Old School RuneScape outlines incoming changes to Tombs of Amascut drops and player polling

Yes, Old School RuneScape is apparently going to be tuning something related to August's Tombs of Amascut raid again, but this time it's less...

Jagex-published RuneScape spinoff Melvor Idle releases its Throne of the Herald expansion

Do you remember Melvor Idle? It's a solo-built idle game that openly drew inspiration from RuneScape and boils down the leveling up of the...

Vague Patch Notes: Defining classic servers and progression servers for MMOs

Something that I've been thinking about a lot over the past few days - for no particular reason - is the idea of classic...

RuneScape’s Jagex heralds $143M in profits for 2021, will face RICO allegations in court in 2024

It's a bit of good news and bad news for those who are interested in the business dealings of RuneScape developer Jagex. First, the...
Graphics that would make a Sega Saturn feel validated.

Old School RuneScape celebrates Halloween with a new event while putting more gameplay modes in testing

If your Halloween experience isn't complete without low-poly ghosts drifting around and making theoretically spooky sounds, you're going to want to check out Old...

Perfect Ten: 10 things to understand about MMO Bards

In the past four installments of this pseudo-series, I have done columns on archetypes that exist in every single game. Every game has a...

RuneScape brings back its Halloween event with classic activities and new cosmetic rewards until November 4

This week in RuneScape, it's all about the Halloween season as the game's spook-filled event is back again for another year, offering up several...

The MOP Up: Elder Scrolls Online introduces one of Firesong’s defenders

With Elder Scrolls Online's Firesong DLC arriving early next month, there will be a new roster of characters to meet during this new journey....

Old School RuneScape shares player reactions to Poll 77 as the Jagex launcher gets multi-account support

Earlier this week Old School RuneScape opened up its 77th poll with the focus on making a host of quality-of-life features. As usual, the...

Old School RuneScape officially opens its fresh start worlds today

Old School RuneScape is not about to be left out of the fresh start worlds hullabaloo started by its successor. Today, players of the...

RuneScape adds Wilderness flash events and Zamorak miniquests, Old School RuneScape opens Poll 77

Are you an Old School RuneScape player who's ready for some hot polling action? Do you have opinions about quality-of-life features? Then your voice...

The MOP Up: Crossout revs up a major engine upgrade

Just because the world's ended doesn't mean it can't look better. That's the philosophy of vehicular MMO Crossout, which is prepping a major engine...

Global Chat: Landing boots on WoW Classic’s Wrath shores

With WoW Classic's Wrath expansion officially out, plenty of veterans of the Northrend Wars of '08 returned for another tour of duty. Among these...

RuneScape warns players against PvP arena gold trading and giveaway-based RMT

Readers might remember that Old School RuneScape had launched the PvP arena as a replacement for its old duel arena, which was being used...
Pay to lose.

Perfect Ten: 10 MMOs that went through complete technical clownshows

I've gone on record multiple times to state that when you get right down to it, MMOs look pretty darn complicated. There are a...
Yeah, that makes sense.

Old School RuneScape opens up its quest speedrunning worlds tomorrow

Tomorrow, October 12th, players of Old School RuneScape will get the chance to experience questing at the speed of sound. That's the official launch...

RuneScape skips weekly patch, teases Game Jam content, and details latest fresh start world bonuses

RuneScape didn't release a patch this week. That might sound like cause for concern on the surface, but the MMORPG's weekly newsletter offers up...

Perfect Ten: Ten quirky and interesting MMOs worth trying

Quite often while I'm writing columns for Massively OP, the catalyst behind a given topic is what interests me right then -- and, I...
Always ugly.

Old School RuneScape gets in on the Fresh Start World experience on October 19

Do you love Old School RuneScape so much that you want to experience earning everything in the game all over again from scratch? We're...

RuneScape swings a banhammer at accounts caught exploiting its Fresh Start Worlds

RuneScape's Fresh Start Worlds are not looking so crispy and fresh out of the gate. First, Jagex had to rollback the servers due to...