Elite Dangerous players rediscover a unique gas giant that has been missing for seven years

How do you miss a planet? Pretty easily, to be fair, especially when the original discoverer didn't wite down how it was found. This is the case with a gas giant that was first found by an Elite: Dangerous player known as Kelly Eldridge back in May 23rd, 2015, described by her then as "the strangest gas giant ...

Sea of Thieves balances and disables some milestones, teases Heart of Fire novel

Sea of Thieves' seventh season continues to chug along as Rare drops update today. The highlight of the patch is a new time-limited adventure, A Hunter's Cry. "Venturing into the Sea of the Damned is a risky undertaking even without a band of renegades lying in wait," Rare says, but you're gonna try it anyway, right? The patch also...

Elder Scrolls Online drops a new QuakeCon trailer for next week’s Lost Depths DLC

We're just one weekend away from The Elder Scrolls Online's third big launch of 2022: its Lost Depths DLC, part of the ongoing Legacy of the Bretons content arc. And at Bethsoft's QuakeCon today, ZeniMax Online Studios dropped a new trailer for the release. "Uncover the secrets of the Systres Archipelago as you explore two new dungeons underground and below...

Old School RuneScape outlines adjustments coming to Wilderness bosses and their lairs

Old School RuneScape is focusing on fixing a bear, a spider, and a skeleton. Not just any normal version of these three classic MMORPG critters, but the Wilderness bosses Callisto, Venenatis, and Vet'ion, and how these three bosses are getting updated is the focus of a new dev blog from Jagex. The post admits that players have managed to turn...

Neverwinter dishes out a shiny companion and makes tweaks to existing content in latest patch

The newest patch applied to Neverwinter has something special for certain players. If you're among those who managed to earn the Zariel the Redeemed companion through the Redeemed Citadel leaderboard, you are getting a mythic-level gold winged version of Zariel along with a Coalescent Mote. Players should see the goodies arrive to their in-game inboxes within the next seven...

Massively on the Go: Everything multiplayer fans need to know about Splatoon 3

So we've all gone through the recent news about Splatoon 3, right? No? Well, don't worry. A lot of the presentation seemed to be aimed at newcomers to the whole series, with merely kernels of new info in there for vets willing to sit through it all. The official site tried to do a roundup of the Nintendo Direct presentation,...

Diablo IV talks live-service content, seasonal structure, and monetization strategy

Blizzard's latest Diablo IV dev blog has arrived this afternoon as the studio promises "ambitious" plans for the post-launch live-service game - and that includes a season structure with "up to four Seasons a year, each with major new features, questlines, enemies, legendary items, and more." "Diablo IV's Seasons are modeled after those of Diablo III. When a new season...

Derek Smart promises Alganon is returning in the coming months, but in a staggered invite-only release

Just yesterday we reported on fresh news out of the long-dormant Alganon, pointing out that the game's website came back online, while the game's owner Derek Smart confirmed it as a first step in the game's return - one that he has promised before. That promise is reiterated once again in a new Steam dev blog, only this time...

Pantheon may delay its September pre-alpha, discusses early ‘hardcore oldschool gamer’ marketing

MMORPG players have been waiting a long time for Pantheon, but testers might have to have to wait a bit longer: In this month's Visionary Realms newsletter, the studio explains that emerging issues in its in-house networking integration may push the September pre-alpha off course. The "tentative" launch for the pre-alpha session is slated for September 17th, but it...

Nightingale talks up its aspirations to be a unique survivalbox and a ‘story engine’ for players

You can't fault the gaslamp survival sandbox Nightingale from wanting to continue to keep player interest high, especially after the devs at Inflexion confirmed the game's early access would be delayed into early 2023, so perhaps bear that in mind when reading the latest interview with Inflexion CEO Aaryn Flynn. The interview is primarily aspirational, with Flynn noting the desire...

Chimeraland’s Attack of the Tyrant update brings a plethora of dinosaur-related content

If you love dinosaurs the way Chimeraland loves dinosaurs, then you'll absolutely flip your lid for the Attack of the Tyrant update out today, which is full of dinosaur goodness from literal dinos in the game's wilderness to dinosaur-themed items and content features. Of course, the addition of dinosaurs is a primary part of the patch, with over 10 new...

Vague Patch Notes: The perils of comparing MMOs to each other

So the other day I read perhaps the worst Tower of Fantasy review I could have possibly read. It was most certainly not the very good one our own Chris turned in, but it was a negative review. But that in and of itself doesn't make it a bad review. Sometimes two people play the same game and have...
I grew up on a farm.

Final Fantasy XIV previews Buried Memory’s Island Sanctuary gameplay and parasol dance emote

It's only a few more days until the next Final Fantasy XIV patch arrives, but there's still more of the patch to be shown off to eager players before that happens. The official site has accordingly posted several new images including a look at what Island Sanctuary gameplay will resemble in action, complete with cute light activewear ensemble, and...
Yay, it's a tree.

World of Warcraft previews more zones of Northrend for Wrath of the Lich King Classic, gears up for the Great Push competition

Honestly, the odds are good that if you're looking forward to the next classic expansion in World of Warcraft, you don't really need zone previews. You already know that Wrath of the Lich King Classic will include Dragonblight, aka "that zone everyone goes to because it ends in the Wrathgate event," and Grizzly Hills, aka "that zone nobody goes...

Past Fate enters open alpha on Steam after a brief authentication delay

This reads like one of the most basic headlines in MOP history, but that's because the news really is as simple as that: The indie sandbox MMORPG Past Fate is now in open alpha on Steam following a couple of days' delay as a result of some authentication requirements for the platform. Readers will remember that open alpha was scheduled...

Grimdark MMO Mad World confirms 2022 launch as ‘permanent open beta,’ aims for a primary male audience

Jandisoft's Mad World is looking more and more like a candidate for a 2022 release: Not only did we spot a new "winter 2022" window on its Steam page, but now the studio itself confirmed that the grimdark MMO should be out before the new year. " next step is open beta," said Jandisoft. "We are planning to release it...

Lord of the Rings Online’s next two zones leak as Embracer buys up rights to the LOTR franchise

There's a big announcement on the horizon for Lord of the Rings Online -- but it may have just been leaked from the game's test server. Maps emerged on Reddit showing two brand-new zones for Eriador, the lower-level region, that should be coming out later this year with Update 34. The leaked regions are Swanfleet and Cardolan, sizable maps that...

The Daily Grind: Have you ever bought an MMO lockbox?

It's not exactly a controversial statement on this site to say that lockboxes are bad. We don't like them. Our readers don't like them. We've all been saying so for over a decade. The only people who do like them are the people who are actually profiting off of these particular monetization schemes, and pretty much no one here...

The Stream Team: Back to Balmorra for more SWTOR Republic Galactic Loremaster tasks

Are you ready for Massively OP's Larry and MJ to return to the Empire in SWTOR? Well, sadly that's not happening today; the two have more Galactic Loremaster tasks to complete on the Republic side before they can move back to their regular characters. With any luck, this will be their last journey among the light-siders for a while...

Destiny 2 hypes up its August 23 showcase and upcoming changes to Arc subclasses

Just in case you forgot, the devs of Destiny 2 would like fans to remember that Tuesday, August 23rd, will bring a showcase presentation to outline what's next for the looter shooter while also talking up a few new details related to the event. First off, the showcase will provide multilingual support for French, Simplified Chinese, Korean, German, Japanese, Spanish,...