Open Perpetuum is bringing land mines, new weapons, and T4 balancing sometime in ‘Marchish’


Markish your calendarsh because the Perpetuum emulator Open Perpetuum is going to be releasing Patch 31 sometime in “Marchish.” When is Marchish? We’re notsh so shuresh.

Intentional misspellings aside, this next patch has some potentially interesting things for players of the sandbox to look forward to, like the ability to deploy land mines as well as sniff them out with a mine detector, the arrival of a new command ship, a new puppeteer module for launch drones and sentries, new islands that include the return of Tellesis and Shin, and a balancing of T4+ content.

This new patch is currently in testing for Patreon supporters of the emulator, but testing may open up further if “little participation is gained with no real feedback.” The post further warns that features are subject to change, delay, or full-on cancellation. In any event, it’s currently looking to land sometime around March. March-adjacent. March-like. Marchish.

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