Albion Online’s latest Wild Blood patch casts a wide combat balance net

Albion Online is barreling forward with fresh updates to its Wild Blood update this week as patch 2 has arrived, though it's not the...

Guild Wars 2’s weapon proliferation beta has begun as ArenaNet ungates SOTO for alts

It's weapon proliferation day in Guild Wars 2! OK, OK, it's the "Expanded Weapon Proficiency Beta," otherwise known as your first chance to try...
Sure, all right.

Wayfinder previews December update, puts off stream in absence of finalized publishing plan

While the rest of us are still nervous about the fate of Wayfinder after Digital Extremes axed its publishing department and jettisoned the game,...
Are we shut down yet?

Shroud of the Avatar prepares to celebrate 10 years of monthly updates in December

It's been almost 10 years since Shroud of the Avatar started making monthly updates - since December 2013 by Catnip Games' reckoning, which is...

Lost Ark’s Korean class balance updates won’t land in the west until January 2024

Last week saw a bit of bad news for western fans of Lost Ark when Amazon Games confirmed that class adjustments made to the...

Trove’s Punches and Potions patch adds Martial Arts and Mysticism tradeskills

Trove players have something immediate to be thankful for this week: a new patch for the cube-shaped MMO. The Punches and Potions update arrived...

AdventureQuest 3D’s new inventory system is ‘faster, smoother, better’

MJ showed up this morning to say that she's crying with happiness that AdventureQuest 3D completely overhauled its inventory system to make it "faster,...

Throne & Liberty offers about an hour worth of gameplay footage at G-Star

NCsoft was back in show-and-tell mode at this year's G-Star event as the studio hit the stage to showcase about an hour of gameplay...

Loftia checks in with progress on crafting, gathering, infrastructure, and dev tools

The cozy solarpunk "medium-ly multiplayer" Loftia might have been quiet, but it's most definitely not been idle if the November progress report from developer...

First Impressions: Warcraft Rumble is a slick but shambolic multiplayer romp

I won't say that Warcraft Rumble was at the top of my most-anticipated games of 2024, but I've been low-key excited about this title...

First Impressions: Perfect New World is an unbalanced mess right now with its ‘equilibrious’ test

This past week has been a mighty full one for our genre in terms of the number of beta tests that landed on our...

Guild Wars 2 introduces the pistol-totin’ Elementalist for testing November 28

Elementalists, your time to pew pew in Guild Wars 2 is finally here, or will be when the weapon proliferation beta goes live on...
Reveal to me your secrets! Please.

Interview: Wayfinder pauses seasons as it hunts for a publisher and rebuilds roadmap

Last week, Wayfinder fans were shaken by the news that another round of layoffs at Digital Extremes was accompanied by the dissolution of the...

Lost Ark launches the Souleater and jump-start server reconnections in today’s Soul Harvest update

This week has been a bit of bad news/good news for Lost Ark, as Amazon and Smilegate admitted earlier this week that the balance...

Mabinogi continues to improve the MMO’s quality-of-life with its November 16 Beyond update

You'd be forgiven for believing that an update called Beyond would be bringing transformational updates to Mabinogi. That's not quite the case, but the...

Black Desert tweaks gathering material drops and makes more guild juice for PC, unleashes the Bamboo Legion on mobile

When you've completed tasks for your guild in Black Desert, you just want to cool off and quench your thirst with a tall glass...

Neverwinter’s Spelljammer module sends players into Wildspace with today’s launch

As promised, today is patch day for Cryptic's Neverwinter, in spite of the shadow of studio layoffs hanging over the company thanks to Embracer's...

The Daily Grind: How extensively do you mod your UI in MMOs?

There are a couple of subjects I will gush about forever until someone kindly tells me to shush, and one of those is mods...

BlizzCon 2023: Overwatch 2 previews competitive updates, Clash game mode, and upcoming heroes

The "What's Next" panels continue to spill forth from this year's BlizzCon as Overwatch 2 talked up its next several seasons' worth of updates,...

Neverwinter details Spelljammer’s updates to boons, the Paladin class, and several UI elements

It's easy to get lost in the sauce of Neverwinter's upcoming Spelljammer module being mostly about riding the titular airship around areas of Wildspace,...