The Stream Team: The prologues of Elder Scrolls Online

When preparing to start Elder Scrolls Online's latest prologue quests, Massively OP's MJ discovered there are a number of other prelogues that she had missed! It turns out that she'd skipped five: Deadlands, Dragonhold, Morrowind, Markarth, and Summerset. Tonight, she begins her crusade to complete them all. Tune in live at 8:00 p.m. and help her choose which one...
Lot of oh no, but maybe that's to be expected.

Book of Travels decides to get granular about bug fixes in a new Steam sub-forum

Last month, tiny multiplayer online title Book of Travels saw fit to call in help to fix its tech issues as part of the team's ongoing efforts to shore up the game. Regrettably, the latest Kickstarter update doesn't have any major developments to share on that front, but the devs at Might & Delight would like to show those...

EverQuest II’s first annual Summer Jubilee merges three summertime events into one seasonal soiree

If you enjoy EverQuest II's summer events, then you'll probably be a fan of the game's new annual Summer Jubilee, which will combine Tinkerfest, the Scorched Sky Celebration, and the Oceansfull Festival into one season-long party starting on Thursday, June 2nd, and running all the way to Wednesday, August 24th. While all three of the above summer festivals are being...

Raven Software QA votes to form union in spite of months of Activision-Blizzard unionbusting

Last December, Activision-Blizzard decided the best thing it could do in the middle of a massive sexual harassment and discrimination scandal that had provoked multiple lawsuits, federal investigations, stock dips, a hastily arranged merger behind the scenes, and intense media scrutiny was to lay off a bunch of workers at one of its subsidiaries, Raven Software, including some workers...
Weedle whee.

Zenith’s next patch will apply new backend tech and limit ability godstone amounts

A minor patch is coming to the VR MMORPG Zenith later this week, and while its impact likely won't really be felt by players, it is promising to be an important one for the game long-term as it applies "much needed core architectural upgrades" to its backend. According to Ramen VR, the benefits of this backend upgrade include the ability...

The Cycle Frontier outlines plans for difficulty and stability as release is ‘very close’

With the second round of closed beta testing for The Cycle: Frontier wrapping up last month, it's time for Yager to process the test's results and player feedback, and share what it's learned and what it's planning in a recent dev update video. The video, with executive producer Jonathan Lindsay, generally calls the last testing round "intense" and a good...

NetEase Connect unveils a cavalcade of new titles and updates to existing games for PC and mobile

Earlier this month, publisher NetEase announced a special event known as NetEase Connect that would showcase new games and updates to existing games. Now that the broadcast has come and gone, it's time to get a rundown on all of the shiny new things headed for PC and mobile gaming fans. We'll begin with Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, the...

Mythforce infuses co-op dungeon crawling with the spirit of ’80s cartoons

The '80s called -- they want their heroes back. If you miss the brash colorful adventures of Saturday morning cartoons from back in the day, you may want to give Mythforce a look. This co-op dungeon crawler boasts a whole lot of personality in its looks and four playable characters, putting one in mind of the old Dungeons & Dragons...
I blew things up!

Apex Legends Mobile releases to mostly positive gameplay reviews and frustration with microtransactions

Last week saw the worldwide launch of Apex Legends Mobile, bringing the high-speed battle royale shooter to Android and iOS devices in what's called the Prime Time patch. The launch saw a new character added to the roster, a new Overflow map, and a team fill feature that fills in player spots emptied by those who drop out in...

Massively on the Go: No one’s talking about May’s Pokemon GO Community Day, and that’s good

Remember how negative players were about as Pokemon Go’s April Stuffel Community Day? And did you see how angry people on social media were about May's Alola Geodude? Wait, you didn't? Well, that's probably because Niantic hit closer to home by making it more boring. Yes, that's right. Boring is perhaps the best most of us can hope for from Niantic...
I can't see what's happening. Are we boned?

Babylon’s Fall extends its second season for three months to re-evaluate its future roadmap

Call us cynical, but we have the vague impression that all is not quite going according to plan when it comes to Babylon's Fall. Case in point, the game is officially extending its second season of content for three months in order to "re-evaluate the game's development roadmap," which means that the season will now run until November 29th....

The Game Archaeologist: The ’90s BioWare MMORPG that almost was

These days, if you mention "BioWare" and "MMORPG" in the same sentence, it's most certainly going to be about Star Wars: The Old Republic. Sure, Neverwinter Nights spawned some cool (small) persistent online worlds, and there's always been this hope for the studio to make a Mass Effect or Dragon Age MMO, but SWTOR is pretty much BioWare's big...

Elite Dangerous previews Odyssey Update 12, now launching June 7

Players of Elite Dangerous have likely been regularly watching the Frameshift Live developer livestreams for news and information about the spaceship sandbox, and last week's broadcast brought the goods with a rundown of the things that will arrive to the Odyssey expansion in Update 12. Among the features being added in Update 12 are access to the interaction wheel when...
Burn it down!

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV and the risk of job overload

All right, let's start this column with a little thought exercise. I want you to come up with a weapon and a general flow for a new ranged DPS job in Final Fantasy XIV, keeping in mind that you both have to have weapons that work within the general setting of the game and you can't go too far...

Mad World releases one last trailer before its final alpha test later this week

This coming Wednesday, May 25th, is a big date for Mad World, as Jandisoft is once again eager for people to join in on its final alpha test, and it would like to stir the hype pot with one last preview video. The video outlines some of the features that testers can look forward to, including new areas to explore,...

Improbable CEO shows off M² tech test, claims the platform has ‘peak capacity’ of 1B users

Improbable CEO Herman Narula is once again making some pretty big claims on Twitter. A video demonstration shared last week (and posted on YouTube shortly after) offers a look at a tech test for M², the company's self-described "network of interoperable web3 metaverses," operating at some pretty big scales - if Narula is to be believed. The test features a...

League of Legends introduces the void champion Bel’Veth while Valorant answers community queries

The lavender terror that is League of Legends' latest void champion is about to touch down in the MOBA. Riot Games introduced the Empress Bel'Veth to the world this past week with a creepy neon cinematic trailer. Bel'Veth will be a fighter-type that chows down on experiences and emotions as she dives into combat. She's also got a pretty rad...

Star Citizen’s AI team teases commandable NPCs in dev roundtable

The end of every week features a new developer broadcast out of Star Citizen, and this past Friday was no different as members of the AI team got together to talk about... well, AI. Specifically, NPC behaviors and the ability to command NPCs to perform tasks. For those who have been following along, the plan to let players give tasks...

The Daily Grind: What’s the best format for an MMO headstart?

In his retrospective on Lord of the Rings Online's 15th anniversary, MOP's Justin penned a paragraph about a part of the launch of the game I had completely forgotten. "But what I do remember -- quite vividly, in fact -- is how the game began. You see, there was a head start for players who had pre-ordered, but Turbine did...

MMO Week in Review: V Rising is looking for new blood

V Rising stole the spotlight this week with its early access launch; its vampire theme has captivated sandbox fans. Plus, we poked our noses back into New World, celebrated Final Fantasy XI's 20th birthday, traipsed around LOTRO's Yondershire, and gave some serious side-eye to Star Citizen's latest shenanigans. Read on to catch up with the very best of this week's MMO...