Niantic’s new Pikmin Bloom MMOARG has begun its global rollout

The Nintendo/Niantic Pikmin game has an official name: Pikmin Bloom. And so far, it seems a lot of the leak we reported on earlier matches up with the information the companies released officially this week. In essence, players will be tasked with walking around, finding pikmin, and making flowers bloom around them. Reviewers have thus far suggested it's a fairly passive experience,...
Oh snaps.

World of Warcraft quietly removed all of its Torghast 9.0 questline with patch 9.1.0

It seems like basically no one was happy with the plotline that stretched through Torghast in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. This is not an indefensible point of view, since it featured several characters acting in wildly inconsistent fashions and was more of the much-reviled Sylvanas plot. But at least you could see it, which means that it appears the developers...

Guild Wars 2’s End of Dragons challenge mode strike missions will ‘feel like proper raid bosses’

If strike missions in Guild Wars 2 are your jam, you're going to want to take a peek at the dev blog ArenaNet's Encounters Design Team Lead Cameron Rich has posted today in the midst of the ongoing End of Dragons elite spec beta. Rich reiterates that strike missions are meant to be an "entry point into the world...
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Perfect Ten: Ten MMORPGs you’ve already forgotten about

Not every MMORPG can remain in the spotlight forever. Time has a nasty habit of making us forget titles that used to rile up our excitement and get us talking about on a daily basis. Games that used to draw crowds and top headlines are now trundled off to virtual nursing homes, where only the most faithful visit now...

The Division 2 pushes back its next content update to February 2022 for quality control purposes

Back in March, fans of The Division 2 were probably very surprised when Ubisoft Massive announced that it would be putting out new content after the devs had said that Title Update 12 would be the game's last. So it's perhaps unsurprising to learn that good news is being chased by some recent bad news, as the devs have...

Elite Dangerous adds four-person multicrew, new missions, and megaship interiors to Odyssey

Today is a big ol' bit of updatin' for the space sandbox of Elite: Dangerous. Not only does today mark the launch of Update 8 for the Odyssey expansion, but it also marks a number of fixes to the Horizons version of the game on both PC and consoles. For Odyssey, there are a number of features arriving that Frontier...

Final Fantasy XIV updates its prohibited activities and disallows selling runs via the Party Finder

The Final Fantasy XIV team has an expansion on the way, but the team is also working at making sure the game offers the best environment possible for its players leading up to that expansion. That's the stated justification for the latest update to prohibited activities that can land players in hot water. Most notable among these changes is a...

Everything people are grumpy about in New World, one month in

A timely email from a reader this morning reminded me to poke my head into the New World subreddit to see what's on fire now that we're exactly one full month into the game, so consider me Donald Glover with a pizza box. Our reader had tipped us off to some brewing threads about the lack of customization in the...

Elyon’s weekly patch adds closed beta rewards, Halloween deco and furniture

Elyon is just a week out of the gate and still trucking along, as evidenced by today's patch. Kakao has fixed mana awakening nodes, icons, multiple items in the cash and token shops, and the reward table of the Transcendent Dungeon Hall of Challenges. And if you were waiting on your closed beta rewards, those are ready for you...

Lord of the Rings Online beefs up Brawler damage in this week’s patch

While Lord of the Rings Online's newest class is not lacking in flash and flair, players have noticed that the Brawler's damage output has been somewhat on the low side. Fortunately, SSG acknowledged this to be true, leading to a bump in DPS with this week's patch and an improvement for the class' threat generation. "Brawler damage has been significantly increased,"...

The Daily Grind: What MMO made a terrible first impression with you?

One of the reasons that I really hold off from participating in most early access and beta rounds these days is that there really is only one chance for an MMORPG to make a good first impression -- and I'd prefer that it would bring its absolute best to the table instead of being a janky mess of ideas. I...

Steam silently removes Population Zero from its store but keeps the soundtrack up for purchase

If the pile of user reviews warning players off and our own reporting weren't enough to let you know that Population Zero is officially dead and that you shouldn't buy the game from Steam, then perhaps the fact that Steam has fully removed the option to buy the game is enough of a deterrent. And there's hardly a reason...
Well, that's just Prime... wait, wrong one.

Transformers skins come to SMITE with the game’s next battle pass on November 16

Let's be honest: If you're a fan of Transformers, you have been subjected to a paucity of good games in the franchise over the years. But lately you don't have the problem of a paucity of crossovers for the franchise, which is where the newest SMITE battlepass offers players a robots-in-disguise-flavored set of skins coming to the game on November...

Meridian 59 unleashes blood red skies and utter chaos for Halloween

If you're looking for a calm and sedate Halloween experience in an MMORPG this year, we would not advise a trip over to Meridian 59. That's because this classic MMO is flipping the switch on Halloween weekend to bring chaos and death to the world. "The skies will turn blood red as the world comes to an end and Qor...

Revelation Online rolls out Demonic War update (with some trick-or-treating on the side)

Hey, look who's come alive this month! It's Revelation Online, that's who! Please stop saying, "What's a Revelation Online?" because you sound like a doofus. You know what it is. It's that... that game. That pretty game. That pretty game that now has both an update and a seasonal promotion for you to check out. With many tremendous flourishes, NetEase...
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Massively OP Podcast Episode 344: Elyon’s infinite silence

Justin and Colin discuss Elyon's launch, Guild Wars 2's elite specs, Fallen Earth, World of Warcraft 9.1.5, and Legends of Aria, with adventures in Elder Scrolls Online, GW2, and LOTRO, plus mailbag topics on cinematic trailers, MMO hype, and weapons we miss from dead MMOs.

Lost Ark plots a course for beta, lays out its monetization and currency plans

Amazon-published Korean MMORPG Lost Ark published two documents for prospective players this week, addressing both how the upcoming closed beta will play out as well as how the business model will work. The closed beta itself will once again run on Steam, this time starting November 4th at noon EDT and running through the 11th at the same time with...

Blizzard has now fully canceled BlizzConline, originally slated for early 2022

Well, today's Blizzard news isn't going to surprise anyone: The company has canceled its upcoming BlizzConline event. The online event was originally set for early 2022, as pandemic uncertainties made it impossible to plan for an in-person BlizzCon this fall. That was a repeat of the situation in 2020, for essentially the same reasons. But of course, the Blizzard that announced...

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis unveils Retem region, promises more frequent content updates

What's coming next for Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis? Is it a new Scratch Ticket? Well, yes, but there is also some new playable content arriving to the MMO, which was outlined in a developer livestream at the beginning of the month. This new content will feature a new region called Retem, which will be about the size of...
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BitCraft studio addresses pre-alpha, griefing, and trade systems

Players have questions. BitCraft studio Clockwork Labs offered answers. Several of them, in fact, sharing some insight into several planned features for the social sandbox MMO as well as some general plans for the game's pre-alpha testing phase. The first three answers are focused on the game's pre-alpha, confirming that the first waves of invites are planned to go out...