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Interview: New World’s Scot Lane on Edengrove housing, transmog tokens, and more

In part one of my interview with New World's game director Scot Lane, we covered topics such as the game's past, future plans, and...

Interview: New World’s Scot Lane on the MMO’s past, future, and upcoming dungeon finder

New World launched two years ago today. While it may have stumbled out of the gate, I believe it has since evolved into one...

The Stream Team: Star Trek Online’s Incursion with Cryptic’s CM

Star Trek Online: Incursion is out, and it's full of trouble from other dimensions! Massively OP's MJ has already fought off The Borg from...

Final Fantasy XIV x KFC crossover video depicts Colonel Sanders as a Black Mage

First of all, we wish to assuage any concerns by reminding people that Final Fantasy XIV does indeed contain chickens. So this video tweeted...

Interview: How Dauntless’ weapon revamp will affect development and gameplay

Last month, Dauntless announced a far-reaching change to weapons, with individual weapons becoming more distinct, a new swapping mechanic that lets players switch between...
Hollow Knee.

Final Fantasy XIV’s free trial will continue to expand, but don’t expect a free-to-play switch anytime soon

One of the many long-standing memes among the Final Fantasy XIV community is the one about the MMORPG's free trial, which will be expanding...

World of Warcraft contemplates buyable trader’s tender and an old world revamp

We all learned about World of Warcraft's Guardians of the Dream patch in terms of its overall location and content offerings yesterday, along with...

Bethesda vows to ‘keep working on’ Redfall, arguing it doesn’t ‘quit or abandon stuff’

Most eyes are on Bethesda and its sprawling single-player space epic Starfield, particularly in light of the RPG's bugs and how previous game releases...

Lost Ark interview: Amazon talks jump-start servers, battle royale, dodging power creep, and more

Lost Ark has had a whirlwind August, first with the release of a major roadmap for the game, then with the launch of the...

TennoCon 2023: The soul of Soulframe is healing, redemption, and cute critters

Last year's TennoCon introduced us to a tease of Digital Extreme's new upcoming game, Soulframe. Since then, MMO gamers - including me - have...
Plue Brotocol.

Blue Protocol interview addresses the western version’s combat, story, and content cadence

Blue Protocol is one of the many MMOPRGs that are represented at Gamescom 2023, particularly the Amazon Games-published western edition of the title. That...

TennoCon 2023: Warframe’s Whispers in the Walls adds new narrative, hub, and Tenno ‘skin’

What is TennoCon but the opportunity to debut something big for Warframe? Every year Digital Extremes introduces players to new and exciting content that's...

Diablo IV general manager: ‘We made some sort of mistake in managing expectations’

While Diablo IV's sold well enough in the run-up to launch, nobody can say that it's been a smooth ride for Blizzard's online ARPG....
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Throne & Liberty details changes to PvP, cash shop, and autoplay features at Gamescom

With Gamescom 2023 well and truly underway, the western version of Throne & Liberty aims to make a solid showing in light of its...

Riot Games exec says MMO is still in early phases, but the studio is ‘committed to the genre’

A conversation between a Chinese streamer and a Riot Games executive indicated that we're still in for quite the wait to see Riot's unnamed...

Singularity 6 interview: Palia is the cozy cottagecore sandbox to beat as it begins closed beta

The label "cozy" is in increasing danger of becoming a watered-down label thanks to how much it's being used in culture these days. Yet...

ExileCon 2023: Path of Exile 2 introduces dodge rolling and instant weapon/skill swapping

If there is one thing that Grinding Gear Games excels at, it is the meaty info dump! The studio is really great at other...

ExileCon 2023: Path of Exile 2 is now a true sequel with a closed beta June 7, 2024

ExileCon 2023 kicked off this evening as Path of Exile fans have gathered both live in New Zealand and in front of screens all...

The Stream Team: Daring to delve Neverwinter’s Demonweb Pits dungeon with devs

Now that Neverwinter's 26th module is out, Massively OP's MJ has the chance to explore a whole new zone -- Narbondellyn. As the conclusion...

Guild Wars 2 talks up the return of Zojja and voice actor Felicia Day

With all of the things coming to Guild Wars 2 when Secrets of the Obscure launches, one of the more exciting pieces for long-time...