RSS (aka Rich Site Summary aka Really Simple Syndication) is a syndication tool that allows savvy readers to follow blogs through a third-party program (an RSS reader or feed reader) on their devices and be informed when those sites update. Using an RSS reader, you can follow the entirety of Massively OP or just selected tags, categories, games, topics, or authors. Many of MOP’s own writers use Feedly to aggregate their favorite blogs, but there are lots of other options. In most cases, you can append “/feed” to the end of a category, tag, or author page and create your own feed link to upload into your reader, but here are a few popular options.

The main site feed

RSS link for this feed This feed pulls everything we publish

Feeds by writer

RSS link for this feed Bree Royce
RSS link for this feed Justin Olivetti
RSS link for this feed Eliot Lefebvre
RSS link for this feed MJ Guthrie
RSS link for this feed Larry Everett
RSS link for this feed Matt Daniel
RSS link for this feed Brendan Drain
RSS link for this feed Tina Lauro
RSS link for this feed Andrew Ross

Feeds by column or feature

See our complete columns list.

Feeds by game

Open any link on our MMO games list and append /feed/ to the end to follow just that game.