MMO Week in Review: Elder Scrolls, End of Dragons, and Endwalker

Guild Wars 2 continued its rollout of major End of Dragons reveals this past week, including three new elite specs as we head into the upcoming second beta, which includes DX11 testing. Plus: Mortal Online 2 scrapped its early access plans and pushed launch to 2022, EverQuest II announced Visions of Vetrovia, New World teased its endgame zones, Elder Scrolls...

Destiny 2 adds a new exotic rifle, shares a calendar of events, and tweaks Trials of Osiris

Bungie is once again full of information about Destiny 2 in this week's newsletter, leading off with the recently added quest for the exotic Ager's Scepter, a Stasis trace rifle full of frigid features. The weapon can be chased now, while its catalyst will be available after reset on Tuesday, September 21st. The newsletter then moves on to future updates...

The MOP Up: Ravendawn’s PvP system goes down in infamy

Ravendawn's newest dev blog tackles the meat and potatoes of the MMO's player-vs.-player conflict. Basically, the game is trying to pave the way for open world player killing with an infamy system. It's never been done right before, but hey, maybe the 1,000th time is the charm? "The Infamy System is what keeps the devious and the justified apart. Infamy...

Global Chat: New World beta pleases some, fails to grab others

The buzz around MMO Town these days is on New World, and specifically, the open beta that wrapped up last week. So far, the verdict seems pretty positive! SparkoMarcoGaming said, "Overall my first impressions of the game were good, it looks nice even on low settings, and the quests were straight-forward." Alysianah Noire noted that "it didn't disappoint," saying, "From where...

The Stream Team: Another attempt at peeking into Voidtrain’s early access

Aw snap, here we go again. Last time he tried this, MOP's Chris ran into some technical issues that cut the stream off at the knees, but this time will (hopefully) be different as he peek into the intriguing early access survival sandbox of Voidtrain. Tune in today at 12:00 p.m. EDT to check out this dimension-hopping choo-choo. What: Voidtrain Who:...

Dual Universe outlines changes to warping and docking coming in the Ares update

Earlier this week Dual Universe started writing up details about adjustments planned for the Ares update, with the first post discussing stress a stress system for construct cores, shield changes, and the closure of a couple of PvP exploits. Novaquark has now kicked out a second dev blog covering changes to warping and docking that will arrive when the...

One Shots: Boom, said the world

You'd think that a world that's already been nuked into a radioactive wasteland wouldn't need any additional bombs lobbed at its surface, but several Fallout 76 players disagree, seeing as how they do it at a regular cadence. For some, like Greaterdivinity, a nuclear explosion is kind of like a fireworks show. Break out the s'mores before you die of...

The Daily Grind: What feels like a sufficiently interesting central MMO expansion feature to you?

So while we don't yet have the full picture of how masteries will look for Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons, thus far I am not impressed. I am the opposite of impressed. Fishing is a feature I usually take pains to avoid in MMOs, so the prospect of having various things focused on fishing as the main mastery line...

Guild Wars 2 stream previews End of Dragons’ Vindicator, Bladesworn, and Catalyst

Guild Wars 2 players are getting no shortage of new expansion info lately, between last week's fishing and skiff stream and last month's preview of the first three elite specs. If you are still waiting on info for your favorite class's new elite spec, perhaps you will see it in this week's Guild Chat stream, where ArenaNet discussed End...

Diablo II recaps the backstory leading to the start of the game

While it is not like Diablo II's lore is exactly fresh, new stuff in the gaming world, it's entirely possible that you and everyone else has forgotten about the actual backstory to this classic action-RPG. Ergo, to freshen memories and get people hyped about the upcoming launch of Diablo II: Resurrected, Blizzard posted the full story of the original Diablo...

DokeV dev talks about world size, finding Dokebi, multiplayer features, and the pivot away from an MMORPG

There are a great number of us who are intrigued by DokeV, the colorful multiplayer open world game being crafted by Pearl Abyss full of battling monsters and interesting modern vistas. While it does appear that we're going to be waiting a while before this one comes out, there's an interview with lead producer Sangyoung Kim (broken up into...

Age of Empires IV’s stress test is open to all this weekend

There are few titles more anticipated in 2021 than Microsoft's Age of Empires IV. Fans of the series are crossing every digit they have that the studio has made a sequel worthy of this legendary franchise. And if that's you, then you can satisfy your curiosity right now. This weekend only, Microsoft is running a technical stress test that's open...

LOTRO Legendarium: Why do we know so little about Fate of Gundabad?

Over the past few months, my general sense of rising hope for Lord of the Rings Online has been tempered by a nagging disquiet about one area in particular. Considering that we've known for two years now that Standing Stone Games was working on a Gundabad expansion for the game, I'd say it's gone from puzzling to downright irksome...
Fall apart and count to ten.

Final Fantasy XIV reveals job actions and battle changes in its latest live letter

The are changes coming to Final Fantasy XIV with the next expansion, and that includes a whole lot of changes to job actions for all 19 of the game's jobs. (Well, changes for 17 of them; two of them will be completely new.) Last night's live letter from the producer went into detail on all of the changes as...
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WRUP: Photos I will skip over on my phone’s camera roll as we talk edition

A blurry shot of my feet that will be excused with "oh, not that one." Seventeen pictures of my cats. A picture of an advertisement in a video game store (I will not explain myself to you). Another blurry shot of my feet that I will pause on for several minutes before saying "oh, right, that was about the...

The Daily Grind: What makes an MMO map amazing?

I love maps. Love love love maps. I spend a stupid amount of time exploring the world on Google Maps, and no, that's not a typo. Not Google Earth, Google Maps. I love following roads and seeing how places are tied together. I love MMO maps. Love love love MMO maps. You could show me a random MMO map and...
Traveling not.

Betawatch: Book of Travels begins teasing early access, again

In the long saga of Book of Travels doing almost everything other than actually entering its promised early access state, this week marked an odd departure as the freeform roleplaying sandbox insisted that its early access isn't so far away. It also doesn't like gamers describing the delay as "indefinite," in spite of the fact that the lack of a...

MMO Business Roundup: Discord’s funding, Bungie’s lawsuit, and harassment in online gaming

Welcome back to another roundup of MMO and MMO-adjacent business news. Discord: Investors love dumping money into Discord, and they're continuing the trend, as the chat company gamers know best raised another $500M in its latest funding round. That apparently puts the company at a value of $15B, significantly more than the reported $10B Microsoft wanted to pay during negotiations...

Sea of Thieves teases underwater adventuring arriving with Season 4 on September 23

Looking forward to more underwater excursions in Sea of Thieves? No? Well too bad because underwater stuff is going to be happening with the game's fourth season if this teaser trailer is anything to be believed. Underwater exploring. Underwater combat. What fun. Details on what exactly is happening with Season 4 are a bit sparse (seeing as this is a...

Champions Online’s anniversary continues with a Dr. Destroyer invasion, DC Universe Online celebrates Batman Day with free gifts

It's all about some superheroic celebration going on in both Champions Online and DC Universe Online, with both games marking some noteworthy dates on their respective calendars. Which, of course, means free goodies for players of either MMO. In Champs, the game's anniversary festivities roll on into their third week, which will feature an invasion by Dr. Destroyer. For those...