Star Citizen shows off updates and adjustments to alpha 4.0’s jump points

Right now players are locked inside of the single system of Stanton in Star Citizen, but when alpha 4.0 goes online, they will then be able to move to the new system of Pyro. And doing that will require moving through jump points, which are the focus of this week's video digest from the spaceship sandbox. Jump points have seen...

Vague Patch Notes: How widespread free-to-play impacted MMORPGs

In 2009, Dungeons & Dragons Online went free-to-play, which was a pretty big deal at the time. It was especially important to me, since it was one of the big stories happening when I first started writing about MMORPGs professionally on Massively-that-was. And it was the moment that presaged a seismic shift in the industry, a time when it...

Guild Wars 2 deep-dives Janthir Wilds’ enhanced warclaw mount aka journeykin

August is shaping up to be an interesting month here in MMO land, and a large part of that is the impending release of Guild Wars 2's Janthir Wilds. ArenaNet is reminding us of that fact with its latest dev blog, which focuses on one of the expansion's best bits: the (re)introduction of the warclaw as a mount lots...

Once Human’s latest maintenance runs afoul of a ‘critical bug’ as players report missing items and ruined bases

At this point, reading that NetEase's survival shooter Once Human is facing technical issues probably feels like "water is wet"-level news, but indeed the devs at Starry Studios are having a rough time, particularly with maintenance related to a patch that was scheduled for today. The patch in question was intended to bring in things like a regularly occurring PvP...

Raph Koster aims to make Stars Reach complex but not overcomplicated – and focused on retention

You didn't think Playable Worlds' Raph Koster was going to stop at just two pillars of design for his new sandbox MMORPG Stars Reach, did you? Because Koster seldom does things in half measures. This round of pillars focuses on the "principles that animate the games" - specifically, the fun. And he begins by laying out the problem he's...

SSG’s Rob Ciccolini laments aging hardware and long downtimes as DDO delays Update 68.1

As both Dungeons and Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online players noticed yesterday as both MMOs were unavailable for 15 hours, SSG's game downtime seems to have gotten longer as of late. This may be the new norm -- at least for a while -- as Executive Producer Rob Ciccolini said that the studio is struggling with...

Hearthstone’s Perils in Paradise won’t feature a cosmetic game board, and players are concerned

Usually when Blizzard releases a new Hearthstone expansion set, it also offers a colorful new game board cosmetic to go along with it - an entertaining and sometimes interactive digital play mat that's themed around the set in question. However, it looks as if the upcoming Perils in Paradise expansion will not feature one of these boards according to...

Former Blizzard and Funcom dev Craig Morrison is working on a cozy true crime MMORPG backed by NetEase

Cast your mind back to summer 2021, and you might recall that was when World of Warcraft's Craig Morrison - best known to MMORPG players for his key role at Funcom during its MMORPG heyday (Anarchy Online, Age of Conan, and The Secret World) - announced that he was parting ways with Blizzard after after more than seven years...
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The Daily Grind: Which MMORPGs have you played with little hope for future content?

One of the neat things about City of Heroes Homecoming is that it is not a game bereft of updates or approaching content. No, there is ongoing content being added to the game! There is a patch schedule! However... it is an all-volunteer group, and so it's slower. But that's fine. I play the game based on the content...

Black Desert brings Jordine Saga and major class balancing to console, adds guild history UI to mobile

While many Black Desert players might be engaged in the large scale War of the Roses PvP instance on PC, this week has also brought some new things for players on console and mobile to do as well, so allow us a moment to recap the highlights. One of the big additions for this week's console patch is the addition...

RIFT brings Unicornalia around once more

What RIFT may lack right now in terms of regular content update cadence, it hopefully makes up in unicorns. That's the hope of the Unicornalia event, a regular recurring event in the game in which players do daily quests for unicorns. That's it. And lest it be in any way unclear, that is not a bad thing. You go...

ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition is coming for mobile devices this year during the holiday season

Are you concerned that after all of the different versions of ARK: Survival Evolved or points related that you have bought, there might still be periods of your life during which you are not taming dinosaurs? Do you have a mobile device? Are you willing to buy another remaster? Do you want to get some bubble tea? That last...

Old School RuneScape readies Deadman Armageddon and tweaks its newly returned quest

While Old School RuneScape certainly has things to note in this week's patch, what's a bigger deal to Jagex (and likely to a specific sect of players) is what's in the patch but not available yet. That's because the Deadman: Armageddon PvP is coming back this Friday, July 19th. This edition of the two week-long fast-paced PvP mode promises to...
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Albion Online looks back on its last year as the game turns seven

It may be hard to believe, but it has now been seven years since Albion Online launched, and in that time we've named it the best PvP MMORPG available for three years running now. No, really, they take note of that in today's retrospective on the game's past year. Not that it's the biggest thing that happened, since the...

EA is testing a cross-progression PC version of mobile MMO Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

It's been a hot minute since we heard anything big out of EA's multiplayer mobile battler Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, but today's news suggests we can forget about our past impressions as a new version of the game - complete with an early access phase on PC - is on deck. "In the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Early...

Frantic and vampiric co-op shooter EvilVEvil officially launches

Back in March, our MMOs You've Never Heard Of roundup included EvilVEvil, a co-op shooter from Toadman Interactive in which players take up the role of antihero vampires tasked with slaughtering the cultists of the more evil Zagreus (hence the title). The shooter held a beta during that month, then a demo in June, but now it has fully...

The Stream Team: Frantically trying to eat everything in Pizza Possum

MOP's Chris is hungry. Hungry for pizza. Hungry for arcade gaming. Hungry for... well, anything that's not nailed down! Today, he and his best friend are coming together for a game of Pizza Possum, a frenetic co-op title where he'll try to eat all of the things! Join them today at 2:00 p.m. EDT for some snacks! What: Pizza Possum Who:...

PSA: New World is planning to expire your character names after six months of inactivity

So New World has some good news and some bad news for everyone today, and really it's just one bit of news that'll strike you one way or the other depending on where you're standing: Amazon has announced that it's going to start expiring character names for folks who haven't played in a while. "New World will be adding a...

Enlisted makes its return to Steam, and this time it’s completely free-to-play

Gaijin Entertainment's multiplayer WWII FPS Enlisted was meant to make a big early access launch on Steam, but instead the shooter stumbled out of the gate, with account linking technical issues and anger at a $20 price tag for the Steam version (when it was otherwise free-to-play as a direct download) causing the studio to de-list the shooter for...

Wayfinder releases massive quality-of-life patch as devs celebrate newly positive reviews

As promised, Airship Syndicate has buffed the heck out of Wayfinder today with its new patch live on Steam. The update is loaded with quality-of-life tweaks, most specifically a server browser meant to help multiplayer fans find each other. "QoL 1 focuses on one major feature that players have requested since the announcement of the co-op relaunch of Wayfinder: a...