the daily grind

No, it’s not a slow news day; it’s just The Daily Grind, a long-running morning feature in which the Massively Overpowered writers pose gaming-related questions to the MMORPG community. [Follow this feature’s RSS feed]

The Daily Grind: Transform an MMO into a better game by changing one letter in its title

Last week, all productivity in the MOP office ground to a halt when we started playing a game to change an MMO's title into...

The Daily Grind: Do your visits to new MMOs just make you want to return your home MMO?

Last weekend, I was away on a mini-vacation with my kids; we zipped down to Florida for my brother's beach wedding, then zipped back,...

The Daily Grind: Are there any standard MMO UI elements you consider ‘optional’?

Back in February, MMO YouTuber MarleMMO reminded me that Ashes of Creation is planning to obscure enemy health bars during PvP - a concept...

The Daily Grind: How much do graphics matter to you in an MMORPG?

Anyone who says that graphics in an MMORPG don't matter at all who is not playing a MUSH is gently lying to you because...

The Daily Grind: How important is music to your MMO experience?

It's hard for me to fathom going anywhere or doing anything without music as part of the background of my life. That's certainly true...

My Little Pony fan MMO Legends of Equestria is closing its European server

Last year, we did a Daily Grind asking about interest in a My Little Pony MMORPG, and y'all reminded me that we actually have...

The Daily Grind: Do alternate and classic servers risk alienating existing MMO fans?

Back in December, Guild Wars 2 boss Josh Davis told fans that "alternate servers and hardcore modes aren’t a priority for ArenaNet," as the...

Massively Overthinking: MMOs and ‘fresh piece of gum’ syndrome

Back in March, MOP reader Exarch Cathedra posted a comment to a Daily Grind about daily logins and sticky MMOs that caught my attention,...

The Daily Grind: Have you ever backed an MMO kickstarter?

Back around the time when I first was getting my sea legs on Massively-that-was, donating to an MMO Kickstarter was basically a rite of...

The Daily Grind: What are the most intimidating bears in MMORPGs?

Last week I was in Montana to go fly fishing, and I was told that it was bear season. All the grizzlies and black...
Bree's modded Oblivion game

The Daily Grind: What problematic MMO trends have you become inured to?

I was reading a review of a certain tiny MMO the other day when a line jumped out at me. The player was complaining...

The Daily Grind: Do you have any embarrassing MMO-related habits?

I was having a laugh at myself the other day because I saw an ad for those little finger chopsticks - you know, those...
The scholar sees when you do not index things, and he is not impressed.

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite weird MMO zone?

I do not know what the sixth zone in Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail will be, but I know it's going to be wild. The...

The Daily Grind: How long is an ideal boss fight in an MMORPG?

I tend to have a bone to pick with World of Warcraft's boss fights, which is a bit of an issue when there are...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO dev deserves sainthood for putting up with us MMO players?

The other day, Justin and I were joking about the Allan "Orion" Maki interview that turned out to be a massive three-hour affair. Orion...
It could be fantastic, at least.

The Daily Grind: What would your dream genre be for a non-fantasy MMORPG?

Fantasy, as a genre, is pretty thoroughly represented in games of all stripes. Video games, tabletop games, and so forth. What can you say?...

The Daily Grind: What percent of your MMO gaming should be combat?

MMO combat is fun. It is. I love trying out combat skills, grouping with friends to take down bosses, and hearing the sound of...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the worst localization?

Back in March, Chris covered a Mad World patch that had the both of us scratching our heads: The English translation of the game's party system UI was using the term "mob" for "party" or "group." While you can kind of see the logic, it's not something an actual professional localization team would ever do, as the word mob means something entirely different in English-language games.

The Daily Grind: Do you ever cringe at stuff you used to do in MMORPGs?

I've probably told this story before, but a whole lot of my early gaming characters from when I was younger, including in MMORPGs, were...
So, fine.

The Daily Grind: Who’s the MMO NPC you love to hate?

I will never stop making fun of Prince Rurik in the original Guild Wars. It will simply never happen. No one else is going...