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Black Desert updates summer events on PC, opens Elvia realm on console, launches a new siege on mobile

It's a new week and that means a whole bevy of updates for every single version of Black Desert, as the PC, mobile, and...

The Stream Team: Taking part in another Moonfire Faire in Final Fantasy XIV

It's time once again for the summertime event to arrive to Final Fantasy XIV, and MOP's Chris is ready to go! There's going to...

The Stream Team: Guild Wars 2’s Festival of the Four Winds

Summertime is a beautiful time for festivals, and Guild Wars 2 has the Festival of the Four Winds. With plenty of races (skiff races,...

Massively on the Go: How to make the most of the Pokemon Go Fest Finale

We've known that the August 27th Pokemon Go Go Fest Finale was going to occur since prior to Go Fest proper, but we didn't...

World of Warcraft’s Darkmoon Faire is now available to players once more

Fans of the Darkmoon Faire in World of Warcraft who have been waiting for its gates to open have some good news: The park...
Yes, it's a bear.

Neverwinter takes Rothé Valley out of the vault today

If you've been eager to head back into Rothé Valley in Neverwinter, you've had to live with disappointment for a while as the content...

Lord of the Rings Online brings around the Farmers Faire once more

It's time to celebrate summer in Lord of the Rings Online, and what better way to celebrate than with the Farmers Faire? There is...

Tower of Fantasy opens up for pre-loading today, will toss so many free things into players’ faces at launch

Sure, you'll get a new game to play when Tower of Fantasy makes its global debut tomorrow, August 10th, but you're also going to...

Elite Dangerous applies several fixes and closes the Azimuth Saga with a literal bang in today’s Update 13

Elite: Dangerous has released its newest update to the sandbox today, and it went off like a firework in a narrative sense. The actual...

Champions Online’s newest event asks players to fight an invasion of literal nightmares

You would think that the physical embodiments of nightmares would know better than to attack a metropolis full of superpowered beings, but that's not...

RuneScape throws a party to celebrate players’ creation of 300M accounts

300M is no small number and is the figure that RuneScape is heralding this week. Specifically, players have made 300M accounts in the MMORPG,...

EVE Echoes’ second anniversary adds a new enemy group and an implant system, preps for an August 19 parade

This week marks two years since the release of EVE Echoes, the alt universe mobile edition of EVE Online, and the devs are celebrating...

The MOP Up: Prosperous Universe gives more tools for cutthroat capitalism

With ship enhancements, private pacts, and early contract termination, Prosperous Universe just got a lot more interesting thanks to its Convergence update. "You have been...

MapleStory M adds a new character and celebrates its fourth anniversary in its latest update

Last week saw the mobile MMO MapleStory M release an update that celebrated two milestones: the arrival of a new character and the game's...
Faires past

Final Fantasy XIV shares a few more details about the upcoming Moonfire Faire

It's almost time for the next go-around of the Moonfire Faire in Final Fantasy XIV, which means that a new posting from the community...

Guild Wars 2 marks 10 years of operation with special community events at Gamescom and PAX West

The significant milestone of 10 years of operation for Guild Wars 2 is going to be celebrated in-person at two different gaming convention events....
Mumor has looked better.

Final Fantasy XI brings the Sunbreeze Festival and Green Festival around once again

Ready to celebrate summer in Vana'diel with Final Fantasy XI's resident idol/magical girl/stage sensation Mumor? Good news, then: You'll get your chance as the...

Black Desert celebrates the summertime with special events on PC and mobile

Eating shaved ice. Marveling at bioluminescent waves. Defending a sand castle. Making tasty skewers. These are the variety of summer-themed activities that players of...

Swords of Legends Online adds hard mode for the Demon Battlefield raid and a new event August 4

Swords of Legends Online players will have a couple of new things to do tomorrow, August 4th, when the game's latest update arrives. Those...

Final Fantasy XIV lights up the Moonfire Faire once more on August 10

It's time for residents of Final Fantasy XIV to celebrate the true meaning of the Moonfire Faire once again on August 10th. The past...