Heidel Ball 2021: Black Desert announces summer season server, shows off new Corsair class

Earlier this morning, Black Desert held its digital Heidel Ball event, which was stuffed to the rafters with announcements and reveals. At the top of the list is the new Corsair class, which is arriving on June 29th and can be pre-created starting on June 23rd. As with other classes in BDO, this one has a story-filled trailer and...

Ship of Heroes calls one and all to its July beta event, postpones launch to 2022

Ship of Heroes isn't going to launch this year, fam, but that doesn't mean you won't be able to play it. In fact, the studio would like you to start getting read for a July summer beta event that will be free and open to everyone. This will be the first time that testers will experience a full mission...

WRUP: It’s only slightly used edition

Ah, I see what you have your eyes on. No, don't let yourself give up so quickly, look closer. The container is what's still holding it together, you see. It's been through quite a lot over its time here, but that doesn't mean there isn't still something ineffable about it, wouldn't you agree? Look here, you can see the...

The Daily Grind: Do promotional server rulesets hurt or help MMO communities?

I was reading some interesting chatter on the Lord of the Rings Online forums following last week's announcement that SSG is rolling out two new progression servers (after closing an old one down). Some players are predictably excited about starting over and experiencing these faster and slower progression shards, but there was a bit of pushback as well. "You can't...

The Stream Team: Taking on AQ3D’s new Pyramid of Crocos Challenge

AQ3D is always adding to the game, and this latest content update unveiled the new Pyramid of Crocos Challenge. Massively OP's MJ is ready to test out the new mechanics in this continuation of the Sandsea story dungeon. Word is the all-new water breathing potions will come in handy! Along with a challenge and rewards, MJ is really looking...
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Betawatch: Swords of Legends Online opens up the doors for everyone

Eager to try out Swords of Legends Online but haven't had any luck getting into the game's beta testing so far? No worries, now everyone can get in to test for a little while as part of the Steam Next Festival. So you can see what people are talking about, if you're so inclined. More beta news! There's always more...

Battle Bards Episode 195: In the mountains

Attempting to summit the very best of MMO music, the Battle Bards head up, up, up into the mountains with this episode! What musical motifs do the ranges hold in online games? The crew of Steff, Syl, and Syp are going to try to find out -- if the yeti doesn't eat them first! Battle Bards is the world’s first, best,...

Warframe devs post schedule for this year’s digital TennoCon 2021

You might have been bummed about Digital Extremes' April announcement that TennoCon 2021 would once again be an all-digital event instead of an in-person one, but take heart: You can watch all the Warframe goodies from the comfort of your couch. DE has posted a schedule of what to expect from this year's event, including the keynote, an art show,...
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Blade & Soul: Revolution adds the Blade Dancer, the Blackram Supply Chain, and a new story act

Do you like the Blade Dancer in Blade & Soul but hate its relative lack of presence in a mobile version of the game? Good news, then! Blade & Soul: Revolution's most recent update has added the Blade Dancer into the mobile version, so now you can dance with sharp things to your heart's content while playing away on...

SMITE has added Morgan Le Fay to the roster and unveils a Stranger Things crossover for its July Battle Pass

It's one half Arthurian legend and one half the Upside Down in SMITE as the MOBA has made a couple of distinct reveals recently. First on deck is the Dark Enchantress update, which introduced the Arthurian villainess Morgan Le Fay this past Tuesday. Le Fay is a potent mage character that brings plenty of dark magic to the party,...

SEED writes blogs about Seedling design and emotions, production gameplay, and delicious algae

Followers of the colony creation MMO SEED have borne witness to an absolute deluge of dev blogs out of the game over the past several days, but if you happen to have missed out on any of them, allow us to do a quick rundown of the past six(!) posts. First, we get a look at Seedling concept art...

Grab a closed beta key for Gamigo’s new MOBA, Skydome

If you've missed out on Skydome's stress test this month, then you're in luck: We've got keys to get you into the ongoing closed beta even after the stress test closes this weekend. Readers will recall that Skydome is Gamigo's latest title; it's a 4v4 multiplayer hybrid MOBA/tower defense title that's expected to hit early access in July. "From the...

Life Beyond unveils plans to introduce MMORPG-like roles in the near future

It's time to once again bring another MMO title that might have fallen off of the radar back into focus. This time around, we're circling back to Life Beyond, the SpatialOS-powered survival MMO being developed by French studio Darewise, the same studio behind the other space survival title ROKH that saw development stall in 2018. Life Beyond, for the record,...

Whatever happened to Atlas Rogues?

We all sort of collectively realized that we hadn't really looked back at Atlas Rogues, the PvE co-op rogue-lite respawning of the original turn-based team PvPer Atlas Reactor. Our last report on the game was about a patch that arrived in January, while our first impressions piece found the initial early access release to be lesser than the title...

Rumor: IO Interactive’s Microsoft-backed Project Dragon might be an MMO

Clever Redditors caught an interesting snippet from the Xbox Two podcast that portends some intriguing news for MMO players. Back in April, there were rumors floating around that IO Interactive's next game - Project Dragon - was going to be a Microsoft-backed fantasy RPG that took the studio in a totally new direction. It didn't sound as if it'd...

The Game Archaeologist: Anarchy Online, from development to beta

We all have stories of our very first MMORPG experiences, and the one that I often share is that my initial dip into this genre happened with Anarchy Online. I was intrigued at the scifi angle of this online MMO and already was fond of Funcom due to The Longest Journey, so I took my chances -- on the...

Star Citizen outlines improvements to the Xenothreat event and offers a peek at the Ninetails event

If you're among those who believe that dynamic events in Star Citizen have room for improvement, know that folks in CIG agree with you. Thus, this week's episode of Inside Star Citizen talks about plans for improving the Xenothreat event; expect clearer objective details and informative dialogue, better friendly fire recognition and penalties, the opportunity to earn rewards via...

Swords of Legends Online offers a free limited-time demo on Steam

Steam Next Fest, the marketplace's big showcase of upcoming titles from a wide variety of genres, is being used as a platform for Swords of Legends Online to stir up some hype for itself. Between now and Tuesday, June 22nd, players can take a free peek at the upcoming martial arts MMORPG by way of a free Steam demo. The...

World of Warcraft’s patch yields another cinematic… but there are more still encrypted ones to find

There's a new cinematic that's been discovered for World of Warcraft's upcoming patch 9.1, Chains of Domination. It's a spoiler. That much you can probably guess just from context. But what is contained within that's so spoilerific? Well, telling you that would just be more of a spoiler. Suffice it to say, though, that if you absolutely hate times...

The Pokemon Unite MOBA launches on Switch in July and mobile in September

Even though the best tortoise tank won't be there at launch, Pokemon Unite will be releasing sometime in July 2021 on the Switch as a "free to start" game, followed by a mobile release sometime in September 2021. Don't worry if your friends have a Switch and you don't, as this will be a crossplay MOBA/battle-basketball game, with data...