RuneScape introduces new loyalty crowns for long-time subscribers as double XP rolls on

Long-term subscribers of RuneScape are once again being recognized for their loyalty to the MMORPG this week as Jagex is adding new crowns of...

The MOP Up: Craftopia gets a rush from its bosses

The ultimate PvE dungeon just arrived in Craftopia, challenging players to wade through the elite of the monster corps in an effort to gain...

Jagex unveils the three backer tiers for the RuneScape board game ahead of its Kickstarter drive

Ready to throw money at the board game edition of RuneScape but aren't sure how much scratch to put aside? Wonder no more, as...

Flyff Universe can now be accessed via a browser, plans to introduce a separate pay-to-earn version

Last month we reported on a new version of the classic MMORPG Flyff known as Flyff Universe, which would make the game cross-platform across...

RuneScape details charitable bundles for mental health awareness, OSRS acts on Giants’ Foundry feedback

It's time once again for another bundle of news updates out of RuneScape and Old School RuneScape. We start with RuneScape's usual weekly newsletter,...

Open-source MMORPG sandbox Ryzom has lowered its subscription price – again

This spring, at least two major MMORPGs, RuneScape and EVE Online, made the bold move to increase their subscription rates as their playerbases grumbled....

Old School RuneScape breaks down PvP arena reward poll results and Giants’ Foundry feedback

The ongoing development-by-committee process that steers Old School RuneScape has some fresh player reaction to boil down and disseminate. The devs have raked in...

RuneScape adds new ways to train firemaking and fletching, confirms May 31 start date for board game Kickstarter

Are you a high-tier firemaker and fletcher in RuneScape? Then you're probably one of the very few. However, this week's update is introducing some...

Old School RuneScape devs answer questions about the upcoming Giants’ Foundry minigame

Smithies in Old School RuneScape are getting a new skilling minigame in the form of Giants' Foundry, so naturally there's plenty of curiosity about...

Free Realms would’ve turned 13 years old this week if it were still alive

If you were around the MMO genre back in 2009, you might remember when SOE launched Free Realms, a cutesy kid-centric MMORPG that was...
Never gonna get it, never gonna get it.

Perfect Ten: Things that turn me off from trying your MMO

Hey, designers, we need to talk. So, if you haven't noticed, I like MMOs. And you're making an MMO. This should be a good...
treasure hunting is one step from lockboxes

RuneScape makes controversial Treasure Hunter changes, OSRS previews smithing minigame

For those who like the lockbox-riddled Treasure Hunter in RuneScape, listen up: There are some more changes coming down the pike next week, intended...

Jagex and Steamforged Games detail the upcoming RuneScape board game and show off some minis

The board game based on RuneScape is on its way (assuming its Kickstarter works out later this year, anyway), but that doesn't mean publisher...
Bless this hot mess.

EVE Online is hiking its sub price to almost $20 – and the price of PLEX is going up too

RuneScape isn't the only major MMORPG announcing a price hike this month: CCP Games just told players that it's raising EVE Online's subscription fees. "To...

Space-based econ MMO Prosperous Universe officially launches on Steam early access

A new horizon has opened up across the economic space sandbox MMO Prosperous Universe as the game arrived to Steam in early access...

Indie sandbox Prosperous Universe emerges from early access to launch on April 20

We've been keeping an eye on indie MMORPG Prosperous Universe for almost five years now. It's a browser-base space sandbox that's heavy on spreadsheets...

Old School RuneScape kicks off its Easter event, adjusts Revenant Caves, and renames combat achievements

The Easter bunny in Old School RuneScape sounds like kind of an idiot. A good-natured idiot, but an idiot nonetheless. See, he wanted to...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 368: Morrowind and the Mirror Universe

Justin and Bree discuss Star Trek Online, movement in EverQuest and EverQuest II, RuneScape's subscription hike, Elder Scrolls Online's freebie Morrowind, and Ukraine's impact in Overwatch and Wargaming MMOs, with adventures in LOTRO, DDO, and TTRPG Hero Kids, plus a mailbag topic of virtual reality MMOs.

RuneScape brings back its Spring Festival, puts eggscellent rewards into Treasure Hunter, tweaks Elder God Wars content

I promise, that headline will be the last egg-related pun I'll put out for the month, but Easter egg-themed rewards are just a portion...

Jagex announces plans to raise prices of subs and cash items for RuneScape and Old School Runescape on May 4

Take heed, potential new subscribers and cash shop customers of RuneScape and Old School RuneScape: On Wednesday, May 4th, your subscription rates are going...