MMORPG stands for “massively multiplayer online roleplaying game.”

Temtem focuses on PvP with new season, ranked updates, and tournament features in latest patch

If you're the kind of Temtem player who enjoys doing battle against others, then you're likely going to find a lot to like in...

Monsters & Memories preps for a friends and family playtest, hopes to ‘invite the broader community’ soon

Monsters & Memories, the indie MMORPG from Niche Worlds Cult, has made its regular monthly check-in to recount progress made on development in November,...

Genfanad adds more bank space and other quality-of-life features in latest update

This past weekend saw the browser MMORPG Genfanad put out a new patch - the game's seventh since its launch in September - that...

Trove is dishing out another Friendsgiving feast between now and November 29

It's time to celebrate friends, food, and everything cubic in Trove as this year's Friendsgiving seasonal event is back again, running between today, November...

Blue Protocol confirms an early spring launch in Japan, schedules an announcement at the Game Awards

The beginning of this month saw Blue Protocol rise from its presumed grave, confirming that work is still ongoing and announcing plans for a...

NCsoft showcases gameplay and early details of its new shooter MMO Project LLL

While NCsoft elected to avoid this year's upcoming G-Star, it is once again revealing things on its own on its YouTube channel. The most...

Arcane Waters launches into access launch today – a full day early

"You know how when you're excited for something you wish it would come a day sooner? Us too," the developers of Arcane Waters told...

Blade & Soul details its Windwalk Race event and crushes some of its bugs in a hotfix

Blade & Soul has had no end of trouble getting its Great Windwalk Race event out of the door. Readers will recall that the...

Argentum Online Forever is a revived classic Argentinian MMO looking to expand its global outreach

Who here would like to check out an MMORPG from Argentina? Then your very specific interests are being served by publisher/developer NoseTu Inc Games...

Summoners War Chronicles, the free-to-play Summoners War MMO, has officially arrived to mobile and PC

Back in 2017 we got word that an MMO based on the 2014 mobile game Summoners War was on the horizon. That game ended...
Commence the jiggling.

Blue Protocol readies for another network test in Japan ‘in preparation for release’

Last week we finally heard word from Bandai Namco that Blue Protocol was indeed alive and developing after a worryingly long span of silence....

NetEase’s ‘adventure shooter MMORPG’ Ashfall offers a look at some puzzles players can solve

Back in September, we cast a light on Ashfall, a self-described "adventure shooter MMORPG" from developer Legendary Star Studios and publisher NetEase that's bringing...

Classic isometric MMORPG Ashen Empires made its Steam debut this fall

This past August we were digging up some old-school funk in the form of Ashen Empires, an isometric old-school MMORPG that first launched in...

Embers Adrift promises changes to its questing and challenge level in reaction to player feedback

With the launch month of October in the rearview mirror of Embers Adrift, the devs are now taking stock of the month that was...

Blade & Soul’s previously delayed windwalking race event gets a new release date of November 9

Last month's Symphony of Destruction patch for Blade & Soul was meant to include a windwalking race event, but unfortunately it was cancelled because...

Black Desert launches its final Path of Glory season on mobile, engages hot time boosts for PC season servers

It's time yet again for the customary weekly updates from Black Desert, specifically the mobile and PC versions of the sandbox MMORPG and their...

Netflix acquires cozy game dev studio Spry Fox, which promises work on non-violent MMO will continue

Last January we had gotten word that developer Spry Fox, the studio behind cozy games like Road Not Taken and Cozy Grove, was working...

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen is confident enough to host more frequent ‘ad-hoc’ testing in November

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen continues to beam with confidence after its reportedly highly successful October pre-alpha, so much so that the producer at...

Villagers and Heroes reopens its Haunted Moors seasonal area and adds the Blighted Isles story location

Haunted Moors, Blighted Isles: It's pretty clear what time of year it is in Villagers and Heroes. The game's most recent update has kicked...
Yes, I'm aware of the disconnect of using this as an example, just move past it.

Whatever happened to throne war MMO Crowfall?

It's been some time since we peered in on the news coming out of Crowfall, the Kickstarted PvP "throne war" MMO originally from developer...