Massively Overpowered launched as an independent MMORPG website on February 10th, 2015, after its founding staff’s previous site, Massively.com on the Joystiq network, was sunsetted by its parent corporation. Having already spent seven years building up a rich community with substantial content, the staff of Massively Overpowered still strives to deliver nuanced and entertaining news, streams, and editorials focused on the vibrant massively multiplayer online roleplaying games market and orbiting genres.

Our old articles are archived under Engadget; friend of the site @decompiler whipped up this lovely search tool for unearthing buried Massively posts there. The Internet Archive is also wonderful.

The staff
Bree Royce, Editor-in-Chief (@nbrianna)
Justin Olivetti, Senior Reporter (@Sypster)
Eliot Lefebvre, Senior Reporter (@Eliot_Lefebvre)
MJ Guthrie, Community Manager (@MJ_Guthrie)
Larry Everett, Reporter (@Shaddoe)
Brendan Drain, Reporter (@nyphur)
Tina Lauro Pollock, Reporter (@purpletinabeans)
Matt Daniel, Reporter (@Matt_DanielMVOP)
Andrew Ross, Reporter (@dengarsw)
Dave Hubner, Tech Engineer (@hubnerd)
Paul Thorman, Sales Manager

Contact us
We welcome news tips from our readers and press releases from MMO studios. Please drop us a note. PR folks, we’re happy to send you our contact information so you can place us on your press lists; just reach out through our contact form.

Jobs at MOP
We are not currently hiring. We’ll post when we are!

Advertising inquiries to our sales manager can be made through our contact page.

We are currently able to do small- to large-size key giveaways and limited swag giveaways. Please contact us.

Ethics statement
The Massively Overpowered team is committed to ethical games journalism. Our staff are permitted to accept from studios games and game accounts only for editorial purposes, travel and lodging only for approved and valid studio events, and swag valued too little to pose any conflict of interest (under $50). Staff are not permitted to write about games or direct competitors to games in which they have a personal or familial stake. Staff must disclose all potential conflicts of interest to the editorial leadership or risk termination. Relevant conflicts as well as any studio accommodations will be disclosed in relevant articles in a dedicated effort to maintain transparency. MOP is partly funded through advertising, but we will not publish advertorials, sponsored content, native advertising, or advertisements that rely on trickery to be effective. Ad sales are conducted by a non-editorial staff member and kept separate from editorial processes. All articles will be appropriately sourced and their tipsters credited; the identities of our anonymous sources will be protected. We do not publish scored reviews of MMOs.

We recommend reading up on our terms of service, privacy policy, community code of conduct, and contest and giveaway rules.

The company
Massively Overpowered is wholly owned and operated by Overpowered Media Group, LLC, an independent, small business founded by and for our writing team in 2015. Our remote contractors hail from eight US states as well as England and Northern Ireland. We are formally based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

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