Elder Scrolls Online is rerunning the Whitestrake's Mayhem PvP event just for you starting July 25th - and it's got a bit...

Aetherian Chronicles is a side-scrolling MMORPG that lets players team up with others or LLM-powered bots

The majority of large language model (LLM) AI tool proponents suggest that the tech can be utilized to fill out a virtual game world...

Here’s how to sign up for Path of Exile 2’s impending closed beta test

If you are saddened by the fact that the preview and today's big livestream reveal focused only on Path of Exile 's new Settlers...

Here’s how to watch the big Soulframe and Warframe events at TennoCon 2024 this weekend

All right, yes, the way to tune in to TennoCon 2024 boils down to "click a link." However, it's the specific link that fans...

Fractured has overhauled its PvP to reduce griefing ahead of next week’s formal launch

We're just a week away from Fractured Online's official launch out of early access, which means Dynamight Studios has officially rolled out its last...

Corepunk’s preorder package includes only playtesting, early access, and the first season post-launch

Corepunk studio Artificial Core has release a new dev blog this afternoon homing in on "clarifications" about the game's purchase terms. Notably the team...

Overwatch 2’s new retro sci-fi support hero, Juno, is playable this weekend

If you're in the mood for an extremely cute retro space-age support hero in Overwatch 2, Blizzard is obliging your very specific tastes with...
Yay? Okay?

Throne & Liberty starts its open beta today

Today is the day when players can start in on Throne & Liberty as actual players because the game's open beta begins today on...

Star Citizen shows off updates and adjustments to alpha 4.0’s jump points

Right now players are locked inside of the single system of Stanton in Star Citizen, but when alpha 4.0 goes online, they will then...

Guild Wars 2 deep-dives Janthir Wilds’ enhanced warclaw mount aka journeykin

August is shaping up to be an interesting month here in MMO land, and a large part of that is the impending release of...

Once Human’s latest maintenance runs afoul of a ‘critical bug’ as players report missing items and ruined bases

At this point, reading that NetEase's survival shooter Once Human is facing technical issues probably feels like "water is wet"-level news, but indeed the...

Raph Koster aims to make Stars Reach complex but not overcomplicated – and focused on retention

You didn't think Playable Worlds' Raph Koster was going to stop at just two pillars of design for his new sandbox MMORPG Stars Reach,...

SSG’s Rob Ciccolini laments aging hardware and long downtimes as DDO delays Update 68.1

As both Dungeons and Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online players noticed yesterday as both MMOs were unavailable for 15 hours, SSG's...

Hearthstone’s Perils in Paradise won’t feature a cosmetic game board, and players are concerned

Usually when Blizzard releases a new Hearthstone expansion set, it also offers a colorful new game board cosmetic to go along with it -...

Former Blizzard and Funcom dev Craig Morrison is working on a cozy true crime MMORPG backed by NetEase

Cast your mind back to summer 2021, and you might recall that was when World of Warcraft's Craig Morrison - best known to MMORPG...

Black Desert brings Jordine Saga and major class balancing to console, adds guild history UI to mobile

While many Black Desert players might be engaged in the large scale War of the Roses PvP instance on PC, this week has also...

RIFT brings Unicornalia around once more

What RIFT may lack right now in terms of regular content update cadence, it hopefully makes up in unicorns. That's the hope of the...

ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition is coming for mobile devices this year during the holiday season

Are you concerned that after all of the different versions of ARK: Survival Evolved or points related that you have bought, there might still...

Old School RuneScape readies Deadman Armageddon and tweaks its newly returned quest

While Old School RuneScape certainly has things to note in this week's patch, what's a bigger deal to Jagex (and likely to a specific...
You know the song.

Albion Online looks back on its last year as the game turns seven

It may be hard to believe, but it has now been seven years since Albion Online launched, and in that time we've named it...