Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak sees its final update with a new monster variant, new quests, and new skills

Today has seen the final content update arrive to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, which is being called a "bonus update" owing to the fact that the expansion's story was originally intended to end with Title Update 5. Regardless, the new update is here for players on Nintendo Switch and Steam, and as that header indicates, players will have to...
My old wounds are acting up and stuff.

Star Wars: The Old Republic will launch Old Wounds on June 13

It's just about time to head back to Voss in Star Wars: The Old Republic. No, not because you're leveling another alt through the story and you're anxious about the switch to Broadsword, but because patch 7.3, Old Wounds, arrives on June 13th. That update will see players returning to Voss in a previously unexplored area, the Interpreter's Retreat....

Summer Game Fest 2023: Grinding Gear Games releases new Path of Exile 2 trailer

Way back in 2019, Grinding Gear Games announced a sequel for Path of Exile - Path of Exile 2 - and we even got our hands on it that year. But of course, not long after that, the pandemic rolled over the world, and news on the game's progress slowed to a crawl, to be teased only a few...

Summer Game Fest 2023: Throne & Liberty, Path of Exile 2, Black Desert, Wayfinder, Fae Farm, & more

We're updating at the end of this post with all the big MMO news! Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest arrives today, marking the closest thing to E3 we're gonna get in the foreseeable future. We know of at least a couple of MMORPGs and MMO-adjacent titles with trailers to show at today's event, including NCsoft's Throne & Liberty (which has teased...

DC Universe Online patches in new open world boss, new elite raid, and new ally

Would you like some more Episode 45 stuff to do in DC Universe Online? Daybreak's Dimensional Ink has answered your wish with a new content patch for the latest episode that brings... well, it brings more stuff to do. That was the answer to the question I literally just asked. Pay attention, me. This new patch has introduced a new...

EverQuest II begins Tinkerfest as Classic EverQuest sends you back to Blackburrow and Crushbone

The EverQuest franchise is heading into midsummer events this week, both in EverQuest II and Classic EverQuest. In original flavor EverQuest, Daybreak has unleashed Hardcore Heritage 2023, a two-parter event that runs through US Independence Day. The studio boosts old-school dungeons like Unrest and Crushbone so they're more suitable for high-end toons, with rewards commensurate with their new level. "Phase...

Star Citizen recounts May’s dev progress on vehicles, Pyro, and new missions as its Pride Month contest returns

Cloud Imperium Games has once more put together its monthly development report for Star Citizen, which once again recounts May's granular development steps and offers some hints at features that are on the horizon. And that also means we'll be doing our usual plucking of some of the juicier information grapes off of the monthly report's vine. In the vehicles...

Global Chat: MMO players’ reactions to Diablo IV’s launch and SWTOR’s studio move

As the online community once again gets swept up into the hellscape of Diablo, there are no shortages of opinions about the quality of Blizzard's latest ARPG offering. Does it iterate well from past installments? What are its strengths and weaknesses? And is it -- above all -- fun? In today's special edition of Global Chat, I've rounded up a...

LOTRO Legendarium: A breezy trip through King’s Gondor

It was only this past spring that I took my level 100 Minstrel through the lands of Gondor in Lord of the Rings Online. Starting from the west, she traveled east from the sparkling sea shores and into the ever-darkening sky of a war-ravaged land until arriving at the major setpiece of Pelennor Fields. So it's with a huge sense...
Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.

Blue Protocol JP opens for pre-installation, details battle pass, and shares post-launch content roadmap

Japanese fans of Bandai-Namco's MMORPG Blue Protocol are just under a week away from enjoying the title, but the anticipation is already being kicked up, as the developers have put together another developer livestream and put out a couple of important announcements. First, the game is now available for pre-installation via the Bandai Namco launcher. Fans will have to install...

Black Desert makes final preparations for Land of the Morning Light as Mobile announces Mountain of Eternal Winter

With less than a week to go until Land of the Morning Light opens for Black Desert PC fans, the game is a flurry of final preparations, promos, and patches. Yesterday's update tweaked the Woosa, box processing, wagon speed, smugglers, newbie gear helpers, and a range of bugs, all as the pre-launch events continue rolling on. The expansion itself...
Can't keep it up.

Vague Patch Notes: Paying customers in MMOs aren’t voting shares

So let's take a tour back to the dewy slopes of 2010, when I bought the collector's edition of Final Fantasy XIV. That would be the original version, yes. That gave us all several months of free subscription time, and when that ended at long last, I... still subscribed. I have the physical collector's edition of the 2.0 launch,...

Funcom’s Dune Awakening was partly inspired by Villeneuve’s Dune duology

If the video rehashes of Funcom's Dune Awakening the past few months weren't doing it for you, then you're going to want to take a peek at today's release, which is a full-on classic dev blog discussing the survival MMO's art and environments and inspirations, courtesy of Funcom Tech Art Director Richard Cawte. "Dune is a universe so rich that...

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis enters ‘ver. 2’ with new player housing feature and several bugs

This week is likely a big one for players of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis as the June update (aka ver. 2) has made its way to the MMORPG with some major features in tow, including new player housing, new enemies, and some new visual features. The primary feature of this latest release is creative spaces, which lets players...

Tower of Fantasy merges dozens of servers all over the world today

The anime-inspired Tower of Fantasy is cinching its belt and scooping all of its players into the same place with a massive round of server merges today. The studio announced that it was consolidating 47 data servers down to just nine in regions across the world. This means that there will now be two North American shards, two in Asia-Pacific,...

AdventureQuest 3D confirms four new classes and player housing is in the works

You know what's an underrated little MMO that's pretty slick and offers plenty of cross-platform play? AdventureQuest 3D. There's always something new to see and do in this ever-expanding game, such as this summer's imminent release of the Forge of the Forlorn. This happy-go-lucky area is part of the upcoming Nulgath Saga: Part 3 update and will feature "a lot...

The Daily Grind: Would you prefer maintenance mode or sunsets for your favorite MMOs?

Let me start by making something clear: I would always prefer that a game go into maintenance mode rather than shutting down. While it may be sad to know that a game will never get another major update, it at least means that the game can still be accessed again by anyone who's curious about it. That's a good...

The Stream Team: A foray to the Fingers in SWTOR

Makeb has its share of problems in SWTOR, not the least of which is the fact it is ready to blow apart! Massively OP's Larry and MJ have to prevent this tragedy -- at least until they collect all the lore... er, we mean evacuate all the residents! And to do that, their next step is a foray into...

Return Alive is a multiplayer top-down PvPvE shooter planning an open beta on June 29

Developer KOG Games is looking to entice people with a stew of PvPvE shooting, survival and RPG elements, and a post-apocalypse setting, all from a top-down perspective. That stew's name is Return Alive, and if that sounds like something you'd want to taste, then some servings are being handed out during an open beta scheduled from June 29th to...

Warframe celebrates Pride Month with a charitable donation and fan-made cosmetics

Warframe has joined in on the delightfully growing list of MMOs that are celebrating Pride Month, with a whole selection of cosmetic items as well as a charity drive and highlights for various LGBTQ+ members of the game's streaming and creator community. Players are being invited to check out the in-game market where they can find some new Pride cosmetics...