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Eliot Lefebvre has been writing on Massively Overpowered since it was created after a long and illustrious career of writing about video games for half a decade on some other site that you might have heard about. He currently pens Wisdom of Nym for Final Fantasy XIV, WoW Factor for World of Warcraft, and the rotating adventures of Choose My Adventure. He also shares writing duties on Perfect Ten and writes some nonsense for What Are You Playing. No photos of him standing next to Abraham Lincoln have surfaced, coincidentally.

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Blog: Eliot-Lefebvre.com

Lineage II looks forward to updates for both live and Classic in early 2019

The next year will bring stuff for Lineage II. That's the takeaway from the new producer's letter for the game looking forward to everything...
Of course, you can argue that the lack of BfA is actually a positive.

China’s third round of game approvals still omits Tencent and NetEase

There are a lot of game companies in China, but Tencent and NetEase are the two titans with huge stables of titles, numerous online...
In we go.

Anthem is just under a month away from official launch, but weekend VIP demo downloading has begun

If you've been looking forward to Anthem, you have about a month to go until it has launched for everyone. The game's full launch...

Long before Diablo Immortal, the franchise nearly had… Diablo Junior

We hear that if you look into a mirror with the lights off and say "Diablo Immortal" three times, the Prime Evil himself...
A fine tradition.

Star Wars: The Old Republic fan petition asks for more funding for the game to give it new life

The state of Star Wars: The Old Republic is an odd one. It would seem odd to contend that the game is dying, but...
Well, it's still there.

World of Warcraft patches in its new raid and its new season of items for Tides of Vengeance

It's time to head into the Battle of Dazar'alor in World of Warcraft, so long as you've got a regular group to head...
There are no spoilers in this image.

Guild Wars 2 developers discuss the big dramatic ending of the latest Living World episode

Who likes big surprises in video game stories? All right, now who likes having those big dramatic moments spoiled ahead of time? If the...
Caw! Polly is no longer the apex predator!

Atlas hackers strike again with the return of the dreaded air whale

It's raining whales! What the heck, it's now raining whales?! Hoist sails! That's the ancient sea shanty players of Atlas were learning to sing...
Serveers (artist interpretation)

Pagan Online’s weekend test cancelled due to server overload

The good news about the Pagan Online stress testing that was meant to occur over the past weekend is that it did exactly...
When you've got tons of promo work to go back through.

MapleStory 2 is retiring Toad’s Toolkit on January 31

The latest producer's letter from MapleStory 2 describes Toad's Toolkit as an experiment, an attempt by the designers to address a clear issue...
Never seen a bluer sky.

Wisdom of Nym: A measured evaluation of Final Fantasy XIV’s Blue Mage

It's fair to say that a lot was riding on the first limited job for Final Fantasy XIV. It's not just that the job...

Dragon Saga is a sidescrolling MMO brawler you probably didn’t know existed

Hey, are you itching for a new game to play in the "sidescrolling MMORPG beat-em-up" subgenre? It seems weird that this is a whole...
happy birthday to me

The Daily Grind: Do you wish more MMOs celebrated character birthdays?

It always struck me as a cute trick that the original Guild Wars gave your characters birthday presents. Sometimes they were even valuable birthday presents,...
Eh, close enough, right?

WRUP: Reasons why you have angered the minotaurs edition

You have angered the minotaur. That was dumb. If you already know why you have angered this minotaur (and, by extension, the remainder of...

Betawatch: Atlas addresses hacks and gets hacked

Screw you, hackers in Atlas! You don't get to ruin this game for people, according to the developers! They're working to fight...
this is fine

Nexon founder’s controlling shares in the company are now officially up for sale

Remember how Nexon's founder and 98.64% share holder Kim Jung-ju made it clear early this month that he was looking into selling his...
Knives out.

Diablo III patches in Season 16 while investors see a bright potential future for Diablo Immortal

The latest patch for Diablo III is currently available, and it adds the game's sixteenth season to the game. Of course, that's...

WoW Factor: No, Activision is not the reason you’re unhappy with World of Warcraft

There's a narrative that's been making the rounds for a little while now among the World of Warcraft community, buoyed a lot by the...

Aion outlines the changes to make the Enchanting system a bit easier

Do you like melting lots of good but unnecessary items to get your best item to have slightly better stats? If so, you are...
We have your son in custody. We also have your older, fatter, balder son.

Final Fantasy XIV’s Korean community welcomes the Grandpa of Light

Longtime players of Final Fantasy XIV may well remember Isildaure, the elderly Elezen whose granddaughter Alianne accompanies him into joining the Scions and then...