TERA Console releases a balance patch that seeks to enhance class individuality


Most of the time when MMO gamers see the words “balance patch,” they likely envision a planar saw smoothing every class into a flat, homogenized board. Ideally that is not the case for players of TERA Console, as the MMORPG has released a new class balancing update that’s not “making simple numerical adjustments to equalize damage across all classes, but rather to maintain or enhance the individuality of each class.”

The balancing starts with a general update that unifies the damage all classes take regardless of armor type, then goes into class-by-class updates such as an increase in the time it takes for the Ninja to build up chi, some slight buffs to the Reaper, higher DPS for the Warrior, adjustments to the Slayer that ramps up their damage when attacking an enemy from the rear, and a little more mana regen for the Mystic, among other things.

While class balance is the watchword for this update, it also brings back certain attack patterns for the Draakon Arena hard mode dungeon, adjusts rewards for the Island of Dawn, and applies a host of other general game updates. Fans can get a look at all of the turned dials in the patch notes and decide for themselves whether or not balancing has hit the right notes.

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