One Shots: Watch out below!

Hey guy? Yeah, you might want to move a scootch to the left there. Little more. There, you got it. Now you're not about to be squashed like a bug when Final Fantasy XIV characters rain from the sky as they are wont to do. You know that song, "It's Raining Men?" That should instill terror in you, not...
Walk free.

The Daily Grind: Do you ever feel as if you dodged a bullet in MMOs?

If you have played an MMO with bullets in it, odds are good you have dodged at least one just because of how these video games work. That's not literally what I'm asking about today. No, today I'm talking about the times when you stop playing a game and then immediately learn about something that would have made you...

Battle Bards Episode 218: Peace and quiet

If anyone’s ever told you to “take a chill pill,” then the Battle Bards have your full dosage in today’s episode. Exploring peaceful and serene tracks from MMORPGs, Syl and Syp find their inner calm — before the inevitable slaughter. Battle Bards is the world’s first, best, and only MMO music podcast. Biweekly episodes alternate between examining a single MMO’s soundtrack...

Sci-fi survival shooter Dysterra launches into early access, has to rollback almost immediately due to cheaters

Run, gun, survive, and have fun. Ideally, anyway. That's the hope of Kakao Games' newly released sci-fi survival multiplayer shooter Dysterra, which made its arrival to early access last week on Steam. Describing itself as a combination of Rust and Halo, Dysterra drops players into each game with nothing but a rifle and a sidearm, letting them get right into...

Final Fantasy XI brings the Alter Ego Extravaganza around once again

These days, a lot of the content you explore in Final Fantasy XI will be done with alter egos, because Trust magic has become an integral cornerstone of the game as a whole. For that reason, moments like the upcoming Alter Ego Extravaganza are important because they give you a chance to pick up alter egos you might not...

The Stream Team: Getting a look at Grim Dawn

An apocalyptic fantasy world where humanity is on the brink of extinction, you say? Even featured in the illustrious Choose My Adventure? You've piqued Massively OP's MJ's interest! OK, to be honest she bought Grim Dawn a long, long time ago, but her own apocalypses distracted her from playing it. Now, the time has come: Nothing will stop her...
This took some work.

The Game Archaeologist: Wizardry Online, the short-lived permadeath MMO

While the Wizardry series may not have the cultural cache that Ultima or Final Fantasy ended up with, nevertheless the dungeon crawling RPG series cultivated a sizable fan base. The first title by studio Sir-Tech came out in 1981, with seven more arriving to challenge players over the next two decades. As I said, it was an extremely modest success...
Rise of the TREE more like.

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen confirms its next pre-alpha test for December 3

Pre-alpha testing for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is back on the menu once again, as the latest monthly digest confirms that a 24-hour pre-alpha will kick off on Saturday, December 3rd, starting at 1:00 p.m. EST. The primary goal of this test will be to once again see if the game's network structure can stand up to player...

WRUP: Black Friday survival guide that would have been really useful to you yesterday edition

Don't bother getting Kathy the blender. She's going to be thankful and I know it's on her list, but the fact is that Kathy is going to use it twice, realize she doesn't know what to do with a blender, box it back up and resell it on eBay with like tons of other people. Just get her...

The Daily Grind: Do you ever play MMORPGs in first-person perspective?

Back in the day, it used to be that first-person perspectives were the norm for many CRPGs and early MMOs. I guess it went hand-in-hand with the FPS genre explosion in the '90s, too, as technology finally advanced enough to immerse us right into the eyeballs of our protagonists. Of course, subsequent games quickly pulled the camera to different positions,...

The Stream Team: Beating AQ3D’s AFK game

There are games that allow AFK, and there are even games where players can get benefits while being AFK. But how many make AFK an actual game? With rewards?! AQ3D did: And now Massively OP's MJ has beat AFK the Game! Tune in live at 8:00 p.m. as she claims the legendary title and spends her minutes to get...
It couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of of theoretical games.

Betawatch: Hey, that Star Citizen sure is taking a long time, huh

Well howdy there, folks! I'm Gamer Gary, and I'm out here with all of this construction equipment because someone posted a whole chart showing how long Star Citizen development is taking compared to the tech industry and other studios not known for lightning turnarounds. Why the construction equipment? Why, we've got to move these goalposts! And let me tell...

Star Wars Galaxies rogue server Empire in Flames kicks off the Taanab Harvest event

Who wouldn't want to work temporarily for a farming co-op with the looming threat of "escalating danger"? That's the elevator pitch for the Taanab Harvest event in the Star Wars Galaxies Empire in Flames rogue server. We have fun here, don't we? Players can look forward to four weeks of changing phases that offer new missions, loot, and the aforementioned...
Interesting architecture.

Neverwinter kicks off a new battle pass series on November 29

Would you like to have your progress in Neverwinter tracked as part of an ongoing battle pass requesting you to clear content in exchange for one dopamine per content cleared? Then you'll be very happy with the upcoming battle pass being added to the game on November 29th, the new Northdark Divided battle pass that players can progress along...

Diablo Immortal’s latest update launches its seventh battle pass and merges multiple servers

If your dream has been to wander the maps of Diablo Immortal dressed up like a stone statue, then this week's update is ready to grant your wish, as it launches the game's seventh battle pass that lets players earn ancient guardian-themed cosmetics that Blizzard showed off earlier. The update has also completed a second round of server merges, engaged...

EVE Online details new and upcoming improvements to its Photon UI

EVE Online continues to make a whole bunch of noise about its spiffing new Photon UI, with another new dev blog that details changes that have been applied to the UI as a result of player feedback and updates to the UI that are arriving in December. The post opens with several paragraphs lauding the benefits and reasons for Photon...

Gloria Victis improves heavy armor, tweaks weapons, and lets shields stop arrows in latest update

When you raise a shield in order to block an arrow, you reasonably expect it to stop that arrow from hitting you. Apparently, that wasn't the case previously in Gloria Victis, but as of the game's newest update, shields can now actually shield players from arrows instead of doing whatever it was they were doing before. Presumably, the shields...

The Stream Team: Going back to basics in Elite Dangerous

Sure, there are updates and story events happening in Elite: Dangerous right now, but MOP's Chris hasn't really completed some of the earlier progression portions that the game has to offer, such as going for Guardian tech. So that's what he's going to get in to, today at 2:00 p.m. EST. What: Elite: Dangerous Who: Chris Neal When: 2:00 p.m. EST on...

Star Citizen unveils the multi-purpose RSI Galaxy and the C8R Pisces space ambulance

As Star Citizen's IAE event rolls forward, this week's video digest is once again focused on spaceships, particularly new ship reveals in the form of the RSI Galaxy and the C8R variant of the Pisces. The video starts with the Galaxy, which as its name suggests is a heckin' chonker of a ship - roughly five times the size of...

Global Chat: Turkeys terrorize New World

While y'all eat turkeys this week, in New World, the turkeys terrorize you! Heartless Gamer navigated the gobble massacre in excruciating detail. "Over all the event is lightweight and fun. The Turkulon fight seems either bugged or it is undertuned (i.e., it's easy). Players who want the rewards will be able to get them and still enjoy other parts of...