MMORPG stands for “massively multiplayer online roleplaying game.”

Mu Online launches Season 15 Part 2, Mu Origin 2 introduces a new Rune system

Talk about MMOs that have way too many versions of themselves; it's time to look at some new updates to Mu! Specifically, the PC...

Cubox is a blocky open-world MMORPG mixture of building, crafting, and fighting

What do you get when a game smashes together elements from Minecraft, Diablo, Tibia, and Don't Starve? You apparently get something like Cubox, at...

The Daily Grind: What’s the goofiest not-an-MMO acronym you’ve seen an MMO try to adopt?

There was a phase our genre went through about five or so years ago when every new MMO - even the ones that most...

G-Star 2020 will now be an all-digital event as a result of COVID-19

G-Star, South Korea's biggest games industry show, has officially announced that it will be a fully digital affair for 2020 as a result of...

Valentine’s Day 2020 across the MMO universe

Per tradition, we've been covering the launch of Valentine's Day events in MMOs and MMORPGs over the last couple of weeks, but tomorrow is...

Why I Play: Is Star Trek Online worth playing in 2020?

Star Trek Online is a hard game to get into. When I first tried it early in my MMO career, I hated it and...

Not So Massively: Kingdom Under Fire 2 is ambitious, unique, and deeply flawed

When I first heard about Kingdom Under Fire II by publisher Gameforge, I wasn't sure what to expect. I'd heard that it combined elements...
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An MMO character ‘worth’ $1.4M was sold in China for $552

So here's a fun story of people being particularly... odd. Let's go with odd. Player A, hereafter referred to as "Scrooge McDuck," spends the...

Hypercute mobile MMO Lumia Saga begins global iOS and Android pre-registration

Chinese studio Century Game claims its new MMO is "the cutest MMORPG you'll ever play," and those are fighting words in a world with...

BlizzCon 2019: Diablo 4’s shared open world multiplayer, soloing, and trading

While Diablo Immortal wasted no time labeling itself as an MMORPG, Diablo 4 has been a bit more cagey. At BlizzCon today, developers at...

OrbusVR will let players become Tinkerers on November 5 and customize their house on November 19

OrbusVR has been hinting at its new crafting profession and house customization features for a little while now, but only recently have we gotten...

Ashen Empires emulator Dransik Rebirth is allegedly shut down by a cease and desist order

In May, our roundup of MMOs you've never heard of offered a quick look at Dransik Rebirth, a rogue server of the old-school MMORPG...

Tracing the lineage of the modern MMORPG

Do you ever wonder where the MMORPG was born? If you said, "The internet, duh," you're technically correct but also a huge smartass. But...

Battle Bards Episode 147: Continent of the Ninth Seal

Bring on the heavy makeup, electric guitars, and MMO groupies, because the Battle Bards are rock and rolling their way into Continent of the...
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Video essay attempts to identify how MMOs lost their way

Is the MMO genre dead, or has it simply lost its way? In a recent video essay, YouTuber TheHiveLeader makes the argument for the...

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen offers a closer look at the Enchanter class, posts June newsletter

When Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen goes live, I suspect the Enchanter class is the one I would gravitate toward. Its primary functions are...

MapleStory’s new Pathfinder class headlines the game’s summer update

Firing arrows, let's be honest, is pretty boring. If you're going to shoot pointy sticks at things, you need to do it with style...

The Daily Grind: Which non-MMORPG would you like to see expand into one?

It's common knowledge at this point that Overwatch is in small part salvaged from Blizzard's never-actually-made second MMORPG, although just how much of the game...

Shroud of the Avatar’s Release 66 makes adjustments to the new player experience

While you often don't get a second chance to make a first impression, those who were perhaps put off by the opening beats of...

Dauntless attracts over 6 million players in the first week following its official multi-platform launch

It's been only one week since Phoenix Labs' free-to-play monster-hunting MMORPG Dauntless officially launched on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, but in that...