Massively on the Go: Pokemon Go teases strong spotlights coming in July

Niantic has now released the July events for Pokemon GO and, so far, it's not exactly exciting. July Community Day is Starly, and as it's using the same model that disappointed us in June, but with a vastly inferior Starly getting a move that will make it only about 1% more useful in raids, we were already in for a...
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ArcheAge adjusts hero missions and conflict times as XLGames secures a trademark for ArcheWar

There's a little something for the present and future prospects of ArcheAge in this news post. We'll start with the present state of affairs, specifically a recent patch that has made adjustments to earning Leadership in Hero Missions, improved Ipnya Ridge weekly quests and daily Cracking Eggs quests, and adjusted the times for the Akasch Invasion as well as...

WoW Factor: Looking at Dragonflight’s release schedule with math

It's been a really long time since we've gotten to have some math up ins. You know by this point that I really like having math-centric columns when it comes to expansion release dates and what-not, but I didn't actually do one when Dragonflight was first announced because... well, because World of Warcraft had given me a bunch of...

Pokemon Go’s Niantic scuttles four more gaming projects and lays off 85+ people

Niantic, the company that named itself after a whaling vessel abandoned for the goldrush, admitted yesterday that it is shuttering four more gaming projects, leading to 85-90 people being laid off. While three of the projects seemed barely formed, one of them is apparently the MMOARG Transformers: Heavy Metal, though the official site has yet to make this announcement....

Diablo II Resurrected releases its multiplayer lobby update as an ARPG guide site drops Diablo Immortal

Earlier this week, Diablo II: Resurrected announced an update meant to "elevate multiplayer lobbies for console and PC." That update has arrived on schedule, introducing a number of features to make playing with others easier. One of the major features for this update is another expansion of the games search list, which will now find a larger number of game...

Rumor: Xbox Store listing suggests Skull and Bones is releasing November 2022

The rumors around the impending release for multiplayer pirating title Skull and Bones continue to mount. A supposed new leak found by dataminer Aggiornamenti Lumia on the Xbox Store confirms a release date of Tuesday, November 8th, along with some pre-order goodies and DLC like missions, an art book, and a Smuggler's Pass token, which suggests some form of...

LOTRO starts testing the Elladan and Elrohir patch, now with free monster play

Elrond babies, they'll make their dreams come true! Elrond babies, they'll do the same for you... now in Lord of the Rings Online's Update 33.1, which can be found on the Bullroarer test server. Standing Stone Games began testing LOTRO's July patch this week, offering players a first glimpse at the new "Further Adventures of Elladan and Elrohir" story. The...

Gaijin opens summer closed beta signups for ‘aquatic adventure MMO’ Age of Water

Remember way back in 2020 - I know, I'm sorry to make you do this - when Gaijin took the wraps off a new PC MMO called Age of Water? MOP's Chris lovingly referred to it as "Moist Crossout," which was crude but fair, as the game centered on customizing boats, fighting pirates and merchant vessels, and exploring the...

Lost Ark’s Wrath of the Covetous Legion is set to launch this morning

Happy patch day to everyone but the remaining Lost Ark bots! Yep, Amazon is pushing out Wrath of the Covetous Legion, Lost Ark's June update, today after a brief delay; it brings with it the Vykas Legion raid, the Kungelanium Guardian raid, the Thronespire dungeon for solo fans, and Heartbeat Island, the most important raid of all... "Need some R&R...

The Daily Grind: Would you start playing an MMO in soft maintenance mode?

Some games officially announce when they're going into maintenance mode. (And some games then update more than some non-maintenance titles, but that's an exception.) But an awful lot of games just... stop having more than new occasional events and are very clearly not being updated, yet they are still available for play. You can go play one of those...

The Stream Team: Backseat Streaming the roller derby roughhousing of Roller Champions

The Stream Team is coming back once again with a completely distinct and never before played game in the bi-weekly Backseat Streaming series! This time, we're getting a look at Roller Champions, a free-to-play mix of roller derby and basketball. Expect flashy colors, hard hits, and high-speed rollerblading hijinks as MOP's MJ & Chris pull into the drive-in today...

MapleStory tweaks explorer classes in latest update and takes applications for player-built content in Project MOD

The latest news coming out of MapleStory might come as a surprise to players and fans of the side-scrolling MMORPG. We begin with the Destiny: Remastered update, which has applied a slew of changes to the game's 14 original explorer classes that promise improved skills, better animations, and new story segments. The update has also kicked off Starlight Symphony...

Conan Exiles provides video previews of Age of Sorcery’s magic system, talent points, and building updates

While it might be nice to read about the various systems the Age of Sorcery update is adding to Conan Exiles, sometimes seeing these features in action through the format of video is better. Luckily, the devs of the survival sandbox have provided a couple such previews. The meat of the video sneak peeks come from a livestream last week,...

Lineage II kicks off watermelon celebrations in all of its various incarnations

We know what you might be thinking. "Sure, I'm looking forward to summer events in Lineage II," you think, "but what if my preferred event isn't coming to my preferred version of the game?" If that's been on your list of worries, you can take heart that all three incarnations of the title are getting the same watermelon-filled festivities...

Dual Universe releases its Mercury update while it looks back at two years of beta

Followers of the sci-fi building sandbox Dual Universe have likely been hearing a lot about the Mercury update all this month, but now is the time to experience it themselves: Mercury has officially gone live, bringing a few new things for the game's players. The party piece of the update is the Alioth Exchange, which will let players showcase a...

Fallout TV series unveils several members of its regular cast

Back in 2020, we learned that a TV series based on Fallout was in the works. The initial announcement confirmed that this new series would be on Amazon Prime Video and would be helmed by the creators of Westworld, while an announcement this past January confirmed that production was set to start later this year. We now have a fresh...

Overwatch 2 has started its second round of closed beta testing

Have you been looking forward to a chance to dip your superheroic shooting toes into the closed beta of Overwatch 2? Then you're probably going to want to keep an eye on your email inbox and spam folders because the next round of testing invites has started to circulate. This current closed beta test will introduce things like the Push...

EverQuest II officially launches its 64-bit servers and client

The slow, inexorable march of technological advancement has once again forced an old game to adapt to more current requirements. Yesterday saw EverQuest II make the 64-bit switch for both its server infrastructure and its game client. Of course, this update wasn't a surprise, as Darkpaw Games put out a notice this past March about the upgrade and what it...
This was smart. This was a good plan. I'm glad we're doing this.

Blizzard reassures players that Wrath of the Lich King Classic will in fact have quest helper features in it

So let's recap. Recently, an interview with lead software engineer Brian Birmingham and principal systems designer Kris Zierhut on the WoW Classic team had been making its way around the World of Warcraft community, as it included Birmingham stating that Wrath of the Lich King Classic would not feature the quest helping features like automatic waypoints that were added...

The Stream Team: One last hunt in Monster Hunter Rise before Sunbreak

It's the eve of the Sunbreak expansion of Monster Hunter Rise, and MOP's Chris has so many more monsters to bonk in the face before he's ready to go. It's time once again for another round of big critter face smashing as we get one final hunt in the base game done today at 2:00 p.m. EDT! What: Monster Hunter...