Destiny 2 tackles reward drops, the gunsmith, and gearing up for Witch Queen

With The Witch Queen inching ever closer to her arrival in Destiny 2, the "loot" part of the looter shooter is going to see...

The MOP Up: Vendetta Online adds 27 custom missions

Vendetta Online warped into the new year with a slew of events, more functionality for capships, and 27 additional custom-made missions. Reader Jason keyed us...

The Daily Grind: Are you a big spender or super thrifty in MMOs?

There are always things to spend in-game currency on in every single MMO. Always. That's kind of why it's there in the first place,...
Throw hands.

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV and the problem with the Matsuda NFT letter

What I really wanted to kick the year off right in the Wisdom of Nym column was to have to push my plans back...

ArcheAge begins swinging the banhammer against promotion and web inventory exploiters

Yesterday we reported on a massive exploit wave that swept over ArcheAge involving players taking advantage of a free mana crystal promotion as well...

ArcheAge’s free mana crystal Twitter promotion leads to a 24 hour-long exploitation spree

Back when Kakao was kicking off its relaunch of ArcheAge, it was running a Twitter promotion that promised mana crystals for players if a...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO offered the best crafting in 2021?

In years past, we've given out a formal award for the best MMO crafting, but this year we're taking a break from that. There...

It’s official: Gamigo’s new game is Kickstarted sandbox MMORPG Fractured

As we've been covering for the last couple of weeks, Gamigo's been teasing a big new secret MMORPG, and the community was already pretty...

ArcheAge players call out for a classic edition, but Kakao is noncomittal

With the change of ownership and relaunch of ArcheAge, some players are hoping that they might see a return to a simpler -- and...
Absolutely a niche.

Vague Patch Notes: There’s nothing wrong with being a niche MMO

So Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen doesn't want to be seen as a niche game. Visionary Realms' recent interview saying so was clearly bewildering to...

ArcheAge retools fresh start server plan, drops notes for massive day-one patch, teases 2022 plans

Got everything in the ArcheAge AMA committed to memory? Good because Kakao's already moving on with new dropped dev blogs on what to expect...

New World’s latest problem appears to be… scores of fishing bots

Huh, something's fishy around New World. Looks like some bad players are angling for an edge by employing bots because they'd flounder otherwise. But...

The Daily Grind: What are some disappointing systems in great MMOs?

I want to talk about Guild Wars 2's food. You guys, Guild Wars 2's food is so good. The icons are good. The names...

New World rolls back European servers to correct over-generous tax refunds

It may be a New World, but this continued mess is getting awfully old. Yesterday, European players started reporting that they were granted huge...

The MOP Up: Guild Wars 2 pulls back the curtain on narrative design

Guild Wars 2 Associate Narrative Director Bobby Stein has an interesting essay up about "shepherding stories" for the MMO with a focus on diverse...

Guild Wars 2 player discovers infinite gem bug in new payment processing service – and yes, it’s now fixed

Last week, ArenaNet decided that it was going to use a new payment processing service for those who are buying gems in Guild Wars...

New World says it’s banned over 1660 exploiters and purged 98% of duped stuff from the economy

Hey, cheaters: If you thought the sheer volume of exploits rampaging around New World the last month and change meant you'd slip by under...

Star Citizen’s alpha 3.15 is live with new health and death mechanics plus lootable corpses

CIG has been making a lot of noise about the "Death of a Spaceman" and the "vision" of Chris Roberts in bringing more consequences...

Gloria Victis is free-to-play until November 15 ahead of its upcoming full release

In a half promotional event, half stress test, low-fantasy PvP sandbox MMORPG Gloria Victis is free-to-play through Monday, November 15th. The free play event...

Interview: Crowfall’s freemium update, small-scale PvP, new players, and the future of the game

Another month has passed, and another meaty patch is coming to Crowfall. That's right, today we'll see the latest update (7.300) arrive on the...