Sandbox MMO Pax Dei has officially entered early access for at least the next year


If you’re a Pax Dei founder pack owner, you’re about to have a fun Tuesday, as Mainframe Industries has officially launched the survival-tinged sandbox MMORPG into early access as of 8 a.m. EDT. The studio expects to hold the game in early access for at least a year, and yes, there’s much more development – and wipes – on the way, including updates to the economy, combat systems, and monetization.

Mainframe posted to Discord this morning noting that players who purchased the game through the launcher will automatically be flagged for early access, while folks who bought founder packs through the official site have been emailed keys as of early this morning, so you’ll need to plug that into Steam. “Once EA is live, you will be able to upgrade your pack to a higher one,” the studio says. “If you bought the game for the launcher, the upgrade will happen on the website; if you purchased a Steam key, the upgrade will need to be done on Steam.” Packages start around $43 US, with larger buy-ins securing more land.

If it seems as if Pax Dei came out of nowhere, you’re not entirely wrong; we first caught wind of it in 2021 when it was backed by Microsoft and Xbox, but it was only fully revealed to gamers in March 2023, so it’s been part of the MMORPG consciousness for only about 15 months.

MOP Fight or Kite columnist Sam Kash sunk some time into the alpha earlier this spring, finding it surprisingly group-centered and grindy, particularly the crafting. Fortunately, he had a guild even in alpha, but it’s a bit of forewarning to people thinking about going at it alone.

Source: Discord, Steam
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