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City of Heroes Rebirth rogue server re-engages the Rikti Invasion event starting today

One of my many favorite memories in City of Heroes was playing the first Rikti Invasion in Atlas Park. Watching the war walls disengage...
This is what I always wanted.

Blizzard teases BlizzCon’s stage schedule ahead of today’s round of ticket sales

If you really have an earth-shattering need to attend BlizzCon 2023 in person and have $299-$799 to drop on a ticket, you're in luck;...

MapleStory’s Halloween update, the Midnight Carnival Nautilus, is almost upon us

MapleStory understood the assignment: Halloween is en route, and it's spooky and adorable all at the same time. Nexon revealed the Midnight Carnival Nautilus...

Black Desert PC makes PvE-focused class tweaks, applies conquest war QoL, and fights sweets-stealing bears

It's quite a week in the PC version of Black Desert, as the game's latest update has made another wide assortment of changes to...

Star Citizen begins dishing out CitizenCon tickets to buyers and introduces a new CM

Star Citizen's big convention is just under a month away, and those who bought tickets to go to the event in-person are now seeing...
Avoid the noid.

Wayfinder teases Grendel and the Call of the Void live event in weekly rundown

Wayfinder has got another preview of Grendel queued up for you to enjoy in the wake of the Tokyo Game Show, and it seems...

Elder Scrolls Online players might score a free house – if the community wins the Secrets of the Telvanni event

Elder Scrolls Online is about to set off a whirlwind of events - and that's without counting the impending season of Halloween. Starting tomorrow,...

Old School RuneScape opens the Scar Essence Mine, RuneScape kicks off a PvM buff event

It's another week of Jagex game news, or at least the games that are still running, anyway: Both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape have...

Lineage II’s Wish Hunt event offers buff-granting goodies for killing monsters under the full moon

While Lineage II's latest event isn't called a Halloween event specifically, it certainly does have that grim kind of vibe: The Wish Hunt even...

Fractured Online will run one more beta this week before relaunching early access

Kickstarted MMORPG Fractured is pushing on toward one final test before it relaunches early access. Cut free from Gamigo, Dynamight Studios has set the...

Astroneer’s fall event has players farming up sturdysquash in spaaaaace

It's three great tastes that taste great together: It's space sandboxes, it's farming, and its a Falloween event. Yep, Astroneer's traditional fall event is...

EVE Fanfest 2023: The EVE Online FPS is back as EVE Vanguard this December

It's safe to say that EVE Online has a complicated history with first person shooters. The idea of stepping foot on the planets of...

Massively on the Go: Pokemon Go’s October events are early with tricks if not treats

Pokemon Go news this month feels like Christmas. We usually don't get news until days before the new month starts, if that. But this...
I don't speak mandarin.

Genshin Impact’s third anniversary event will be like the previous anniversary events players didn’t like

Apparently, the leadership at miHoYo looked at the anniversary of Overwatch 2 being disappointing, heard someone say, "Nobody can do worse than that," and...

This year’s World of Warcraft Brewfest event includes new quests in the Dragon Isles

On the very brink of autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere, MMORPGs are breaking out the pumpkin spice... and the Oktoberfest brews. So it...
sure, fine, okay

Magic: the Gathering Arena is teaming up with IHOP (yay pancakes?)

Down at the plaza, there is an IHOP and a Denny's locked in a struggle like rival gangs in West Side Story. Who will...

EVE Online’s galactic mystery points players at a brand-new star system ahead of Fanfest

A tantalizing mystery in EVE Online has sent players scurrying across the in-game galaxy to uncover clues -- and a new destination. A set...

Overwatch 2 is re-running past content for all three weeks of its first birthday events

Can you believe it's already been almost a year since Blizzard pushed Overwatch 2 out the door without the key thing that set it...

Talk Like a Pirate Day around the MMO world, 2023 edition

When the internet was younger, Talk Like a Pirate Day was a huge event, the kind of harmless fun every brand and MMO got...

The Stream Team: Enjoying LOTRO’s The Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariners event

How often has Massively OP's MJ been able to enjoy a good sailor mission in Lord of the Rings Online? Well, pretty much never....