Crafting-centric MMO Haven and Hearth is currently on its 15th world reset

Way back in 2018, we first peered in on Haven and Hearth, a simplistic-looking crafting and survival MMO that's been doin' its thang for...

Cozy multiplayer life RPG Fae Farm opens a new realm in the clouds with Skies of Azoria DLC

Who says you can't cultivate plants in the clouds? Logic? Reason? Science? Toss those out of the window and fling yourself into the Skies...

Grim Dawn overhauls nemesis boss spawns, tweaks physical resistance, and rebalances pets

The multiplayer ARPG of Grim Dawn has released another possibly impactful patch that applies some overhauls, updates, and fixes to the experience that fans...

Enlisted gets a new map, new weapons, and better graphics in its Rzhev update

When a military location is historically known as a "meat grinder," you can probably expect things to get pretty intense, which means that players...
Level up, loser.

Wisdom of Nym: MOP’s last-minute prep checklist for Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail

You have two days left to get your prep work done for Final Fantasy XIV's next expansion, and in case there's some stuff you...

Ethyrial Echoes of Yore’s angel investor acquires the whole dev studio as updates continue

Readers may remember the floundering launch of sandbox MMORPG Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore, which was bad enough that developer Gellyberry Studios lost its publisher...

Aion Classic EU’s roadmap for the rest of 2024 includes three solid content drops

Gameforge is still working Aion Classic for all its worth: This morning, it officially unveiled the second half of its roadmap for the EU...
There is another shore, you know.

Final Fantasy XIV sets an aetheryte in London ahead of Dawntrail’s launch

If anyone has an aetheryte ticket in real life and wants the cheapest trip possible to the UK, good news, as there's an aetheryte...

Throne & Liberty KR showcases updates to progression, new activities, a new region, and artifact system

Earlier this week, NCSoft brought a four hour-long smorgasbord of information out of Throne & Liberty's Korean version, with devs hosting a TL meet-up...

The Daily Grind: What should MMO subscriptions actually pay for?

When I first started playing MMORPGs, I didn't know what an expansion was because no MMORPG had ever had one. I paid my subscription...

‘Single-player MMORPG’ Erenshor adds cloud saves, improved friendly AI, and Steam Deck support to its demo

Near the middle of last year we started reporting on Erenshor, a game that attempts to recreate the experience of playing a classic MMORPG...

The MOP Up: Among Us adds three new playable roles

Highly sus game Among Us added three new roles with its latest update: Tracker (keep tabs on Crewmates via the minimap), Noisemaker (make noise...

The Stream Team: One last roulette run in Final Fantasy XIV before Dawntrail arrives

It's the last Eorzea Sunday stream of the Endwalker era! MOP's Chris and his crew are coming together for one final run of the...

EVE Echoes has spent 2024 pumping out events, balancing, new regions, new ships, and a cheater crackdown

Most of the EVE Online-shaped noise has been coming out of... well, EVE Online, particularly since its Equinox update went live and testing for...

Heidel Ball 2024: Black Desert is adding Seoul and the Dosa class, then going to the past

Given that Black Desert Online is celebrating its 10th anniversary with an event in the very town that inspired the game's first city (Heidel),...

Age of Water makes tweaks to trader resources, research, post office rewards, and dolphin sightings

The water world of Age of Water continues to get adjusted and tweaked by Three Whales Studio, as the nautical survivalbox (survival bathtub?) continues...

Trove warns players to ditch exploited items before they ‘lead to irreversible damage’

While PC players are surfing the waves of Trove's new Rising Tide update and its underwater biome, there's something disturbing happening just below the...

Diablo IV opens public testing of Season 5’s new activities and quality-of-life June 25

Diablo IV has barely had time to let its Season 4 release settle and it's already gearing up for Season 5, and if you're...

LOTRO Legendarium: LOTRO announces its next legendary servers, Angmar and Mordor

Believe it or not, the last time that Lord of the Rings Online brought out fresh legendary servers, it was the pair of Treebeard...
Makin', make make makin'... armor.

Final Fantasy XIV reminds players to prepare for Dawntrail’s early access period

If you are unbelievably eager to be tap-dancing in Tural in Final Fantasy XIV, please remember that you need to have a pre-order code...