EverQuest II opens preorders and beta for Ballads of Zimara expansion, coming in November

Bards, listen up: EverQuest II's 20th expansion is launching next month, and it'll be music to your ears, literally. It's called Ballads of Zimara,...

Fractured accidentally patched in the new tutorial island in today’s imbuing update to the beta

There are bad oopses, and there are good oopses, and it's a good oops that has befallen Fractured Online today. "In a moment of rare...
Want to look cool, do we?

Diablo IV internal test build gets a 2.0 version designation, suggesting work on its first expansion

Are you ready to soar into the skies of wild presumptions and lofty assumptions? Then feast your eyes upon the latest scuttlebutt out of...

New World’s Rise of the Angry Earth expansion is officially here – and so are the queues

New World's Rise of the Angry Earth expansion has officially launched this afternoon, and if today is anything like last night, players can expect...

Lord of the Rings Online opens preorders for Corsairs of Umbar expansion, launching November 1

As expected - although not as properly communicated from the studio - Lord of the Rings Online's Corsairs of Umbar is officially open for...

Choose My Adventure: What weapon goes best with New World’s new Angry Earth flail?

There's always this little buzz before an MMORPG gets a major content release or expansion drop. People are flitting around doing their final checks...
Please have a short memory!

Mike Ybarra says World of Warcraft and its IP will get the most news at BlizzCon

Do you spend far too much time analyzing floor plans for this year's BlizzCon and need to know which of Blizzard's franchises is getting...

Overwatch 2 hints at a spook-filled Season 7 release with a teaser trailer

While Overwatch 2 might have already confirmed that a new control map is coming to Season 7, there was already going to be more...

Star Wars: The Old Republic makes sprinting an inalienable right in today’s update

From the earliest eons of recorded history, humans became known far and wide as natural-born runners. Jogging from place to place wasn't a mere...

Final Fantasy XIV’s 6.5 Growing Light arrives with MSQ update, dungeon, and Island Sanctuary content

New World isn't the only top MMORPG with a big launch today: Final Fantasy XIV's patch 6.5, Growing Light, is officially rolling out to...

Tomorrow’s Lord of the Rings Online patch notes appear to include the Mariner class itself

Standing Stone Games is being weirdly cagey about its release schedule for Lord of the Rings Online's Corsairs of Umbar, but if our guess...

Realm of the Mad God Season 8 brings a tavern brawl mini-dungeon, new battle pass, and new crucible

It's time for a new season in the bullet hell dungeon crawling MMORPG Realm of the Mad God, and this season has a little...

New World’s Rise of the Angry Earth expansion launches tomorrow – here’s what’s in it

New World's Rise of the Angry Earth expansion is set to launch tomorrow, so naturally Amazon is trying to prepare players for the game's...
He's got a goal, bez.

Wisdom of Nym: The packed October for Final Fantasy XIV following patch 6.5

Tomorrow, patch 6.5 will be live for Final Fantasy XIV. That's the last patch of the Endwalker cycle, which means the first part of...

Fallout 76 previews Atlantic City: Boardwalk Paradise’s factions and locales

Fallout 76 fans eager to head to post-apocalyptic Atlantic City have two choices: They can either literally go to Atlantic City in real life...

The Daily Grind: Are you a fan of shapeshifter classes in MMOs?

Albion Online's upcoming Wild Blood update includes a new weapon with a unique attribute: It allows players to shapeshift into specific critters. Also golems....

Genshin Impact’s latest update features a very limited function to better avoid occupied quests

Last week brought Genshin Impact fans a plethora of things to do in its Version 4.1 update, but an unannounced quality-of-life feature is making...

The MOP Up: Soulframe releases a soundtrack tidbit

Soulframe fans starved to hear something -- anything -- about Digital Extremes' upcoming fantasy RPG were thrown an audio morsel this week in the...

The Stream Team: Fighting through Final Fantasy XIV raid content

Yes, MOP's Chris hasn't cleared every little thing in Final Fantasy XIV, and before the next content patch falls upon Eorzea, he's looking to...

Lord of the Rings Online talks crafting, says Corsairs of Umbar pre-orders begin ‘real soon’

The latest Lord of the Rings Online developer livestream may have been mostly about the big crafting changes coming to the MMO this fall,...