The Stream Team: Infiltrating SWTOR’s Dread Guard Sanctum

The next step in the SWTOR seeker droid search is taking Massively OP's Larry & MJ to Belsavis, where they will infiltrate the Dread Guard Sanctum. As a spy, MJ loves infiltrating! They'll be poking in all the corners, so while they search, maybe they will find the reason for the expansion delay! Tune in live at 8:00 p.m....

Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff brings a holiday event and companion pet improvements on December 22

The colorful world of multiplayer RPG Swords 'n Magic and Stuff is preparing to celebrate the holidays in a couple of weeks' time. Specifically, Wednesday, December 22nd, when the game will release its Frostfall update, reopening the remote village of Snowpeak off the coast of the Northest North. Players can look forward to various seasonal cosmetics and furnishing items,...

Here’s what we know about Pokemon GO’s February 2022 Johto Tour so far

We finally have more complete details on Pokemon Go's new Johto Tour event coming February 26th and 27th in 2022. So far, it looks quite similar to the Kanto Tour event, though Gen 1 is usually at the top of the hype-drive for the series. Gen 2 isn't bad though, as it brought some very popular eeveelutions and arguably has...

Destiny 2 marks Bungie’s 30th anniversary with new free and buy-to-play celebratory content

The 30th anniversary of Bungie is being celebrated in Destiny 2's latest update/DLC pack, which as the headline suggests offers some goodies celebrating the past of the looter shooter and the studio behind it for free players and those who buy in to a 30th anniversary pack. For free players, there's the six-person Dares of Eternity matchmade instance that involves...

Conan Exiles’ latest update stops indoor rain, adds point of interest protection, and starts the Grave Matters event

The point of having four walls and a roof in a survival game is to keep the rain outdoors, but players of Conan Exiles have apparently been dealing with extremely faulty roofs. As of the latest update to Xbox and PC, however, the rain will stay outside where it belongs as indoor rain will no longer happen. Unless you...

Black Desert marks two years on mobile, tweaks a summon scroll on PC, adds Valencia Node and Conquest Wars on console

Once again, Black Desert is awash with news for the week across every version, so we'll cut this lede short and dive right in. We begin with the mobile version's latest update that is full of several events marking its second anniversary like a birthday candle event, server hot time, and a collection event among others. In addition, the mobile...

Grab a Grand Fantasia Gaia’s Divine Blessing key and Quill crystals courtesy of Gamigo and MOP

Free-to-play MMO Grand Fantasia is gearing up for the winter holidays, and to commemorate the occasion, Gamigo is granting a stack of nifty keys and unlocks to our readers! Each key unlocks one Gaia's Divine Blessing Gem and five of each of the following: Quill AGI Crystal, Quill STR Crystal, Quill VIT Crystal, Quill INT Crystal, Quill WIL Crystal, and Magic Alchemy...

Hearthstone’s Fractured in Alterac Valley expansion officially releases

Care to relive the Alterac Valley battleground in CCG form? That's the experience that Hearthstone has brought with yesterday's release of the Fractured in Alterac Valley expansion, and it starts with players choosing a side when they login: Horde or Alliance. Naturally. Not only is a factional divide present in the update, but there's also 135 new cards in the...

Astroneer hits the Nintendo Switch on January 13 – here’s the new trailer!

Multiplayer sci-fi sandbox Astroneer has been teasing a Switch launch for a while now, and as of today, we have a hard date: January 13th. "The date is final! Astroneer will be coming to Nintendo Switch on January 13th," System Era says. "Starting today, you can pre-order on the E-shop and Nintendo online store here! For early purchasers, we are...

Lost Ark’s final Heroes of Arkesia animated series episode debuts

Since Lost Ark isn't set to arrive until sometime in "early 2022," the game has a fair bit of time to keep up the hype between now and then. Part of that has been the release of an animated miniseries called Heroes of Arkesia, which offers a bit of backstory for each of the game's five classes, and with...

Lord of the Rings Online pushes out a huge bundle of Gundabad changes, promises new Yule rewards

We've got a whole buffet of Lord of the Rings Online news today, so let's pig out! Our main entrée is the release of Update 31.1, which contains a slew of expansion, class, and legendary item adjustments. Not only can players now deconstruct many defunct LI-related items for ancient script, but SSG also slightly nerfed higher level bad guys: "Morale...

From the Depths: Seven tips to improve your World of Warships experience

It’s no secret that World of Warships has had a rough year thanks to dodgy monetization mechanics and Wargaming’s treatment of employees and players. But the game itself is undeniably one of the most unique war arcade PvP experiences available - and it's a difficult game to master. Over the past two years, I’ve picked up some tips that...
It makes you go.

Star Trek Online teases a new series on Spacedock covering the ships of the game

There are a lot of spaceships in Star Trek Online. This is honestly not surprising; it's a series about spaceships, so it'd be weird if they weren't there. What other things would you possibly command? Space tractors? But there's something new being teased on Twitter now, a new series from Spacedock titled Ex Astris: The Ships of Star Trek...
Guitar solo!

First Impressions: Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is a satisfying ending to a decade-long story

So here we are, at the end of the story. Final Fantasy XIV has been weaving a narrative now for a very long time, and Endwalker is the expansion that's meant to put paid to all of it. It ends not with a tease of what's coming next but a very conclusive final moment complete with a decisive screen announcing that...

Amazon’s outage yesterday delayed New World merges, now set for later this week

The New World merges that were slated for this week have been delayed, and they'll be accompanied by even more merges, which ought to make the current playerbase pretty pleased. The Mardi-to-Brittia merge was meant for today, but of course Amazon suffered a nasty outage of its services yesterday that affected everything from video games and websites to my Fresh...
Sort of?

Nexon is apparently working on a new Warhammer Age of Sigmar MMO

Nexon and Games Workshop are teaming up for a new Warhammer MMO, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, according to a joint press release issued by the companies this morning. We don't have a launch date, and we're a little worried that Nexon is gonna pop a blood vessel in its contorted effort to avoid calling the game an MMO, but...

EverQuest’s 28th expansion, Terror of Luclin, is live

Sorry, we're still trying to wrap our heads around the thought of an MMORPG having 28 expansions under its belt. Whether or not we believe it, the fact is that it's very real: EverQuest just launched Terror of Luclin for its faithful fans. "Clearly something is stirring on the moon of Luclin," Daybreak said. "What secrets or magical power was...
The audience

World of Warcraft releases a new Sylvanas cinematic ahead of patch 9.2

Well, here we are with the first cinematic of World of Warcraft's patch 9.2, and... uh... well, let's start by saying that it's about Sylvanas. And yes, it's about the re-merging of her soul fragments from the end of patch 9.1, which we're told is how Frostmourne works now despite never having been told about that at any prior...

The Daily Grind: Are you still playing the same MMO you were back in January 2021?

Every December, I like looking back at the year that was, especially to trace my gaming journey through the months. It's fun to see the trends that emerged, the surprise titles that grabbed me out of nowhere, and the ones that went the distance. According to my logs, back in January I was deep into WoW Classic and Lord of...

Whatever happened to woodpunk survival MMO Last Oasis?

Welcome to another edition of "Whatever happened to," a series where we touch base with games that have gone silent or dropped off our radar. Today, let's see what's going on with Last Oasis, a seasonal woodpunk survival MMO that went into early access back in spring 2020. Since last we checked in with Last Oasis, the devs added a...