RuneScape parties on The Beach and heralds the new Sanctum of Rebirth dungeon


Having a hard time getting out to an actual shoreline this summer? RuneScape offers the next best thing with its summer event on The Beach. Yes, it’s so cool that it deserves to be capitalized.

The Beach, which is raging from now through July 22nd, offers summer holiday vibes at an oasis, new outfits, and an adorable pet named Clawdie. Jagex said that it’s also included some QOL improvements with the event such as longer AFK timers and the ability to increase your pet skill.

And when The Beach goes away on the 22nd, the Sanctum of Rebirth arrives. This “first-ever” boss dungeon sounds like a gauntlet of pain: “Face three bosses back-to-back — no mobs, just pure bossing action — either solo or with up to three other friends (and all get loot). Venture into the Sanctum on Normal mode with a new respawn based death mechanic or showcase your mastery on Hard Mode.”

Source: RuneScape, 2
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