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Open Perpetuum is bringing land mines, new weapons, and T4 balancing sometime in ‘Marchish’

Markish your calendarsh because the Perpetuum emulator Open Perpetuum is going to be releasing Patch 31 sometime in "Marchish." When is Marchish? We're notsh...

Player-run Open Perpetuum goes fully free-to-play on Steam

Care for a little free-to-play sandbox gaming? How about one where you are a robot in an open world? If you've been curious about...

Open Perpetuum players mark three years by blowing each other up as Patch 21 content is promised for April

Cast your minds back to about three years ago, when Perpetuum Online, aka EVE Online but Robots, was being shut down by developer Avatar...
You put the gun on the robot and make it do a shoot.

Perpetuum’s community-run servers introduce the game’s newest robot class, the Destroyer

It's been more than two years since the Perpetuum community took over the operation of the science fiction game, and in that time the...

Player-run Open Perpetuum celebrates second birthday with new content and freebies

Way back in 2017, Perpetuum Online developer Avatar Creations announced it was closing the game because it could no longer afford to develop the...

It’s been a whole year since Perpetuum’s devs turned the game over to the community

Back in 2017, Perpetuum Online developer Avatar Creations gave up on the game, admitting it could no longer afford to develop the title given...