We’re not even going to try to sort out the patches from the updates from the iterations from the campaigns and expansions and expanshalones. If it’s something going into an MMO that’s already out, it lands in this category! [Follow this category’s RSS feed]

The Stream Team: AQ3D’s Nulgath Saga moves Into the Oversoul

Last time in AQ3D's Nulgath Saga, Massively OP's MJ watched as the Victor Lionfang and his paladins were corrupted. Now, she is seeking out...

ArcheAge’s latest events feature a chance at cute convertibles and returning animal onesies

ArcheAge is apparently trying to get as adorable as possible with its pair of major events this week, both of which are full of...

Star Citizen talks up the future of tractor beams while fixes for alpha 3.18 continue to inch along

Star Citizen would very much like it if people could focus on what's next for a bit as the Inside Star Citizen videos continue...
Musical what

Tower of Fantasy releases information about its next major update, Under the Great Sea, releasing March 30

So Tower of Fantasy has released a theme song for update 2.4, Under the Great Sea, and it will enrage you if you are...

World of Warships goes rubber ducky crazy once again for its annual April Fools’ event

Rubber ducky, you're the one. You make naval fights so much fun. That's right, rubber duck fights are back again in World of Warships'...

Elite Dangerous delays update 15 and ‘major feature rework,’ re-opens console transfers in April

I'm afraid that while the latest Elite Dangerous missive was seemingly intended to bring players into the loop of the game's current development, it's...

MapleStory brings back playable Yeti and Pink Bean classes for a limited time in latest update

Over the past week,MapleStory has been talking up its Double Trouble Recharge update, particularly as it features the return of limited-time opportunities to play...

Diablo-inspired indie OARPG Last Epoch is finally putting multiplayer through its paces

If you've got the Diablo bug right now but don't want to give Blizzard money or sit around twiddling your thumbs until Diablo IV's...

Albion Online compensates players after Albion West outage, adds clusters to Albion East

Albion Online has had a whirlwind of a week with the formal free-to-play launch of its Albion East server on Monday. Yesterday, Sandbox Interactive...
Yeah, that makes sense.

Old School RuneScape adds final batch of classic quests to speedrunning worlds and battles server issues

We're seeing something of a last hurrah for Old School RuneScape players on the quest speedrunning worlds, as those servers are getting their last...
Cool out.

World of Warcraft’s Ion Hazzikostas discusses the underused Work Orders and plans for character customization in a new interview

If you've looked at the work orders available on your server in World of Warcraft and found that there, uh... aren't any, you aren't...

Valheim teases Ashlands biome, Hildir’s camp, and ‘fortress time’

Still riding high off the early access launch of survival sandbox Valheim on Xbox earlier this month, Iron Gate Studios is back with a...

Neverwinter opens up about next week’s Precipice of War battle pass

A new battle pass is coming to Neverwinter next week that will run for over three months. And like previous passes, this one will...

Black Desert brings more materials to PC, changes Wizard’s model on console, preps a US in-person event

This week brings more goodies to multiple versions of Black Desert, but perhaps more interestingly are extra details for an next in-person event that...
We're so bleeping dark.

Mortal Online 2 assembles a video showcase for its new elementalism magic patch

If you're into the power of the elements -- or have a retro fondness for Captain Planet and the Planeteers -- then you might...

Lord of the Rings Online’s Return to Carn Dûm launches today with new dungeons and the Warden/Captain revamps

It's patch day for Lord of the Rings Online, and update 35 is is no small patch: It's Return to Carn Dûm, which rolls...

First impressions of Destiny 2’s Lightfall – through the lens of a long-lapsed player

Destiny 2 and I have a long and kind of weird history. I was along for the ride when this game first launched primarily...

Tower of Fantasy gets ready to add Lan to its gacha pool of simulacra

Where all my Tower of Fantasy peeps at? If you have a soft spot for this eye-catching online RPG, then you'll be interested to...

New World’s new video suggests season passes should take around 50 hours to complete

The latest edition of New World's Forged in Aeternum dev vlog is all about the game's upcoming seasonal monetization and cadence. Amazon creative director...

Star Citizen focuses on deploying alpha 3.18.1 patch as a fix for the game’s ongoing issues

As the players and devs of Star Citizen continue to wrestle with the game's ongoing alpha 3.18 issues, new word on progress is being...