MMORPG stands for “massively multiplayer online roleplaying game.”

Tencent teases the announcement of a new open-world MMO powered by Unreal Engine 5 next week

With all of the summertime games showcases fluttering around like tree pollen, it's probably easy to kind of lose track of one or two...

Skyforge’s seventh season of Pantheon Wars begins June 12 with new mechanic adjustments

Next week will see players of Skyforge across PC and consoles wage war with one another to determine the strongest of pantheons. The game's...

Atlas continues to spin up its ‘wipe hype’ with more teasers of its upcoming new season

Atlas is continuing to drum up what it calls "wipe hype" on Twitter as the game inches closer to next week's new season and...

Raph Koster’s Playable Worlds scored $25M in investment for his ‘modern sandbox MMO’

Raph Koster's Playable Worlds is inching a little closer to a playable world thanks to another cash infusion. GIbiz reports that the company has raised...

Gala Lab announces a cross-platform version of Flyff, plans registration for a southeast Asia server

For MMO gamers of a certain age, the name Flyff will possibly conjure a bit of nostalgia, or at least elicit a reaction akin...

Pixil Online is a free-to-play pixel graphics open world MMORPG for Android devices

There's always something charming about 16-bit pixel graphic MMORPGs for me. Maybe it's all of my years playing SNES JRPGs, or the hours I've...

Embers Adrift recaps updates made to the beta over the course of March

There are a few things one tends to expect out of an open development MMORPG, and one of those things is a monthly report...

Interview: Lost Ark’s regional parity, genderlocking, and the Amazon-Smilegate collaboration

A few days before the western release of Lost Ark, we posed questions to the Amazon Games team, and franchise lead Soomin Park was...

Bellatores is an in-development Unreal Engine 5 medieval MMORPG planning a release later this year

Let it never be said that game studios don't swing for the stars. Korean mobile game developer Nyou, which is responsible for titles like...

PSO2 New Genesis marks two years with a retweet campaign, adds new tasks and monsters in latest patch

While many players of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis are likely eagerly awaiting the larger April 6th update, there's been a smaller content...
Hooray for hexes!

Tabletop board game-styled MMO World Seed enters early access

It's been quite some time since we checked up on World Seed, an interesting and laid-back MMO done up in a tabletop board game...

Side-scrolling 2-D MMO Element Quest has relaunched as Sunset World Online

You'd be forgiven for having missed Element Quest, the 2-D platforming MMO inspired by MapleStory that released in November 2021 and then shut down...

Profane is looking to create a whale with harvestable resources on its body

The picture you see above is a piece of concept artwork for a very large whale that will be found in the waters of...

Not So Massively: Lost Ark is junk food gaming (in a good way)

Having originally played the alpha and the beta, I thought my plan for Lost Ark would be to play other things for the first...

New World is handing out more free server transfer tokens to players today

Today marks another important date for New World players, specifically those who have been looking to shift one of their characters to a new...

Broken Ranks officially launches, servers almost immediately melt down due to demand

Yesterday was a very busy one for Whitemoon Games, by all accounts. The Polish studio launched its turn-based tactical MMO Broken Ranks yesterday and...

Chinese martial arts MMORPG Justice Online announces western release but it can be played via cloud gaming now

Have you heard of Justice Online? Unless you live in China, probably not: It's a martial arts MMORPG based on a wuxia novel by...

Profane discusses skills and how players will acquire them in Twitter thread

It's time for another Profane Twitter thread! No, not a thread of angry, expletive-filled postings on Twitter, but a Twitter thread from the devs...

Not So Massively: Making the case for Dungeon Siege IV

Dungeon Siege is not the biggest name in ARPG field, but the franchise has always been dear to my heart. It's now been more...
Well, that sounds familiar.

Old-school MMORPG Ethyrial Echoes of Yore plans to focus its current efforts on securing funding

Development of the self-described "high risk-reward" "old-school inspired" MMORPG Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore is pressing onward, as evidenced over our previous reporting, but the...