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World of Warships goes rubber ducky crazy once again for its annual April Fools’ event

Rubber ducky, you're the one. You make naval fights so much fun. That's right, rubber duck fights are back again in World of Warships'...

MapleStory brings back playable Yeti and Pink Bean classes for a limited time in latest update

Over the past week,MapleStory has been talking up its Double Trouble Recharge update, particularly as it features the return of limited-time opportunities to play...
People always ask why I pick these screenshots and the answer is usually just that I felt like it.

Warframe ushers in 10th anniversary as devs deliver a glimpse of Soulframe

Believe it or not, it's been nearly 10 years since Warframe launched on March 25th, 2013 -- and you can best believe that Digital...

Black Desert brings more materials to PC, changes Wizard’s model on console, preps a US in-person event

This week brings more goodies to multiple versions of Black Desert, but perhaps more interestingly are extra details for an next in-person event that...

Classic EverQuest begins testing its new UI engine as Bristlebane Day begins

Classic EverQuest is having a helluva month as it engages in its 24th birthday celebrations, but Daybreak isn't stopping there as the game's roadmap...

Tower of Fantasy gets ready to add Lan to its gacha pool of simulacra

Where all my Tower of Fantasy peeps at? If you have a soft spot for this eye-catching online RPG, then you'll be interested to...

One More Game’s multiplayer tactical game Spellcraft opens up its Steam alpha April 6

Back in 2020, we covered the formation of a new fully remote company, One More Game, with a bunch of relevant names from MMOs...

Final Fantasy XIV begins the Hatching-Tide event on March 20, complete with Tonberry glamour

It appears that this year's Hatching-Tide event in Final Fantasy XIV will have basically nothing to do with eggs or even anything remotely seasonal....

The Cycle Frontier readies third season with an in-game event and a balance update

Season 2 of The Cycle: Frontier is nearly done and Season 3 looms for its March 29th release, but before then the survival shooter...

The MOP Up: Guild Wars 2 reworks its Gyala Delve meta-event

Guild Wars 2 pushed out a patch last week that adjusted how the Gyala Delve meta-event functions and doles out rewards. Part of this...

The Stream Team: Shamrock shenanigans and cloverzards in AQ3D

Whether it is because she is Irish or because of all the green (her favorite color), Massively OP's MJ loves St. Patrick's Day. And...

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations kick off in War Thunder, World of Tanks, and Skyforge

St. Patrick's Day might not be the most impressive of holidays from an MMORPG and multiplayer gaming standpoint (there are many more interesting ideas...

Splatoon 3 announces paranormal science Splatfest for end of March

Perhaps Nintendo agrees that Splatoon 3's new events, Big Run, just can't replace a good old Splatfest, as the event is now set to return at...
Hollow Knee.

Final Fantasy XIV schedules its next Live Letter for the end of March

Ready to take a gander at the content coming to Final Fantasy XIV in patch 6.4? Heck, ready to get a title for the...

Diablo IV’s paid closed beta aka ‘early access open beta’ is officially underway

Are you getting your early access open betas mixed up with your open betas and headstarts and actual early access and soft launches? We're...

Classic EverQuest celebrates 24th birthday with new mission, new quests, and XP bonus

Where were you 24 years ago? I was running through a dark tunnel to go kill skellies outside of Erudin Palace in classic EverQuest,...

Summoners War Chronicles celebrates over 1M daily users with login goodies for EU and Asian territories

Have you heard of Summoners War: Chronicles? We've been covering this MMO version of the mobile title between its initial 2017 reveal all the...

The Stream Team: Wishing EverQuest a happy 24th birthday

Twenty-four is a ripe old age, especially for a MMORPG. That's pretty far over the MMO hill! EverQuest turns 24 today, but Massively OP's...

Black Desert PC starts the seventh anniversary afterparty and makes PvE tweaks to some of its classes

There has been a whole lot of seventh anniversary celebration going on in the PC version of Black Desert, but this week is seeing...
Ships, but they fight.

EVE Online changes the rules for factional warfare in latest update

The cutthroat nature of EVE Online means that sometimes you might have to choose between the player corporation you want to work for and...