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Bree is an unrepentant escapist with a predilection for MMOs. When not compulsively proofreading cereal boxes and newspapers, she can be found modding, PvPing on the auction hall, and touring the Next Big Thing with her guild on a quest for the elusive perfect game.

Working As Intended and Ask Mo are her pet op-ed columns, but she also pens Daily Grinds and compiles Massively Overthinking, the Week in Review, and Make My MMO. You can hear her ramble about MMOs every week on the Massively OP podcast. If you're nice, she'll even talk about something other than Star Wars Galaxies.

Personal blog: Skycandy
Twitter: @nbrianna
Favorite MMOs: Star Wars Galaxies, City of Heroes, Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, Trove, Glitch, Elder Scrolls Online, Ultima Online

Trove’s Bunfest offers new spring event content for Gamigo’s voxelbox

My five-year-old literally woke me up this morning chattering excitedly about "Bunfest" in Trove. Not bunnies - buns. She was insistent that this...

Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box reopens next week, plus somebody bought the golden sink

Finally! ArenaNet had previously announced that Guild Wars 2's Super Adventure Box, inarguably the best April Fools' event in all of MMO...

Disgruntled Chronicles of Elyria backers seek aid from the Washington attorney general

Ever since Kickstarted MMORPG Chronicles of Elyria went belly-up, players have been trying to figure out what to do about it. Some...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the messiest combat?

I don't like messes. They freak me out. The chaos, the uncertainty, it gets to me. And it's as true in real life as...

World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands closed alpha is finally beginning this week

Earlier today, we noted fresh changes in World of Warcraft's launcher that indicated Shadowlands' testing was imminent, and this afternoon, Blizzard has confirmed...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the best character hair in the genre?

This might sound silly but I care a lot more about any given MMO character's hair than face. Realistically, I'm never gonna see the...

MMO Week in Review: AIR’s Elyon rebrand, Elyria’s ‘road to nowhere’

There's no slowing down for the MMO industry right now, which feels pretty bizarre under the circumstances, but here we are. This week, we...

Skyforge will disable its unpopular battle royale mode for a full revamp

As MMO players will recall, 2018 was the year when it seemed as if every other MMORPG was adding a battle royale side-game.
Ah yes, teamwork.

Massively Overthinking: How are MMO players faring through the pandemic?

This week's Overthinking is going to be a bit different from normal. As we've been covering extensively for more than the past two...

Elite Dangerous fully reveals Fleet Carriers, launching in June

Elite Dangerous is finally getting closer to the fleet carriers content that was originally meant to launch last year, with the reveal of...

The Daily Grind: How do you deal with jealousy and FOMO in your MMORPGs?

Earlier this week, Polygon ran a piece on Animal Crossing: New Horizons players who were not happy. It's not because of the...

Legends of Aria’s $19.99 Dark Sorcery DLC has officially launched

It didn't quite make its original March deadline, but it came damn close: Early access MMORPG Legends of Aria has officially launched

Fallout 76 PC players can scoop up a game copy on Steam – for free

So here's a nice surprise: We knew Fallout 76 was coming to Steam, but we didn't know that existing players could claim...
The shooter shoots.

Elyon aka Ascent Infinite Realm ‘pivot’ is confirmed by western publisher Kakao

Yesterday, we covered the news from the Korean beta that Ascent: Infinite Realm was being rebranded with a new name, along with...

ArcheAge, RIFT, Trove, and more Gamigo MMOs launch a reforestation charity initiative

Gamigo is announcing a big charity project today with Eden Reforestation Projects, which will raise money to plant trees all over the world...

Albion Online wants to boost players’ ‘incentives for backstabbing and going to war’

Over the last few months, Albion Online's Sandbox Interactive has continued its push to rebalance the endgame meta - specifically, the power and...

Pandemic roundup: Humble Conquer COVID-19, Bethsoft events canceled, EA ‘stay and play’

Welcome back to another roundup of the impact of COVID-19 on gaming. A huge stack of game studios have chipped in to support Humble's...

April Fools’ Day around the MMO ‘verse, 2020 edition

Happy April Fools' Day, folks. Here's a look at a few of the goofball pranks and patches we spied in MMOs this morning! First, up...

Grab a key for Shadow Arena’s final beta, courtesy of Pearl Abyss and MOP

As we've been covering, Pearl Abyss is gearing up for a 2020 release of Shadow Arena, the standalone battle royale based on

The Daily Grind: Are there MMOs that don’t deserve second chances?

MOP reader Steve recently posed us an interesting question: Is it time for gamers to stop giving second chances to bungled MMOs and live...