We’re not even going to try to sort out the patches from the updates from the iterations from the campaigns and expansions and expanshalones. If it’s something going into an MMO that’s already out, it lands in this category! [Follow this category’s RSS feed]

Closers teases more story and a new character as Fun Month begins

We're going to preface this Closers news story with a little bit of forewarning: The video shared by the anime MMO recently is probably...

ARK Survival Ascended opens temporary Scorched Earth servers, confirms premium mods for consoles in April

Evidently there are a lot of fans who are trying to get into the Scorched Earth map of ARK: Survival Ascended - enough that...

TERA is celebrating its sixth anniversary… on console, that is, because PC is still dead

Did you forget TERA was still alive? On console, anyway. The game's latest update opens the Draakon Arena dungeon in regular and hard mode,...

World of Warships adds the historical USS Wisconsin – and funds the restoration of the real deal

World of Warships is bringing an absolute unit of a ship to bear with its April patch. Update 13.3 arrived a few days ago...

Survival MMO Myth of Empires hopes to make ancient Greek armor cool again

Two months out from launch, survival sandbox Myth of Empires is ramping up for post-release civilizations. One of those is Greece, which is slated...

Embers Adrift begins testing ‘content compression’ that seeks to address several gameplay issues

Does climbing up to a maximum of 50 levels in Embers Adrift fill you with a sense of dread? Would climbing up to 30...
Your manager says you should shut up.

Wisdom of Nym: Benchmarks, better graphics, and bountiful schedules for Final Fantasy XIV

What kind of deal does Final Fantasy XIV have with the Yo-Kai Watch people? For some reason this event keeps not just re-running but...

Albion Online is shaken to its Foundations with today’s massive territory update

While Albion Online is currently in the middle of open beta for the Albion Europe server - players have just under nine days to...

Guild Wars 2 teases next expansion, plans cosmetic inspection, and preps Super Adventure Box

Furbish up your "Fashion Wars" jokes, friends, because Guild Wars 2 is leaning hard into it. This morning, ArenaNet announced that this week's update...

Last Epoch ends floating capes, t-posing mages, and other bugs in latest patch

Life in the OARPG of Last Epoch has hopefully gotten a whole lot less buggy thanks to its most recent patch, which has primarily...

The MOP Up: Skull & Bones’ immersive soundscapes

Skull & Bones hasn't been making many splashes since its debut back in February, but it did drop another video dev blog, this one...

Dungeons and Dragons Online introduces new loyalty rewards for VIP subbers

Dungeons & Dragons Online is making its subscription more enticing with the introduction of loyalty rewards. According to Standing Stone Games' latest dev blog...

Final Fantasy XIV shares pre-Dawntrail schedule, releases the benchmark on April 14

Want to make yourself a Hrothgal in Final Fantasy XIV? Want to see what you'll look like Vipering about? (Yes, Viper is not a...
Ultimate Alt-Line.

Ultima Online’s publish 117 sends players scavenging for pirate hats on the high seas

The release of Ultima Online's publish 117 to the live servers isn't far off now, as the third set of patch notes hit the...

Genshin Impact’s April 24 update adds a new area, new events, and a new frenemy

Normally when Genshin Impact introduces a new character to its big giant gacha machine (which incidentally has helped developer Hoyoverse to be valued at...

Star Wars Galaxies Legends expands its bounty hunting system into space with this week’s patch

Hot on the heels of its spring newsletter, Star Wars Galaxies rogue server SWG Legends has dropped its April content update, and as one...

New World is still mopping up exploits and server crashes post-Season of the Guardian

Amazon has continued shoring up New World in the wake of last week's slippery Season of the Guardian, with multiple updates this week. For starters,...

Diablo IV boss discusses whether season 4 constitutes a whole new game

If I had a nickel for every time a game dev or a gamer insisted that a patch to a game constituted a whole...
You know the joke is coming.

Zenith Infinite Realms rolls out its second season with Frostrealm

Yes, that header is not lying to you; the second season of Zenith: Infinite Realms will indeed feature the aurora borealis. At this time...

After months of retooling, Evercore Heroes comes back as a three-player co-op roguelite

Back in October 2022, we were all first introduced to Evercore Heroes, an isometric "competitive PvE" title that tasked opposing teams with completing PvE...