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Destiny 2 shows off the new supers coming in The Final Shape and keeps fighting crafted weapon glitches

Every expansion of Destiny 2 brings new supers to the game's three classes, but since there won't be any new element in The Final...
Second Trailer

Tales of the Shire is an upcoming cozy game based in Middle-earth due for 2024

So Tales of the Shire is a thing that's coming out. Here is what we know about it: It is a cozy game set...

Sea of Thieves is adding a super limited private instanced version called Safer Seas

When Sea of Thieves long-delayed Season 10 launches October 19th, it's bringing several new features that will hopefully justify the wait. First, it's adding...

Fallout 76 confirms two-part Atlantic City update lands starting December 5, with PTR arriving October 3

Back in June, Fallout 76 announced plans for an Atlantic City expedition, though it was less like an announcement and more like a bookend...

New World offers advice for newbies, returnees, PvE, and PvP players heading into Rise of the Angry Earth

Amazon's New World has two chunks of news for players eager to head into Aeternum before the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion in...

Elder Scrolls Online’s update 40 and Endless Archive are on the PTR as ZeniMax eyes Japanese console launch

ZeniMax Online Studios is wasting no time putting MMO gamers to work testing Elder Scrolls Online's Endless Archive content, as update 40 has already...
but mah namedays

Final Fantasy XIV is launching a tabletop RPG starter set in May 2024

If you've ever stared at your Dungeons & Dragons books, then at your Final Fantasy XIV lore books, and then muttered to yourself that...

Lord of the Rings Online gives a sneak peak of Corsairs of Umbar’s landscape

Lord of the Rings Online's fall expansion finally has an official name (and logo): Corsairs of Umbar. Standing Stone Games revealed this in a...

Sandbox MMORPG Pax Dei discusses its server size and tech in latest dev blog

Server size is very often the sort of question that comes to mind when most genre fans hear about a new game, especially those...

Black Desert makes season servers permanent, launches Land of the Morning Light on mobile next week

It's Wednesday, so you know what that means: a deluge of news from Pearl Abyss' Black Desert. First, the mobile version of the game announced...

Final Fantasy XIV x KFC crossover video depicts Colonel Sanders as a Black Mage

First of all, we wish to assuage any concerns by reminding people that Final Fantasy XIV does indeed contain chickens. So this video tweeted...

Albion Online details Wild Blood’s new player island biomes – and multiple farms per toon

Of all the content going into Albion Online's Wild Blood patch next month, the islands and farming rework has been the bit that caught...

Interview: How Dauntless’ weapon revamp will affect development and gameplay

Last month, Dauntless announced a far-reaching change to weapons, with individual weapons becoming more distinct, a new swapping mechanic that lets players switch between...

Lost Ark’s Mokoko Kindergarten ark pass launches tomorrow

Now don't take this the wrong way, but Lost Ark is going to send you back to school. It's going to school you. It...

Star Citizen confirms HDR support and what items will persist in alpha 3.20’s release

Looking to make your brights brighter and your shadows shadowier in Star Citizen? Then you'll be in luck once alpha 3.20 goes live because...

Tower of Fantasy’s new character Fei Se dances her way into the game September 26

Video game logic dictates things that aren't conventionally weapons are absolutely deadly. Take for instance Fei Se, the new character coming to Tower of...

The Wagadu Chronicles releases a gameplay trailer ahead of its early access release

Developer Twin Drums is continuing to step on the hype engine gas pedal for its developing MMORPG The Wagadu Chronicles and its impending early...

New World rebuts ‘pay-to-win’ accusations from PvPers eyeing Rise of the Angry Earth’s item level bumps

Amazon's Scot Lane, David Verfaillie, and Katy Kaszynski are back with a new video for New World, its 50th Forged in Aeternum, and because...
Good, well-thought-out plans.

Last Oasis breaks its silence with confirmation of mod support and Season 6 development

Do you remember Last Oasis? It's all right if you don't - the game has been radio silent for almost a year, with the...
Everything old is claimed to be new again.

WoW Classic pits players against the Lich King – with the dungeon finder – on October 10

Finally, at long last, players will get a chance to kill the Lich King in World of Warcraft! That is, if you somehow missed...