The Stream Team: Encountering A Frosty Reception in Dungeons & Dragons Online

If there's one thing Massively OP's MJ has seen a lot of in Dungeons & Dragons Online's Feywild, it's flowers. The entire "road" is a thick carpet of wildflowers! But the next ingredient needed to wake Lord Arden from his sleeping curse is a special magical flower from the Bitterspine Mountains, the Frosted Cerise. But to try to...

Massively Overthinking: Does challenging solo content belong in MMORPGs?

Star Wars The Old Republic's plan to implement new solo challenge content called Ventures in its Desperate Defiance patch raised more than one eyebrow around the MMORPG genre. There are plenty of people who consider solo content in MMOs to be, well, the antithesis of what MMOs are all about. Some folks think solo leveling content is problematic, never...

Nearly 6500 people tried out sandbox MMORPG BitCraft’s last alpha – the next is coming in June

Following its closed alpha earlier this spring, Clockwork Labs has a new producer letter up how sandbox BitCraft is faring - and where it's going next. The team says that the alpha saw nearly 6500 players spend at least an hour in the test, with multiple multiplayer settlements constructed during the test and 83 people in the biggest one. "We were...

XDefiant’s free-to-play launch recovers after initial matchmaking server issues

This week brought another competitive FPS game to the multiplayer world in the form of XDefiant, Ubisoft's swing at making a team vs. team arena shooter. The game's initial announcement touted its fast pace, intense gunplay, and customizable loadouts, while also promising a player friendly free-to-play business model. XDefiant's initial launch didn't dodge the usual bullet of tech issues unfortunately,...
weird viera

Co-op raiding roguelike Rabbit & Steel celebrates passing 100,000 copies sold

When you're a solo indie developer, it's hard to know when a game is going to resonate with a potential audience, especially when that game is already kind of a niche project. Like, say, a game whose whole premise is emulating raid fights (seemingly inspired by a specific game) in a roguelike non-MMO with multiplayer. But it seems Rabbit...

Temtem offers a closer look at gameplay features and the end of monetization coming in patch 1.7

The penultimate patch for the critter-catching MMO Temtem is nigh. Crema Games has offered up a sneak peek at patch 1.7, which will herald a new season, a new side activity, and most importantly, the end of monetization as updates to the game will soon dry up. The main feature for this patch will, of course, be the removal of...

Extraction shooter Hawked launches Issue 2: Dark Arrival with new PvP ranked mode

MY.GAMES is blasting out a big update for Hawked as of today - and yes, it's calling Hawked an "online treasure-hunting game" (OTHG?) as well as a multiplayer extraction shooter. Live on PC and console - and newly on Xbox One and EGS - is Issue 2: Dark Arrival, which promises to "elevate players' treasure-hunting experience to new heights." "In...

Diablo II Resurrected launches its seventh ladder season today

There's good news for fans of Diablo II: Resurrected who like blitzing through the OARPG as fast as possible to make it to the top of a leaderboard: The game's seventh ladder season is on the horizon, arriving to players starting on today - Thursday, May 23rd. This next seasonal ladder climb will otherwise be no different from the six...

Helldivers 2 CEO steps down into a lead developer role and outlines his general vision for improvements

The name of Johan Pilestedt has been one of the more memorable ones for fans of Helldivers 2, particularly for his candid level of communication and interaction with the playerbase despite being the CEO for developer Arrowhead Game Studios. If that behavior seemed to suggest he'd rather be making games than running a company, then your presumption proved to...

Elder Scrolls Online deep-dives Gold Road’s Lucent Citadel raid and Mirrormoor Incursions

A week and a half out from the launch of Gold Road on PC, ZeniMax Online Studios is previewing the big group content en route to Elder Scrolls Online when the chapter arrives - starting with the Lucent Citadel. Lucent Citadel is a 12-person raid in an ancient daedric bastion in Fargrave. Multiple NPC groups are descending upon it, all...

Here’s how Star Trek Online’s new gender- and species-swap token will work

Star Trek Online's Unparalleled update isn't just about new story content and missions: It's also packing a major quality-of-life feature in the form of buyable gender- and species-swapping. "When Star Trek Online: Unparalleled launches on PC on May 28th, we’ll also be launching a brand new purchasable token: The Captain Alteration Token," Cryptic says. "This new feature will allow you...

Perfect Ten: My top 10 favorite MMOs across two decades

Normally in these Perfect Ten lists, I'm very outward-facing. I like to create lists that are as helpful or amusing as possible for others looking for certain MMOs. But today I'm going to be as selfishly indulgent as possible and share my top favorite titles in this genre over the two-plus decades of playing. Maybe you'll find it helpful...

Town-management survivalbox ASKA releases new vid ahead of demo and early access

We're less than a month away from the early access launch of ASKA, a fresh multiplayer survival game with a Viking theme and a town-management vibe, and today, Thunderful and Sand Sailor Studio have released a new deep-dive video on the game's survival mechanics. The eyecandy vid walks players through setting up camp, being eaten by bears, reuiniting your...

Vague Patch Notes: Why I am no longer anticipating Blue Protocol

Last year, I was pretty jazzed about Blue Protocol. I've actually been pretty jazzed about it for a while, but last year it looked like it had the wind at its back, and I even wrote a whole column about why I was looking forward to it. Of course, because it's me, I also couched all of that in...
Yay, a thing we didn't want.

Overwatch 2 is killing its Hero Mastery Gauntlet PvE mode at the end of season 10

Blizzard is apparently taking an axe to yet another PvE-esque mode in Overwatch 2 as it winds down Hero Mastery Gauntlet for good at the end of Season 10, a little less than a month away. "As we prepare for Season 11, we’ve taken the time to evaluate a variety of game modes based on how much they are being...

Dune Awakening reportedly begins sending out closed beta invites

While Dune: Awakening appears to have failed to strike the hot iron of the recent movie's popularity, it is making something akin to forward momentum, as fans on the MMORPG subreddit are reporting that closed beta invites are arriving to inboxes. The whole thing is really just that simple, with emails confirming that keys will be sent out provided players...

EverQuest launches Teek and Tormax, a new pair of time-locked expansion servers for subscribers

The O.G. EverQuest is at it again, as the classic MMO launched a pair of highly anticipated new time-locked progression (TLP) shards this week for subscribers. This marks the first time that EverQuest rolled out two, rather than one, new TLP servers since 2021. So say hello to Teek and Tormax! Tormax is a standard time-locked server, with a new...

World of Warcraft will finally implement story mode raids starting with The War Within

It's taken a mighty long time to get here and years upon years of players begging for it, but come this fall, World of Warcraft will finally add a story mode to its raids so that soloers or smaller groups can also enjoy the scenery and lore. Initially, this will roll out in The War Within's first raid, Nerub-ar...
Grats, I guess.

The Daily Grind: Is there a popular MMORPG you’ve still never played?

I've been playing MMORPGs so long that it's a rare title that I've never tried at all. There are tons of MMOs I've at least given the ol' college try before I bounced off of them, like Black Desert and New World. And I can certainly understand why a lot of folks never played Ultima Online or Asheron's Call,...

The Stream Team: Returning to SWTOR for a killer pup-bot

If there is one way to entice Massively OP's MJ back into a game, it's by giving her a pet! And SWTOR is offering a puppy, or pup-bot to be exact. Who could resist adding a man's -- or Jedi's, or agent's -- best friend to their companion roster? MJ certainly can't, and she's dragging Larry back with her....