The Daily Grind: What mount type do you wish more MMOs would offer?

Here are some of my mounts in Final Fantasy XIV: a sheep. A flying pig. A giant moss-covered sneezing monster. A drifting stalk of a plant. An entire bed. All of these mounts are wonderful because there's nothing like the sheer impact of storming into battle whilst lying back and relaxing on a bed that somehow hovers under its own...

Corepunk Q&A discusses the launch window, guilds, mounts, and more

If you're the type of person who respects short, direct, and to-the-point answers to specific questions, then you're going to like the first part of Corepunk's community Q&A session. Artificial Core posted fan-asked questions about this cyberpunk-themed MMO along with the studio's brief answers on each subject. The biggest question, clearly, was the issue of closed beta and launch. Artificial...

Dual Universe is asking players to ‘wreak havoc on planets’ soils’ in its latest PTS build

If you're among the backers of Dual Universe who are somehow not unnerved by the silent ouster of Novaquark's president and continuing lack of information on what's going on at the company, then you've got a new PTS build to play around with. Also, you should probably be a little concerned by those business matters. On the topic of the...

Chronicles of Elyria, now back up to five devs, examines its development achievements and shortcomings

As work on Kingdoms of Elyria (and by extension Chronicles of Elyria, according to claims made by Soulbound Studio CEO Jeromy Walsh) continues to press forward, the latest dev blog from the game has decided to look back at what's happened over the course of what it's called Milestone One, which readers will recall is part of the four-tier...

The Stream Team: Bring on a Valheim Bonemass boss beatdown

The bosses in Valheim are the measure of story progression; you work your way up the bosses for Odin. Your reward? More dangerous spawns raid your homes. Massively OP's MJ has yet to face Bonemass, and that boss is on the docket for today. Join us live at 2:00 p.m. for the Bonemass boss beatdown! What: Valheim Who: MJ Guthrie When: 2:00...

The Game Archaeologist: Lifestorm, Japan’s first MMORPG

In comparison to how widely that China and Korea's game development studios embraced MMORPGs right from the beginning, Japan's been curiously low-key in creating for this genre. Oh, don't get me wrong: The country's produced several notable MMOs, but it's not been quite the obsession with dev studios the way it is with its neighbors. I might even have...

Playable Worlds’ Raph Koster shares the secret of good social design in MMOs

Raph Koster, the game designer behind Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies, and Playable Worlds' upcoming project, has posted yet another essay about MMORPG design, all meant as preamble for the new game. In this latest piece, he challenges MMO players to re-examine and understand what social design is in games -- and why it's so essential to get right. Koster...

WRUP: Insulting highways edition

Interstate 84: Hey, you! You're fat. You're stupid and fat. No one likes you. You smell like reclaimed caulk. Fat. Fat. Fat. Route 66: Ooh, look at me, a song was named after me! It was a different 66, you arrogant piece of turkey leavings. Everyone just pretends to like you when you're in the room but they say mean...
Leaf it up.

The Daily Grind: What MMOs should be adapted to mobile?

Sometimes the success or failure of a game may come down to its availability on certain platforms and systems. Sometimes an MMO that didn't work that great on PC may be a smash hit on console, and sometimes a MMO may do way better on mobile than otherwise. I've long thought that there is a lot of potential for adapting...
And a real universe.

Betawatch: Who in the heck is running Dual Universe’s Novaquark?

Who is running Novaquark? Well, we know one person who is not, as the Dual Universe developer has finally admitted JC Baillie is not in charge. But who is? Could it be someone else associated with the company? Could it be me? Could it be you? All of those possibilities are equally likely! (They are not all equally likely. It's Nicolas Granatino. Who knows...

The Stream Team: Stepping into AQ3D’s Sandsea desert

AQ3D just opened up the vast Sandsea desert outside of Bastion, and Massively OP's MJ can't want to go explore it -- be it by foot or by skiff! She also gets to know some of the NPCs better and help them out. Tune in live at 7:00 p.m. too see the largest area yet to be added to... What:...

Wizard101’s spring update arrives to the test realm with new social features, balancing, and events

Players of Wizard101 are now able to kick the tires of the game's spring update, which will be adding a number of new features and updates to the game to help players make friends or fight foes. One of the main attractions in this patch is a couple of social-centered features like a new Friendly flag that highlights players that...

Icarus is a session-based PvE co-op survival title on a dangerous Earth-like planet

We've got another PvE-centric co-op survival game on our hands, but this one trades a land of Viking myth for a deadly Earth-like planet instead. The game is called Icarus, which is described by developer RocketWerkz as a "session-based PvE survival game for up to eight co-op players." Players are tasked with surviving hostile wildlife, toxic atmosphere, and game-altering...

AdventureQuest 3D continues the Sandsea Saga with a new area, new quests, and sand sharks

Did you really think that a desert realm in AdventureQuest 3D would be without its own version of a land shark? That's just one of the many things added to the MMORPG as the Sandsea Saga continues. The latest update has brought a new level cap to 33, some new main quests involving a search for a hidden magic lamp,...

ArcheAge tasks players with healing baby animals as the Pawesome Festival returns

ArcheAge has once more brought back its annual celebration of all things tiny animal friend. The 2021 Pawesome Festival is here, granting players the opportunity to heal a variety of doe-eyed digital animal babies for goodies and even the chance to take one home. The event area is located at the Windscour Savannah, where players can take up quests to...

TitanReach previews character models, chat, and its WoW-esque UI

The TitanReach developer team has been pumping out blog posts all week, with two fresh one just since our last article. The first is stuffed with eyecandy that actually makes the game look damn appealing - and very WoW-like, or maybe more like "WoW but better." There's a flip through concept art of desert armor, bows, goblin critters, 3-D...

Skyforge turns six years old this week as the Aelion Day celebrations begin

0' Skyforge is having a big birthday this week: It's officially six years old, which means it's time once again for Aelion Day. Players can expect the usual round of activities and rewards. "You must be used to rescuing mortals by now, but this time it’s a little different," says. "During the celebrations, they say that each mortal rescued...

Elementia is an upcoming classless MMORPG planning a F2P alpha

Polygonal-style MMORPG Elementia popped up on our radar out of nowhere last month, and while it's clearly very early days for the game's development, it's pretty enough that it's worth bringing to your attention. According to the official website, the MMO promises a classless, weapon-based progression system that is fluid as you level up, with plenty of group dungeons, bosses,...

Outriders offers players a care package to compensate for server outages and bugs

The launch for Outriders was messy because at this point it's just apparently de rigeur that every online launch is filled with connectivity issues and players angry about same. The developers appreciate the players having stuck it out through the launch problems, however, and as a show of appreciation a care package will be sent out to players who were...

Neverwinter’s second episode of Sharandar opens the Mended Grove to PC players on April 13

Players of Neverwinter on PC won't have long to wait for the next portion of Sharandar content, as the devs have announced on Twitter that the next episode is coming on Tuesday, April 13th. This next episode, subtitled The Soul Keeper, takes players to the Mended Grove, where some dire happenings can now be addressed after the events of the...