Tibia’s summer update introduces a new boss, a wave survival arena, and a literal candy land


What are you going to be up to in Tibia this summer? Well you certainly have options thanks to the 2024 summer update, which makes up for its general uninteresting patch name with a wealth of things for players to do.

One of the highlights of this patch (especially for us candy-loving goblins) is the introduction of Candia, which promises a candy-filled world with a marvelous carnival to enjoy, but only after players have brought peace to the area’s citizens; yes, expect candy monsters like a candy floss elemental.

For those who are looking for less sweets, the Rise of Podzilla quest is also available, as players will be tasked with stopping Dr. Marrow’s titular new creation in a repeatable boss fight while also enjoying “a plethora of rewarding hunting grounds [and] cunning challenges.”

For those who prefer to fight against waves of monsters without too much preamble, there’s the Soulpit, an instance that challenges up to five players with cutting down enough enemies to summon a boss monster, which in turn rewards a special animus mastery item that increases XP gained from that type of monster.

Finally, there are a series of quality-of-life updates applied with the patch including the ability to loot multiple nearby corpses at once, a quick sort feature for containers, and an improved market interface.

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