Derek Smart’s Alganon is planning a 2025 relaunch following alpha this year


Derek Smart has been promising that Alganon is returning for years now, and it’s finally happening, or at least it has a timeline for happening. The 2009 MMORPG almost immediately smacked into controversy in 2010, when a clash between Derek Smart and David Allen led to a lawsuit and Allen’s ousting from the company. But Alganon itself didn’t really make many headlines until the end of 2017, when the game went offline for maintenance under Smart’s stewardship and then just… never came back.

Smart has spent the last six years promising that it would, however. The website returned in 2022. A video dropped in 2023. And now, Smart says it’s preparing an alpha now for a 2025 launch.

“We are working diligently to finally bring Alganon back online in the coming months, with a view to doing an invite-only alpha access by YE24 ahead of a final public release sometime in 2025,” he wrote on Steam yesterday.

“As I have mentioned before, there are major upgrades and improvements coming to the re-release of Alganon – including a complete overhaul of the game’s entire art assets. While I can’t go into too much details at this point because some final plans are still up in the air, it is important that you follow the game’s social media accounts so that you keep up to date as various updates start to trickle out. The re-release will likely also see a complete wipe of the game’s pre-existing user database in order to alleviate balancing issues whereby new players are at a great disadvantage against legacy players. Your account info will be retained. That being the case, we will devise a method to compensate legacy players based on the value of their inventory and $TRIBUTE wallet. This could take the form of a limited time only in-game claim system or something along those lines. As we did with The Dawning and Rise Of The Ourobani expansions, the re-release will also have a new tagged name. This will be revealed when the new website goes live.”

Source: Steam. Thanks so much, Ryan!
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