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EVE Online adjusts nullification and warp core stabilizers, tests a tool to counteract cloaked campers

Capsuleers of EVE Online that like to be sneaky out in space are going to want to take notice of some changes to the game. The latest update has made changes to nullification and warp core stabilizers, turning them from passive features in certain ships to active modules that run for a very short time and feature long cooldowns....

Elite Dangerous adds further clarity on what features players of Odyssey and Horizons can and can’t share

Earlier this month, the devs of Elite: Dangerous announced that PC players of the game would not be able to share the same instance with friends if one player owns Odyssey and the other owns Horizons. Apparently, it wasn't quite so black-and-white as that, as Frontier Developments have put out a new forum post that further clarifies just what...
bears, bears, beaaaaaars

Ashes of Creation drops verbal NDA, triggering deluge of public tester feedback

Ashes of Creation may have delayed its Alpha One test until later this summer, but the upcoming MMO isn't surrendering its voice until then. In fact, Intrepid Studios lifted the verbal NDA for the May alpha test, allowing players to talk about -- but not show -- their experiences in the game. Probably the biggest criticism emerging from this discussion...

Lord of the Rings Online starts testing Update 30’s 12-player raid

Oh, Azog, will you never change? That long-running adversary is a naughty chap indeed in need of stern discipline. A preview of that spanking is happening this week, as Lord of the Rings Online is testing Update 30 on the Bullroarer server. While there are some balance changes and other adventures to check out with this patch, the main focus...

The Daily Grind: Do you play MMOs as the designers intended, or do you go your own way?

Today's Daily Grind topic comes courtesy of MOP's resident meme-maker, Schlag Sweetleaf, who urged me to write about this after the piece we did on the player-organized Crashcog Cup in World of Warcraft, which relied entirely on player "dungeon masters" to guide the race along. In other words, it was basically players looking at the structure, goals, and rewards...
It's probably Ascians, isn't it? It's more Ascians.

Final Fantasy XIV puts out a survey about the digital fan festival experience

This year's Final Fantasy XIV Digital Fan Festival was a new thing for the game to try. It was filled with a lot of stuff, including big reveals of new content and big emotional reveals that made everyone cry on stage. And now Square-Enix wants to know how it worked for you with a new survey on the official site...

The Stream Team: Another Path of Exile Atlas run

Even with new Path of Exile leagues every three months, Massively OP's MJ can't help but look back longingly on many of her previous characters. (OK, Witches. And a Ranger!) So she has to break away and go back to standard once in a while. Today is that once. There is much more of the Atlas still to see....

Leafling is an indie 2-D action MMORPG that hopes to provide ‘a nostalgic, old school RPG feeling’

This one crossed our news desk by way of a call for other players on Reddit. It's called Leafling, and it's a 2-D action MMORPG styled in a 16-bit aesthetic that wants to "deliver a nostalgic, old school RPG feeling" while also providing some modern gameplay beats. Leafling comes from the team at Celtaria Productions and entered Steam early access...

Profane talks about the Primordial Elements of Life and Instinct

Yep, it's another tweet thread from Profane all about its in-development game's systems. This time we have a look at Primordial Elements -- magic by any other name. The elements showcased in the thread are Life and Instinct. Life, as one would expect, can be a beneficent force that can heal or restore someone from the dead or a malevolent...

Netmarble announces release plans for several mobile titles, including new MMOs

For those out there that get their gaming through mobile (and there a lot of them out there, whether any of us wants to admit it or not), there's a lot of good news coming out of Netmarble. The publisher has put out an announcement confirming several game release windows, all of which are mobile titles. In terms of titles...
We still care.

Final Fantasy XI celebrates 19 years and promises new job progression and storage options

It's been 19 years since Final Fantasy XI first launched, and yet the game is still going strong with an update cadence the envy of titles not in alleged maintenance mode. Producer Akihiko Matsui took the opportunity to pen a thank-you letter to the community, noting once again that a big part of why the game has managed to survive and...
Owliest bears.

Dungeons and Dragons Online will also end support of Windows XP

In news that will likely be not all that surprising considering Standing Stone Games already confirmed this move for LOTRO, the devs of Dungeons and Dragons Online have announced that support of the Windows XP operating system will also be ending, specifically on Wednesday, July 21st. For those who are affected by this change and are otherwise worried about their...

RuneScape starts spooling hype for the next Elder God Wars chapter, promises to grant wishes soon

When you wish upon a star in Gielinor, Jagex will eventually hear you. For realsies. That's part of RuneScape's weekly newsletter content, which confirms that the devs will be granting wishes as part of promised recompense for login server issues soon. These wishes will be locked inside of a Guardian's Gift that will be distributed on Monday, May 24th,...

The Elder Scrolls Online characters can now be found in the Call to Arms miniature tabletop war game

Care to have a little bit of The Elder Scrolls Online in your meatspace? How about as part of a tabletop miniature war game? That's precisely what's being offered with the launch of a new set of miniatures that integrates characters from the MMORPG's cinematic trailers into the Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms tabletop minis war game. "Players can...

Lord of the Rings Online resets neglected account passwords

For those of you who haven't logged into your Lord of the Rings Online account for quite a while, the next time you head back into the MMO, you're going to face a small obstacle. That's because Standing Stone Games announced that it's resetting all passwords for accounts that haven't been touched for two years or longer. "As part of...
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Roblox is now referring to its ‘games’ as ‘experiences’ in light of Epic v Apple trial arguments

It would appear that Roblox is undergoing something of a branding shift, the timing of which is interesting to say the least. Apparently, the game has silently started to change parts of its verbiage, renaming "game" to "experience" and renaming the "Games" tab of the browser to "Discover" instead. According to a Roblox spokesperson, this is totally a normal and...

First impressions: Even in beta, New Genesis is the quantum leap forward the aging Phantasy Star Online 2 needed

Now this… this is more like it. When I was last spending time with Phantasy Star Online 2, I found it to be a fun game that was mired in a whole bunch of old console MMORPG nonsense. All of the fun was buried in menus and poorly laid-out pathing. After my time with the PC beta of PSO2: New...

Daybreak grants all of its employees a paid ‘unplug day’

While it's important for us here at MOP to be a watchdog for bad company behavior, we also try to be fair in acknowledging when a studio does something right. And so today we pin a bright gold star on the lapels of Daybreak (yes, Daybreak) for making an effort to treat its employees right. The studio announced that it...

First impressions: Bless Unleashed’s PC beta is just enough of an improvement over the original Bless

I'm not going to say I've had a great deal of time with the recent PC beta test of Bless Unleashed -- that's why this is called "first impressions" and not "final impressions," and we don't do fully final opinions on MMOs anyway. Even so, I feel as if I've had enough time in the game to get the...

Ashes of Creation boss criticizes New World’s business model, argues for subs and cosmetic shops

New World's cash-shop snafu last week still has a wide swath of the MMO community up in arms, apparently. Readers will recall that a tester leaked info from the NDA-locked alpha that suggested Amazon was adding both cosmetics and leveling boosters to the test cash shop, which of course caused an uproar from gamers who deemed that pay-to-win. Amazon,...