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Perfect World’s Jade Dynasty World shares a new video as it prepares for an August 19 pre-alpha tech test

Last month we caught wind of Jade Dynasty World, an updated and open-world version of the classic Jade Dynasty that was sunsetted in 2018....
Bring it!

Elyon announces the arrival of the Soulbringer class on September 7

Despite the name, the new class being added to Elyon is not really known primarily for bringing souls to a fight. The most obvious...

Black Desert updates summer events on PC, opens Elvia realm on console, launches a new siege on mobile

It's a new week and that means a whole bevy of updates for every single version of Black Desert, as the PC, mobile, and...

Temtem releases a trailer detailing endgame activities ahead of its September 6 launch

The so-called "Golden Week" of dev blogs from creature collecting MMO Temtem already shared details about the Tamer's Paradise archipelago, an endgame-focused location for...

The Stream Team: Taking part in another Moonfire Faire in Final Fantasy XIV

It's time once again for the summertime event to arrive to Final Fantasy XIV, and MOP's Chris is ready to go! There's going to...

Nexon Q2 2022: MapleStory’s dramatic turnaround is attributed to monetization transparency

While many tech companies are offering up weak quarters or even outright struggling, Nexon's financials are on the rebound. The company's Q2 investor report...

Lost Ark’s powerpass remains disabled, but Amazon Games promises more details ‘soon’

For the past two weeks now, the character boosting powerpass item in Lost Ark has been disabled, with devs at Amazon Games not providing...

Blade and Soul’s Dawn of Darkness brings a new solo dungeon, new accessories, and daily challenge tweaks

The Dawn of Darkness update for Blade & Soul has arrived, casting its content-rich glow upon the lands of the Earthen Realm and feeding...

Perfect Ten: Small features that still make RIFT awesome

When I re-installed RIFT this past month, I knew I was setting myself up for heartache. It is, after all, one of my all-time...
Now we learn.

Final Fantasy XIV player develops a functional book controller for playing Scholar

Have you found yourself playing Scholar in Final Fantasy XIV and thought to yourself that it just doesn't feel immersive enough when you're casting...

Dungeons and Dragons begins testing ‘funky fresh’ class archetypes

We feel quite comfortable in stating that Dungeons and Dragons Online has one of the most complex and customizable character builds in the entire...

EverQuest II’s Myths and Monoliths is live with the Fabled Veeshan’s Peak raid

The Myths and Monoliths patch has finally arrived to EverQuest II's live servers as of yesterday afternoon, bringing with it the fabled versions of...

World of Warcraft previews Ohn’ahran Plains while Wrath Classic zombie plague event undergoes testing

Has there ever been a time in World of Warcraft's history when Blizzard was furiously testing two completely different versions -- and patches --...

The Daily Grind: What’s the most exotic and most dull MMO weapon type you’ve ever seen?

Hey scissors lady! You certainly do look fearsome up there with your Clock Tower cosplay, but do you really think that attacking people with...

The Stream Team: Guild Wars 2’s Festival of the Four Winds

Summertime is a beautiful time for festivals, and Guild Wars 2 has the Festival of the Four Winds. With plenty of races (skiff races,...

Massively on the Go: How to make the most of the Pokemon Go Fest Finale

We've known that the August 27th Pokemon Go Go Fest Finale was going to occur since prior to Go Fest proper, but we didn't...

Wizard101 preps guilds and raids while Pirate101 gets into a pillow fight

Big things are afoot in the magical land of Wizard101. This month, KingsIsle is testing two new huge features for the game: guilds and...

World of Warcraft’s Darkmoon Faire is now available to players once more

Fans of the Darkmoon Faire in World of Warcraft who have been waiting for its gates to open have some good news: The park...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 384: The World of Warcraft we’ll never see

Justin and Bree discuss Blizzard's financials, the canceled WoW mobile MMO, LOTRO remastered, the Riot MMO, and Legends of Aria's monetization, with adventures in RIFT, LOTRO, City of Heroes, and Fallout 76, plus a voicemail wishing for an MMO amnesia button.
Yes, it's a bear.

Neverwinter takes Rothé Valley out of the vault today

If you've been eager to head back into Rothé Valley in Neverwinter, you've had to live with disappointment for a while as the content...