Perfect Ten: The 10 types of MMO rotation

Rotations! They're not just just for your tires any more; they're in your MMORPGs, determining what order you should press the shiny buttons on the bottom of your screen in order to do stuff. But there are apparently people in the MMORPG genre who sincerely wish that we could go back to a time when MMOs didn't have rotations....

Neverwinter previews Adventures in Wildspace’s new dungeon, heroic encounters, and more

Following a worrying bit of silence and slower development on Neverwinter's front, it's certainly good to see that a huge module is heading our way next week. Currently, Adventures in Wildspace is scheduled for April 23rd, which doesn't give you much time to catch up on all of the changes and additions that's packed into this patch. To help you...

Casually Classic: Four lessons we’ve learned from WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery so far

As I write this, we're still a long way off from the end of WoW Classic's Season of Discovery. A final stretch of leveling with all of its secrets lies before us, followed by some more endgame content. According to the roadmap, Blizzard has plans for this server well through the fall (and maybe beyond? The studio's not making...

Lost Ark’s Darkness Unleashed is live with the Thaemine Legion Raid and gear transcendence

Amazon has successfully patched Lost Ark's April update as of this morning: Dubbed Darkness Unleashed, this is the patch with the Thaemine Legion Raid, which the studio has been previewing for weeks now. Thaemine is supposed to be the game's hardest raid ever, pitting eight players against the Dark Baratron. "Despite the efforts of adventurers to fend off demons in...

New World’s Springtide Bloom is here with new rewards and a host of Slayer Script fixes

New World players are waking up this morning to the 5.0.1 update and the dawn of Springtide Bloom, an event that has quickly become the Most Spring in any MMORPG ever. "Springtide Bloom is back! Craft Wispy Spritz, lure Wispy Wasps into their blast radius, and reap Wispy Wasp Goo in exchange for Springtide Tokens. Additional rewards can be earned...
Oh boy oh boy.

Chronicles of Elyria’s Jeromy Walsh holds a ‘fireside chat’ that’s long on promise but short on timelines

Jeromy Walsh, the remaining developer on the multiple pieces of Chronicles of Elyria, is continuing to use his Discord server as a place to talk up plans and ideas, this time holding a "fireside chat" conference call with fans. And according to multiple viewers' accounts and summaries, the nearly two-hour discussion provided little to reassure MMORPG fans. Throughout the chat,...

Black Desert just overhauled its gear enhancement system with a major QOL addition, the Ancient Anvil

Black Desert is continuing to bolster its gearing enhancement system, this week with the new Ancient Anvil upgrade live today, meant to improve players' quality-of-life by taking the sting out of enhancement failures. "When Adventurers fail to enhance their gear, the new system determines that when the number of accumulated essences (the 'Agris Essence') reaches a specified number, the Ancient...

The Daily Grind: What are the most intimidating bears in MMORPGs?

Last week I was in Montana to go fly fishing, and I was told that it was bear season. All the grizzlies and black bears had woken up from hibernation and were prowling about, which made me really twitchy. I have a healthy fear of bears, as they are nature's end boss, and I would not like to have...

The Stream Team: Fashion distractions and Super Adventure Box in Guild Wars 2

It's not as if Massively OP's MJ is using Guild Wars 2's introduction of a fashion view today to distract her from the SOTO grind. Nope.. not at... well, OK, yeah she is. But a cosmetic inspection feature is still super cool! And so is Super Adventure box -- both on the cool and the distraction front. Join us...

Kickstarted cozygame Solarpunk didn’t make its Q1 alpha, but devs say they’re ‘making significant progress’

One of the top multiplayer Kickstarters of 2023 was for Solarpunk, when indie outfit Cyberwave Games and Rokaplay pulled in $330,000 US on a crowdfund campaign that sought only a tenth that amount. Solarpunk is a super cozy multiplayer title, offering everything from housing to gardening - and no combat on deck. But it's fallen off our radar a...

Tower of Fantasy debuts a teaser trailer for its April 30 Celestial Destiny update

The hype machine is beginning to spool up in Tower of Fantasy, as the shared world RPG has started talking up the April 30th Celestial Destiny update, beginning with a story-centric teaser trailer. As one might expect, the footage probably means a lot more to those who have been keeping up with TOF's narrative, but there appears to be something...
What's your deal, smoky?

Abyss is open now for playtesting ahead of its early access launch, delayed to May 7

It wasn't all that long ago that the PvP MMORPG Abyss promised it was going to open testing for free ahead of the game's actual early access launch. Well, the game is opened up for testing now, and you can even request access via Steam before the game goes for the full early access experience on May 7th. That's...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 465: Remixing Pandaria

Justin and Bree discuss WoW's Mists of Pandaria remix, new progression servers for EverQuest and EverQuest II, WoW Cataclysm Classic pre-patch, Blizzard's return to China, Blizzard's new mystery game, FFXIV's Dawntrail benchmark, Sky Childreon of the Light, Palia layoffs, and the Stop Killing Games game preservation movement, plus adventures in LOTRO.

Mad World will condense all of its regional servers into one single server April 25

So hey, how are things going for Mad World? Well, if the OARPG's latest announcement is to be taken at face value, things possibly aren't so sunny considering every regional server is being combined into one. The two existing servers that are each available for Asian, European, and North American players will all be merged into the Belphagor server on...

Tarisland answers player questions about classes and PvE features

Fans of Tarisland are still left waiting and wondering when "official release" is going to happen, so to kill the time between now and whenever that is, curious gamers were invited to a Discord AMA that focused on class and PvE questions. Here are a few highlights: Since the MMORPG's last test, skill trees and skills have seen multiple...

Guild Wars 2’s retro Super Adventure Box returns today with World 3 Test Zone updates

Retro music at the ready, folks: It's time to go back to Super Adventure Box in Guild Wars 2 as the one-time April Fools' Day event is back again this year in festival form as of this afternoon. "Moto's world-renowned Super Adventure Box returns again! Explore two worlds (and one test zone) of excitement, peril, and educational entertainment to earn...

Choose My Adventure: Battling New World tank builds, the wider meta, and personal stubbornness

New World is getting under my skin. I'll better explain myself soon, but before I do, I want to point out that this sudden frustration with the game is likely due to personal behaviors and less with the title from a mechanical standpoint. I'd say the split is maybe 70/30 between personality and game. Maybe 80/20. But the past few hours...

Siege Camp’s Anvil Empires plans a four-day alpha this weekend – here’s how to sign up

Foxhole studio Siege Camp is gearing up for another major test for its sandbox MMORPG Anvil Empires (as compared to all of its minor tests from the past few months) this week starting on April 18th, running a full four days through the weekend. "This test includes all the features and changes that were developed over Phase 5 of Pre-Alpha,"...

Fight or Kite: Gigantic is a fantastic MOBA, but it’s missing a bit of Q and A and TLC

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been keeping a cursory eye on the development and release of Gigantic: Rampage Edition - another resurrected MOBA game. I suppose I’m on a bit of a kick with these recently. However, this time I’m not playing a spin-off of Paragon. Instead, it’s the revival of another popular title that was scrubbed...

Grand Theft Auto Online hikes its optional monthly subscription fee GTA+ by two bucks

Stealing cars, gunrunning, and building a criminal empire in Grand Theft Auto Online is about to become more expensive. Starting on June 11th for existing subs (and immediately for new accounts), Rockstar will increase the subscription price for GTA+ from $5.99 (€5.99) a month to $7.99 (€7.99). This marks the first time that the studio jacked up the sub price...