Massively Overpowered re-launched as an independent MMORPG website on February 10th, 2015, after its founding staff’s previous site, Massively.com on the Joystiq network, was sunsetted by its parent corporation after seven years online. Thanks to its long history in the genre and generous community, the staff of MassivelyOP still strives to deliver nuanced and entertaining news, streams, and editorials focused on the vibrant massively multiplayer online roleplaying games market and orbiting genres. If it’s multiplayer and it’s online, we probably cover it, but our core focus will always be MMORPGs.

The staff

Contact us
We welcome news tips from our readers and press releases from MMO studios. Please drop us a note. PR folks, we’re happy to send you our contact information so you can place us on your press lists; just reach out through our contact form. If you’d like to contact a specific writer, you can do so the same way; just remember that everyone who writes for the site is a contractor and that articles are assigned or commissioned and go through an editorial process, so issues with an article should be addressed to the editor, not the individual writers.

Jobs at MOP
We are not currently hiring. We’ll post when we are; we love to hire our readers!

Advertising inquiries to our sales manager can be made through our contact page.

We are currently able to do small- to large-size key giveaways and limited swag giveaways. Please contact us.

Ethics statement
The Massively Overpowered team is committed to ethical games journalism. Our staff are permitted to accept from studios games and game accounts only for editorial purposes, travel and lodging only for approved and valid studio events, and swag valued too little to pose any conflict of interest (under $50). Staff are not permitted to write about games or direct competitors to games in which they have a personal or familial stake. Staff must disclose all potential conflicts of interest to the editorial leadership or risk termination. Relevant conflicts as well as any studio accommodations will be disclosed in relevant articles in a dedicated effort to maintain transparency. MOP is partly funded through advertising, but we will not publish advertorials, sponsored articles, native advertising, or advertisements that rely on trickery to be effective. Podcast sponsorships and/or stream commercials will be clearly disclosed on air. Advertising is coordinated by a non-editorial staff member through an independent ad network and kept wholly separate from editorial processes. All articles will be appropriately sourced and their tipsters credited; the identities of our anonymous sources will be protected. We do not publish scored reviews of MMOs.

We recommend reading up on our terms of service, privacy policy, community code of conduct, and contest and giveaway rules.

The company
Massively Overpowered is wholly owned and operated by Overpowered Media Group, LLC, an independent, small business founded by and for our writing team in 2015. Our remote contractors hail from ten US states as well as the UK and Canada. We are formally based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.


How can I contribute to the site? You’re awesome. You can chip in through our Patreon, which has its own set of donor rewards, or PayPal. You can also help by spreading the word about the site to other MMORPG players and circulating our best posts on Reddit and social media (seriously, it’s a huge help). Twitch users can also subscribe to our channel and donate directly through our Streams (use your free Twitch Prime sub on us!). We are heavily ad-supported, which means whitelisting us in your ad-blockers is incredibly helpful. We also have affiliates, links for which will be displayed prominently on posts when logical; registering for games and buying stuff from them through us help us too.

How can I find old articles on Massively-that-was? Our old articles are archived under Engadget; friend of the site @decompiler whipped up this lovely search tool for unearthing buried Massively posts there. The Internet Archive is also wonderful.

Can I buy a Mo plushie? We did do a run of Mo-branded t-shirts in 2015 and again in 2016. Plushies turn out to cost much more to manufacture than anyone should pay for a stuffed toy, though we’d really love to have them ourselves someday. We’ll let everyone know as we launch these projects!

How do I get my Kickstarter or Patreon reward? Please drop us a note with your Kickstarter or Patreon name or email (and check your messages on each service!) so we can help. Kickstarter folks due rewards should have received a survey and related Kickstarter messages in 2015; Patreon folks due rewards should be receiving (in some cases) yearly, monthly, or even weekly messages depending on tier. We usually try to take care of them by the middle of the month after you donated, so if you donate to Patreon in January, Patreon will charge you at the end of January and remit that to us in early February, and we’ll contact you soon after that.

How can I report a gross ad? We never intentionally place annoying or harmful ads on our website; that doesn’t work in the short-run and damages us in the long-run. But sometimes we get a bad ad through the network, and if that happens, the best thing you can do to help is let us know so that we can work with our ad network to clean it up – they’re great and always respond to the issues you guys send in. We appreciate your patience and assistance!

How can I properly whitelist your ads in Firefox? Use “standard” content blocking, not “strict.”

How does your article linking system work? We always link the first mention of a game to its respective tag page, at the top of which will be universal information pertaining to that game, including its official site, followed by other articles about that game (here’s an example). Some studios, people, and genre lingo will also have helpful tag pages. We’ll also pepper our articles with links to relevant internal articles, internal tags, and external sources. At the bottom of our news articles, you’ll also find separate links to the specific external sources referenced in the post. Games with affiliate links will also have an overt link to the affiliate landing page.

Why don’t you cover a specific game more? It could be that our readers or writers aren’t interested, or it could be that we’re not aware of what’s going on in the game. If there’s a game or event or news blast you think we should cover, please do send us a tip about it. We absolutely welcome such tips and do our best to credit tipsters. You can check to see whether we’ve covered the game using the search tool or by typing the game name in as a tag: for example, to find articles about Warframe, you’d type: http://massivelyop.com/tag/warframe

How can I report a copycat or scraper? Send us an email with the link so we can take appropriate legal action (it actually works, so it’s worth it). We appreciate your looking out for us!

How do I comment on an article? All of our comment-related stuff is now located on our community page. You’ll find help as well as our code of conduct there!

Is there a night mode/dark mode for the site? Not natively, but MMO Patron Yrys has very generously offered up his own custom css file for that purpose – you’ll need to load it through a browser plugin like Stylus or Stylish!

Are you guys doing forums? At this stage, probably not; the comments are a heavy load as it is. We might finally open the gates of our Discord instead, but we’ll let everyone know as that happens.

How do I follow some but not all of your content? Our RSS explanation page ought to be a big help.

Is there a way to surf all the content on the site with standard pagination (rather than load more/lazy load)? Yep! You want classic mode.

Are you going to keep using that Firefall bus picture whenever you get the opportunity? Yes. Yes we are.