Fractured’s latest early access patch adds an optional sub, token exchange, and cosmetic perks


As promised, Fractured Online is rolling out patch B.2.1 today. It’s got a low-key name, but it’s a pretty sizable offering out of the early access MMORPG sandbox, as it tinkers with everything from monetization to mounts.

Notably, the patch implements the game’s optional VIP subscription membership, its token exchange interface, and founder pack VIP time. Dynamight Studios characterizes the token exchange as a way to allow everyone access to premium content (the closest cognate we know of is something like SWTOR’s Cartel Market).

“In the Token Exchange, you can trade Dynamight Tokens (premium currency) for Gold (game currency), and vice-versa. You can choose whether to create a buy/sell order for the price you like, or immediately buy/sell for the best price available. As both skins and VIP can be bought for Dynamight Tokens, the Token Exchange allows all players to get all the premium content of Fractured Online. Please note: each trade is always performed filling the buy/sell others of other players. If you’re selling your Tokens for Gold, it’s because another player put its own Gold on sale. No game currency is ever introduced into the game economy by the Token Exchange!”

Cosmetic fiends will be happy to see a new UI for mount skins, armor recolors, and character titles, plus Dynamight has added a way to claim escrow items lost on expired parcels too.

Source: Patch notes
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