Old School RuneScape adds Desert Treasure II and Scurrius cheevos, previews Varrock and Varlamore rewards


It’s yet another set of granular updates and upcoming content previews for Old School RuneScape, with Jagex bringing new achievements to earn for existing content and showing off some of the rewards that can be earned when Varlamore and Defender of Varrock open later this year.

We begin with the latest update patch for the sandbox MMORPG, which has new achievements to earn for the Scurrius boss fight and Desert Treasure II combat. The former set of achievements are pretty broad-reaching in terms of difficulty, while the latter’s achievements are tuned for those who are seeking a sterner challenge.

As for the rewards preview, that offers up a peek at updates to the Varrock quest’s Zombie Axe weapon drop, some changes to the echo crystal reward awaiting in Varlamore’s Fortis Colosseum, and a first look at a new pair of dual-wielding weapons for Varlamore’s Perilous Moons dungeon. Sprinkled throughout are Jagex’s customary opinion polls, so players who love giving their feedback and getting into item-based nitty gritty will likely want to take a look.

source: official site (1, 2)
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