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Elder Scrolls Online just announced the High Isle chapter and Legacy of the Bretons arc

During this afternoon's big reveal stream, ZeniMax Online Studios announced The Elder Scrolls Online's major content update for this year's Legacy of the Bretons year-long...

Atlas expands and bosses multiply in Path of Exile’s Siege of the Atlas expansion, launching February 4th

In Path of Exile's history of consistent, regular updates, sometimes there is a larger focus on the league, and sometimes its on the expansion...
Something less than inspiring.

SWTOR drops new Legacy of the Sith trailer, outlines unwelcome gearing changes

With very little time until Star Wars: The Old Republic launches its next expansion, Legacy of the Sith, the developers appear to be engaging in a...

Lost Ark talks name reservations, endgame challenge, and the new level cap ahead of launch

We're just two weeks away from Lost Ark's big western debut now, and Smilegate and Amazon are tuning up the engines to prepare players...

Old School RuneScape previews a new runecraft minigame, unleashes League III patch

Those who pursue the skill line of runecrafting in Old School RuneScape can probably appreciate that leveling the skill is a pretty arduous endeavor....
Specter of fun.

Elyon details February server merge, patches in Lunar New Year event and season pass

When the server merge happens for Elyon on February 16th, there are oh so many reasons why your character might be deleted. Do you have...
Very balanced.

Path of Exile outlines extensive balance changes and the philosophy behind them for Siege of the Atlas

You can perhaps fault the Path of Exile designers for laying out walls of text that require advanced knowledge of most of the game to...

Into the Echo discusses time travel, ‘hub-and-spoke’ leveling, and community progression in an interview

Last August we caught wind of Into the Echo, a time-traveling MMO from Canadian developer Etlok Studios that promised features like an emphasis on...

Ship of Heroes bumps beta to spring, reveals City of Heroes- and SWTOR-inspired base building system

Well, you probably noticed that our indie MMO of 2021, Ship of Heroes, did not make it to its December beta as planned, seeing...

Profane discusses skills and how players will acquire them in Twitter thread

It's time for another Profane Twitter thread! No, not a thread of angry, expletive-filled postings on Twitter, but a Twitter thread from the devs...

Guild Wars 2 maps out its next three reveals, plans End of Dragons launch celebration for ‘late February’

During the recording of today's MassivelyOP Podcast, Justin and I joked that Guild Wars 2 would wait until we were recording to announce anything...
Walk free.

Final Fantasy XIV plans maintenance for its new Oceania data center and its latest patch

The good news for Final Fantasy XIV players still waiting through slow queue times is that the game is getting a whole new data center...

Palia promises discoverable lore and questlines that sees players ‘navigate negative emotional experiences’

The month of January hasn't seen any major developmental announcements from Palia, the self-described "cozy community sim MMO." That said, there have been a...

Mad World shares new gameplay trailer ahead of its February 23 alpha 5.0 test

There are a few weeks left before Mad World kicks out its alpha 5.0 test, but players following along the grimdark multiplayer ARPG can...

Destiny 2 tackles reward drops, the gunsmith, and gearing up for Witch Queen

With The Witch Queen inching ever closer to her arrival in Destiny 2, the "loot" part of the looter shooter is going to see...
Yeah, that makes sense.

Old School RuneScape outlines Shattered Relics League fixes, starts returning lost items in Group Ironman storage

Old School RuneScape has been busy fixing, patching, and correcting a gaggle of bugs according to a recent update post from Jagex. The post...

New World tries to sell endgame players on expedition mutators

With an ever-increasing number of players in New World reaching the level cap, Amazon's come under pressure to provide meaty endgame content to keep...

Fractured’s character creation is going to make tabletop roleplayers feel right at home

Ever since Gamigo's announcement that it had secured publishing rights to Kickstarted MMORPG Fractured - now called Fractured Online - developer Dynamight Studios has...

EverQuest II’s Kael Drakkel alt ruleset server is level agnostic, launching February 22

One of the near-future releases teased in EverQuest II's roadmap earlier this week was the promise of a new alternate ruleset server. As of...

New World interview: Mutators, the midgame, the level 30 wall, and more

Amazon dropped a positively massive video for New World this week, going in-depth on the January update and peeking ahead into what players can...