We’re not even going to try to sort out the patches from the updates from the iterations from the campaigns and expansions and expanshalones. If it’s something going into an MMO that’s already out, it lands in this category! [Follow this category’s RSS feed]

Guild Wars 2 latest update buffs WvW PvP, adds jade bot terminals to Central Tyria

As promised, ArenaNet has pushed live Guild Wars 2's WvW update as of this afternoon. PvE players with End of Dragons masteries will want to...

Lost Ark previews February 8 update, bumps the Artist up to March (instead of April)

Amazon has just updated Lost Ark's roadmap, and it leads off with some extremely good news: The Artist class, which wasn't expected to launch...

Final Fantasy XIV director expresses frustration and confusion as another world first clear is won via addon use

It would appear that Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida has McFreaking had it with addons being used in order for raid...

Elite Dangerous brings clearer Thargoid War UI, system reset tweaks, and new frontline content today

A fresh new patch for Update 14 launches today in Elite: Dangerous, and by all accounts it's bringing some features that players have been...

The Elder Scrolls Online sends Scribes of Fate to the PTS, sets EU datacenter upgrades for April

While Elder Scrolls Online fans are understandably buzzing about the launch of Necrom late this spring, the game's first big arrival of the year...
And listen.

World of Warcraft looks deeper behind the scenes of Veritistrasz’s quest

It's a bit of a shame that one of the most emotionally engaging quests in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is one of the expansion's...

Aliens Fireteam Elite makes its Cistern map a permanent feature and opens reward pools to all modes

Last time we heard word from Aliens: Fireteam Elite, it released a new vertical map called Cistern complete with holiday-themed rewards for players to...

Whatever happened to Swords of Legends Online?

A funny thing happened as we were moving through our news room today. Bree noted out of the blue that we hadn't seen any...

Astroneer’s Awakening update introduces a mysterious new mission chain and UI improvements

What awaits in the center of the solar system in Astroneer? Science would tell you it's a sun, but a newly added mission chain...

Book of Travels updates with FPS capping, lamp intensity, and bug fixes

Book of Travels' latest patch doesn't have new "content," but what it does have is just about as important, as it brings another long...

The Adventurer’s Domain Online makes a ‘rough around the edges’ early access debut

The Adventurer's Domain Online, a developing MMORPG that aspires to meld old-school vibes with modern action combat, officially arrived into Steam early access last...

Siege-centered PvP MMO Warlander makes its free-to-play launch, is immediately flooded with cheaters

A few weeks ago we caught wind of Warlander, a self-described MMO focused on online castle siege warfare with up to 100 players that...

Diablo III brings a talent tree-granting new season to its public test realm January 31

Players of Diablo III can now pretty much expect each new season of the ARPG will bring some form of distinct mechanical shift for...

Warframe blasts off next month to Star Days and the new Citrine frame

While many other online RPGs are slowly revving up for releases later this spring or summer, Warframe is all about delivering the goods as...

The MOP Up: Meet Starfall, a new indie Minecraft MMO

So many amazing projects have been birthed from Minecraft over the past decade-plus, including fully formed games. One of the newer of these is...

Lord of the Rings Online devs talk about upcoming Captain, Warden, and PvMP changes

With big changes on the way for two of Lord of the Rings Online's longtime classes, the MMO's studio is not resting on mere...

Dungeons and Dragons Online discusses new raid, character model updates, and lag fixes in livestream

Players of Dungeons and Dragons Online were full of questions about the MMORPG's new roadmap, so naturally the devs were full of some answers...

Tower of Fantasy unveils a frosty karate robot coming to the roster on February 2

Have you ever worn shoes that could kill? You will be if you're going to be playing as Alyss, the new Simulacrum arriving to...
That's not a Dolyak.

Guild Wars 2 previews the changes coming to WvW with the update on January 31

Despite your continued practice of wearing a t-shirt in Guild Wars 2 proclaiming you as "CHIEF DOLYAK DESTROYER STILL THE BEST SINCE 2013" and...

Hearthstone applies balance adjustments to Battlegrounds, Duels, and several of its latest cards

With Hearthstone's March of the Lich King expansion now almost two months old, the devs of the online CCG have had time to take...