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Bree is an unrepentant escapist with a predilection for MMOs. When not compulsively proofreading cereal boxes and newspapers, she can be found modding, PvPing on the auction hall, and touring the Next Big Thing with her guild on a quest for the elusive perfect game.

Working As Intended and Ask Mo are her pet op-ed columns, but she also pens Daily Grinds and compiles Massively Overthinking, the Week in Review, and Make My MMO. You can hear her ramble about MMOs every week on the Massively OP podcast. If you're nice, she'll even talk about something other than Star Wars Galaxies.

Personal blog: Skycandy
Twitter: @nbrianna
Favorite MMOs: Star Wars Galaxies, City of Heroes, Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, Trove, Glitch, Elder Scrolls Online, Ultima Online

Grab a Grand Fantasia Gaia’s Divine Blessing key and Quill crystals courtesy of Gamigo and MOP

Free-to-play MMO Grand Fantasia is gearing up for the winter holidays, and to commemorate the occasion, Gamigo is granting a stack of nifty keys and...

Astroneer hits the Nintendo Switch on January 13 – here’s the new trailer!

Multiplayer sci-fi sandbox Astroneer has been teasing a Switch launch for a while now, and as of today, we have a hard date: January...

Amazon’s outage yesterday delayed New World merges, now set for later this week

The New World merges that were slated for this week have been delayed, and they'll be accompanied by even more merges, which ought to...
Sort of?

Nexon is apparently working on a new Warhammer Age of Sigmar MMO

Nexon and Games Workshop are teaming up for a new Warhammer MMO, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, according to a joint press release issued by...

Ubisoft made good on its NFT scheme promise with ‘Ubisoft Quartz’

File this one under "who asked for this": Ubisoft is going all in on the crypto dystopia with a new NFT-driven implementation in Ghost...

Phantasy Star Online 2’s Sandstorm Requiem launches December 15, followed by a holiday event

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis fans looking forward to their next big thing can rest assured it's going to hit before the holidays:...

BioWare has delayed SWTOR’s Legacy of the Sith expansion to February 15

Bad news for fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic: BioWare is delaying the Legacy of the Sith expansion two full months to February...

Book of Travels studio discusses its unusual combat and ‘slow’ gameplay loop

Book of Travels' early access launch this fall was always destined to be on the smaller side since it's a bit of a niche...

Guild Wars 2’s Wintersday is set to begin next week

If you're feeling a bit sad because the last End of Dragons beta is now behind you, don't fret because Wintersday is queued up...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO hosted the best event in 2021?

You might be sad to learn that we're not giving out a formal award for best MMO event this year, but that's because our...

Multiplayer ARPG Grim Dawn has officially launched on Xbox

As promised, eight-year-old multiplayer ARPG Grim Dawn officially expanded its wings over the weekend, launching on Xbox in a "definitive edition" that includes all...

EverQuest kicks off Frostfell ahead of tomorrow’s Terror of Luclin launch

Classic EverQuest is set for a big week, what with its Terror of Luclin expansion launch tomorrow and all. And if it's lucky, it...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO offers the best console or mobile experience?

Every year when this Daily Grind comes 'round, I have to admit I'm not a heavy console user. I'm a PC girl, and I...
Big slice.

MMO Week in Review: Endwalker, ArcheAge, and turtle power

It was a helluva week here in the MMO genre, and it wasn't just because Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker finally hit early access and...

ArcheAge’s relaunch has been delayed again, this time by just a few hours

If for some reason you're not playing a certain other game today, then you were probably gearing up for Kakao's ArcheAge relaunch, which had...
two to the one to the one to the three

The Daily Grind: Which MMO offers the best character – not gear – customization?

We're gonna be starting up our regular end-of-the-year shenanigans in December, including our annual awards closer to the middle of the month. But one...

Massively Overthinking: The best MMO music of 2021

We've decided to pull back our MMO music awards this year and make the decision a little less formal, partly because of how hard...

NCsoft’s cross-platform mobile and PC MMO Lineage2M is live in the west today

How many Lineages is too many Lineages? Some day we'll probably find out, but it is not this day. This day, NCsoft has launched...

Lost Ark posts Sorceress preview trailer, addresses gender-locked classes

Amazon and Smilegate have dropped yet another video for the long-delayed Lost Ark, this time featuring the Sorceress class. She's one of the 15...

Rumor: Is Gamigo’s secret new MMO really Dynamight Studios’ Fractured?

Over the last few weeks, Gamigo has been teasing a new MMORPG on a placeholder website called Uncertain Folder - a game with a...