Betawatch: Temtem outlines its launch monetization plans

The Temtem launch window is still a few months away, but the team behind the game has been keeping up a steady stream of communication with its past week or so of development updates. Case in point, the latest update on exactly how the game's monetization is going to work, along with the final archipelago for the game and...

The Stream Team: Playing with the new puppies in AQ3D

Want a puppy? You can have one in AQ3D thanks to the newest update! Obviously the pet-loving Massively OP's MJ cannot resist the charms of those four-legged friends and will be instantly trying to get one. However, since she's still trying to get that last item for her cat pet quest, she's not necessarily expecting the road to doggy...

Player-run cyberpunk MMO Neocron balances weapons and armor in latest update

While the player-controlled cyberpunk MMO Neocron has had some flashy updates before like the one that polished up visuals and combat, sometimes other patches need to be applied that are less sexy. Such is the case for its most recent update, which is primarily focusing on balance. The adjustments in question are pretty specific, tweaking certain melee weapons, armor, nanites,...

Lineage II’s latest event asks players to buy digital cookies and trade them for lockboxes

Have you ever taken part in a bake sale in an MMORPG? You're apparently invited to one in Lineage II during its Ranking Festival event, which will let players trade in buff-granting cookies they have to buy with real money for free lockboxes. What a deal? All that's required is for players to purchase Real Growth Cookies for a special...

Bungie talks up the return of Freelance Trials of Osiris to Destiny 2 as it sues a DMCA troll for $7.6M

For those who want to take on the Trials of Osiris PvP mode in Destiny 2 but don't really feel like forming a group, there's good news for you: Freelance mode is making a comeback, letting solo players join in on the competitive PvP mode this coming weekend. "Whether you’re playing for engrams or playing for that coveted Lighthouse...

Sea of Thieves patches in a new Golden Sands outpost, teases its next adventure and Season 7 details

The actions of Sea of Thieves players have had their consequences, as players have come together to save the Golden Sands outpost, meaning that it is now back open for business in the title's latest patch. The New Golden Sands (which is its official name) is slowly recovering from the events of the last adventure as the fog lifts, rebuilding...

Craftopia checks in with another preview of its developing open world update

Craftopia is still working on the seamless map update it announced in July of 2021. Don't believe me? Then perhaps this update post on the game's Steam page is convincing enough. Look at the pretty pictures! So pretty. It's not all pictures of course, as the post additionally talks up updates being made to dungeons in order to make them...

Ubisoft CEO cuts $300K out of his salary because of poor fiscal performance, takes a victory lap on hiring women

Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, is taking the game company's lowered financial outlook personally, making the "personal decision" to remove €310,607, or about $327,000 USD, from his salary that he would have otherwise received as part of his annual variable compensation - money that is awarded to him due to company performance. The self-imposed pay slashing is because Ubisoft "had...

Elder Scrolls Online’s afternoon livestream is agog for Billy Boyd and Brahgas

Have you been having fun with the Tales of Tribute TCG in The Elder Scrolls Online's High Isle chapter? Maybe you've liked the game, enjoyed trying to climb the leaderboard, or maybe you've been delighted by actor Billy Boyd's turn as the NPC Brahgas. If that last point is you, then you'll definitely want to tune in to ESO...

The Stream Team: CMA Live starts its run at V Rising

Yes, MOP's Chris was starting off in the vampiric survival sandbox V Rising on OPTV a couple of weeks ago, but this time's for real as he begins his Choose My Adventure column for the month featuring the game. Join him today at 2:00 p.m. EDT as he kicks off another CMA Live with... What: V Rising Who: Chris Neal When: 2:00...

Tonight’s Champions Online official costume contest challenges players with creating a mascot

What would the mascot outfit for the Millennium City Fighting Catfish look like? That's the kind of question players of Champions Online are being asked to ponder in the game's next official costume contest, which is centered around the theme of creating a unique mascot. Players are invited to create a mascot based on "any aspect of the game, any...

And lo, Fallout 76’s Mothman event returned, and the world did tremble

The Mothman is the greatest cryptid of Fallout 76's Appalachia -- and if you're either very lucky or very unfortunate, you might get to spot the legendary beast in your travels. However, if you want to improve the odds of a sighting, you can dive into the Mothman Equinox event, which has returned to the game through July 12th. "Calling...
Swingy and choppy.

Swords of Legends Online deploys its latest patch with more story, new zones, and added instances

Could someone politely let the team behind Swords of Legends Online know that you're allowed to have a website article be long? It can even be quite long, you don't have to put your patch notes behind a PDF that isn't even manually linked in the article. But hey, the important thing is that the game's most recent patch...

Star Citizen previews derelict settlements and a new dynamic event arriving in Alpha 3.17.2

Alpha 3.17 of Star Citizen is going to be getting a patch soon, and in that patch players can look forward to a couple of new pieces of content, which were showcased in this week's Inside Star Citizen episode: settlements that have been built around a crashed Reclaimer, and the new Siege of Orison dynamic event. The first half of...

Tencent teases the announcement of a new open-world MMO powered by Unreal Engine 5 next week

With all of the summertime games showcases fluttering around like tree pollen, it's probably easy to kind of lose track of one or two of them, so you can be forgiven for not knowing about Spark, the games showcase run by Chinese gaming giant Tencent. We call attention to this year's event because it will apparently be the platform...

WoW Factor: All right, so we’re going to speedrun to Dragonflight after all

Well all right, then. This was unexpected. I honestly did not expect that Blizzard's need for content would overwhelm basic needs of testing and maintenance, but it turns out that the company is at least now stating the expansion is totally going to come out this year and World of Warcraft will not have an expansion year slip by...

Lost Ark explains the June patch’s delay, removes P2W statted cosmetics from update

Though Amazon has delayed Lost Ark's summer patch - to the very last day of June - that hasn't put a damper on the team's dev blogs. The latest is an update on what's coming (or more specifically, what isn't) and why the delay needed to happen. "While we originally hoped to release the June update earlier in the month,...
I've made a horrible mistake.

Diablo Immortal player outlines how he used 600M gold from World of Warcraft to buff his gems

By now, players of Diablo Immortal are likely familiar with the Redditor Daymeeuhn; he's the guy who first calculated the real money cost to get BiS to be over $100K, then amended that figure down to $50K-$80K. He's back once again with a new Reddit thread, which details how he beefed up his character's gems using gold from World...

Steam’s Summer Sale 2022 slashes prices on New World, Endwalker, Classic Guild Wars, and more

Steam's Summer Sale is upon us once again, and this morning you might even be able to access it without everything timing out! There are some notable MMORPGs and MMO-adjacent multiplayer titles taking part in the sale you might want to know about. We're not gonna name everything, but some highlights: New World is down to $23.99 Final Fantasy XIV's...

Zenith claims VR MMO is doing ‘fantastic,’ addresses gliding controversy

Virtual reality MMORPG Zenith claims it's doing "fantastic" in the months following the game's release. "Since we launched the patch, we've seen our peak concurrency numbers roughly double and sustain at a much higher level than before," the devs reported. "We've seen our new users per day double from pre-launch." However, all is not virtual roses in this gaming garden. Drastic...