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Albion Online starts season 18 of guild conflicts on December 17

Anyone participating in Albion Online's next season of fighting amongst guilds (don't use the word war here, for obvious reasons) is hopefully a big...
Not worth cheering over.

Activision-Blizzard releases its year-to-date diversity statistics showing an increase in underrepresented groups

Activision-Blizzard's general issues with diversity and representation have prompted a number of changes within its corporate structure, and one of those is the company's...

Elden Ring’s Colosseum DLC is available for free today for everyone

If you love Elden Ring and also love beating the snot out of your friends, the game's newest update will provide you with everything...
How charmingly old world.

New World addresses the prominent missing pieces of its 2023 roadmap

While New World's 2023 roadmap outlined plenty of interest coming to the game next year, the majority of fans zeroed in on what was...

The Daily Grind: Which MMOs have gotten too grim and dark?

While we expect grimdark themes in certain MMOs -- such as Secret World, Mad World, or Star Stable -- even the most light-hearted among...
All your base, etc.

Fan creates an elaborate mod for building bases in No Man’s Sky

Building a base in No Man's Sky is important. It's inspiring. It's a moment of self-identification. It is complicated, too, because there are a...
They're impressed by you.

Final Fantasy XIV kicks off a new Moogle Treasure Trove event on December 12

Are you waiting for Final Fantasy XIV's upcoming patch 6.3 but feel like you have nothing to do in the interim? Are you dejectedly...

Choose My Adventure: Going back to Guild Wars 2 basics through Tyria mapping

One of the surefire ways I know that I'm loving a game is when I swing my wallet like a shillelagh at it -...

The Daily Grind: What was the best event in the MMO genre in 2022?

If ever there were a year that I wish we hadn't demoted "best event" from an award to a Daily Grind, it was 2022,...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO offers the best console or mobile experience as of 2022?

I have noted before that while I have two consoles and love to game on my phone, I'm probably always going to be a...

The Stream Team: Hunting with AI friends in Monster Hunter Rise

MOP's Chris doesn't have any friends that play Monster Hunter Rise with him, which is kind of sad. However, with the game's last major...
Sometimes you know there's an ongoing story.

Lord of the Rings Online dev explains the rationale behind hub-based quest design

Some things in Lord of the Rings Online are not in place intentionally, like whatever error it was that led to players having a...

One Shots: Impossible landscapes would like to have a word with you

While the seemingly impossible landscapes of MMORPG worlds make for great visuals -- such as in our headlining pic -- I can't help but...
On the forum.

The Daily Grind: How do you like to take on major MMO expansions?

After more than a decade in this ridiculous field I sometimes miss being able to just take expansions and major patches entirely at my...

WRUP: All right, David Letterman, here’s the deal edition

Do you hear me, David? This has gone on long enough between us. I can see the snipers, and you know that if they...

The Daily Grind: How do you view other players in the MMO landscape?

If you've ever played a fully or mostly dead MMORPG (and I have), then you'll know that super-eerie feeling that comes with traversing a...

EverQuest Online Adventures rogue server project is ‘very active’ as it develops three shards

It's now been a full decade since EverQuest Online Adventures closed up shop after a nine-year run in 2012. The PlayStation 2 MMORPG released...
You guys got... paid?

Lineage2M celebrates its one-year anniversary with a new crossbow class and a new dungeon arena

It's been a year since Lineage2M launched on mobile devices, and the game is celebrating that launch with a content patch. What better way...

The Stream Team: Traipsing through Tyria in Guild Wars 2 for Choose My Adventure

MOP's Chris is back at it again! He's wandering the wilds of Tyria in Guild Wars 2 as asked for by the CMA voting...

Global Chat: The dawning of a new great MMO era

The next great era of MMORPGs is in the making right now and will dawn on us shortly -- or so postulates MMO Folklorist,...